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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Blue Governance

When the icons of the mainstream media (e.g., the NYT, WaPo and the alphabet networks) decided to join the #Resistance full-force in 2017, they jettisoned journalist ethics, objectivity, accuracy, and professionalism in their obsessive effort to destroy Donald Trump's presidency and defeat him in 2020. Their coverage has been well over 90 percent negative and even worse, when meaningful successes have occurred (e.g., record high employment and wages of African Americans) those stories have been relegated to the figurative back pages of reporting, if they're reported at all 

Never did the media icons think they would make fools of themselves, but they have. Their bias has eroded trust in their reporting and made much of the editorial opinion a laughing stock of incoherent and strident nonsense.

Nothing exemplifies that more than a recent story in Washington Post (WaPo). 

First, a little background. Donald Trump correctly points out that virtually all large cities with high crime statistics and racial strife have been governed by Democrats for many decades. He further asks why given the long term-blue governance in those cities, police reform has not been achieved, and black-on-black violent crime is still rampant. He's right, of course, and the criticism hits a nerve among Democrats. So rather than honestly exploring the issue, the hamsters have decided to imply that Trump is being dishonest.

Because the media icons (actually, they're the Dems' trained hamsters) will do anything to protect the narrative, even if it means beclowning themselves. WaPo ran an article entitiled, "Trump keeps claiming that the most dangerous cities in America are all run by Democrats. They aren’t." WaPo then produced the following graph to defend their position:

Note that blue governance is represented as blue bars in the histogram. I'd say it's overwhelmingly blue, wouldn't you? And the one (that's right, "1") city shown in red, Jacksonville FL? Well, here's the scoop on that (conveniently left out of the WaPo article because it further destroys the narrative):

The utter hypocrisy and dishonesty of the Democrats and their media hamsters is sometimes comical—and this is one of those times. The cub "reporters" and their hack editors who wrote the WaPo piece tried to spin the facts to make Trump look dishonest. Instead, they look monumentally stupid while making Trump's argument for him. 

Social justice warriors and African Americans who have adopted the "black lives matter" montra might be well-served by asking why it is that that Democrats, who have run urban centers for decades, have allowed crime to fester, police brutality to go unchecked, and overall urban decay to continue, all the while suggesting that it's the conservatives' fault. They might also ask why the one major city under Red governance after a century of Blue governance has seen a 40 percent reduction in crime after 14 years.

Glenn Reynolds writes about the Dems increasingly uneasy relationship with African American voters in 2020:
Do Black lives matter to Democrats? As Tim Alberta recently reported, a lot of Black voters think the answer is no. That may explain why the Democrats are blocking the GOP justice reform bill in the Senate: With Black voters already discouraged, Democrats don’t want them to get the idea that Republicans may have something to offer.

Alberta’s reporting, in Politico, is striking. At the invitation of a local African-American politico, he spent an afternoon with a bunch of middle-class Black voters outside Detroit. He found they were disappointed in the Democrats, thought nothing much had changed for them during the Obama presidency, and expected Trump to win even though they planned to vote for Biden themselves ...

Eric Benjamin [one of the voters] commented: “Biden’s a politician, same as the rest of them, same as Trump. But at least with Trump you know where he stands,” he said. “If we were sitting here, me and you, and you’re pretending we’re friends, but then behind my back, you act like you don’t even know me, that’s the worst. I’d much rather you just tell me to my face that we’re not friends. That’s Trump. I respect that. The Democrats always be acting like we’re friends.”

Even activists like Shaun King are noticing that “systemic racism” seems to happen mostly in Democratic-controlled cities and states: “Democrats, from top to bottom, are running the cities with the worst police brutality in America right now. We voted for them.”

So now comes President Donald Trump — who’s already successfully pushed a criminal-justice reform package, the First Step Act, with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, and already issued an executive order limiting police chokeholds and other abusive behavior that won praise even from Van Jones — and the Democrats are terrified that he might deliver a major reform bill in Congress before the election, and they can’t have that. Better that nothing should happen than that Black voters might see Trump as performing where the Democrats — even when they controlled the White House and had a supermajority in Congress — never did.

In the words of Black Republican Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina: "They cannot allow this party to be seen as a party that reaches out to all communities in this nation.”
Democrats literally freaked out when Trump suggested that black voters give the GOP a try, stating, "What have you got to lose?" 

Indeed, what have they got to lose, given the dismal record that Dems bring to the table (and WaPo inadvertently documented) after all these years of 80-plus percent black votes for Dems.