The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Friday, June 19, 2020

Crazy Times

Donald Trump's first official campaign event in OK will be the unofficial start of the 2020 presidential campaign. In a desperate effort at battle field preparation, the Democrat's trained hamsters in the media (official members of Team Apocalypse) have begun a drumbeat that suggests that holding a rally will increase the number of cases of COVID-19 (it probably will, but the vast, vast majority will be asymptomatic and/or sub-clinical)) and that ... PEOPLE WILL DIE!!! No matter that the hamsters were predictably silent while hundreds of thousands of protesters marched in the streets in the first half of June—a political rally is different because Trump.

To back up their catastrophist narrative, the hamsters this week are also hard at work pushing John Bolton's "bombshell" book ( here's a useful analysis) in which he claims that Trump is unfit for office (gosh, that's a novel accusation coming from GOP #NeverTrumpers); that he's unable to carry out the duties of the president (hmmm ... after 3.5 years of measurable accomplishments that's a little silly), and that he "colluded" with China to establish fairer trade policies, thereby giving himself an electoral advantage (the horror ... no other president in history ever did anything that would give him an electoral advantage). 

Comically, it's the last point—engagement with China on trade (BTW, a significant and unprecedented accomplishment, albeit only a start) that sets a trap for Democrats. Can't wait to see the Biden campaign, if they're as clueless as their candidate, suggest that "Chinese Collusion" is the next big thing. The campaign ads write themselves. In fact, let me try one:
In 2019, Donald Trump "colluded" with China to bring American manufacturing jobs home and to protect American farmers from unfair trade practices ...

In 2013, Joe Biden colluded with China to convince them to invest $1,500,000,000 for a hedge fund Biden's son had just started ...

Remind us one more time ... Who has America's best interests at heart?
And so the campaign begins. There is no doubt it will be the dirtiest, most vile in history. The four constituencies will do everything possible to unseat Trump, and the sitting president will not be a gentleman as the attacks mount. In the end, it will be raw emotion (hatred is not too extreme a term) pitted against political accomplishment. It will be a cognitively-disabled, 40-year denizen of the swamp who is now hostage to the hard-left wing of his party against an unlikeable, bombastic, obnoxious, narcissistic tycoon who, despite relentless daily attacks from all sides, has actually accomplished good things for the middle class,  for minorities, and for small businesses along with trying hard to extract our country from foolish foreign entanglements.

We live in crazy times. This presidential campaign won't make them any less crazy.