The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

No Power Over Me

For three and a half years the "four constituencies"—media, Democrats, GOP #Nevertrumpers, and the deep state—have prepared. They've repeatedly called Trump a "white supremacist," a "racist", a "Nazi", a dictator, a misogynist, clinically insane, unfit for office, authoritarian, a fascist, ... and much more. Yesterday, they essentially called him a murderer because he held a political rally where thousands attended (never mind that they cheered on analogous 'rallies' in major cities across the country where tens of thousands of people with preferred ideologies attended.)

They've tried to destroy Trump's presidency with a flood of leaks, with phony, politically motivated "whistleblower complaints, with a parade of "bombshell" books, with a special counsel who found no wrongdoing, with a manufactured impeachment inquiry, with a soft coup coordinated at the highest levels of the FBI and intelligence agencies, 

Their media arm has worked tirelessly to sow fear, uncertainty and doubt about COVID-19, suggesting that it's all Trump's fault.  They've weaponized a viral pandemic in the hope of wrecking the economy and destroying jobs, just so public anger and depression spikes in the months leading to the November election. 

The've implicitly embraced rioters whose path of destruction leaves residents of many large cities uneasy and scared. They remained silent as social justice warriors cancel history they disapprove of, tearing down statues, renaming boxes of pancakes (no ... I'm not kidding), kneeling to appease the mob. They've worked to censor opposing voices while hypocritically claiming it's all about free speech.

And now, they've begun a campaign of gaslighting the likes of which we have never before seen. They embraced the notion that our entire country is "systemically racist" (except, of course, those who are acceptably "woke")—enlisting media, celebrities, sports figures, entertainers, deep state operatives, large corporations and their leaders, the health care community, and academics to reinforce their accusation. They claim that we as a country are broken and only socialism can lead us to a utopian future.

It's a tsunami. And it will wash ashore for the next 4.5 months, only receding when a cognitively challenged Joe Biden—a man who has served inside the swamp for 40 years, and in that time, has accomplished relatively little—is elected.

Brian Cates discusses the current tsunami of gaslighting when he writes:
Ever see the movie “Labyrinth”? Jennifer Connelly is a young girl named Sarah whose infant brother has been taken captive by the Goblin King [David Bowie]. He tries one deception after another to get Sarah to yield to him and in the end…he must beg.

In the final dramatic confrontation, Sarah defeats the Goblin King forever by coming to a powerful realization of the truth:

“You have no power over me!”

All the “power” of these tiny Marxist goon squads and their corporate benefactors is an illusion. It’s not real. It only looks impressive and powerful when it’s seen through the lens of popular and social media.

So keep this truth in mind the next 4 1/2 months as you watch many prominent celebrities, newscasters, sports stars, musicians, and major companies all endlessly babbling about this awesome cool cultural shift away from America’s systemic racism [and Donald Trump!] to Marxist Social Justice and Joe Biden.

Well, let them babble. This 2020 election is not the referendum on America’s Systemic Racist Past as the gaslighters are so desperate to frame it.

It’s about a return to SANITY. That’s what most Americans will demand, and the elections results will demonstrate that.
Among the many failings of the Left is their hubris and arrogance. They somehow think that the general public is unaware of their machinations, that people in MI or PA or WI or OH or FL embrace their positions. In reality, the Left wants those people to take a knee and show subservience. They truly believe that the gaslighting, the fake news, and the skewed polls will lead them to victory.

It won't. 

Pushback is coming.

Leftist extremists continue their "occupation" of CHAZ/CHOP in Seattle or tear down statues of Ullyses S. Grant and Frances Scott Key in San Francisco, or just yesterday and just as ominously, demand that books like To Kill and Mockingbird or Huckleberry Finn be banned because they might trigger a few snowflakes. As this continues, Democrat Mayors of these blue cities acquiesce. 

Kurt Schlichter argues that what we're actually observing is an "information operation" designed by the Left. The objective is two fold: (1) to impart the feeling that chaos reigns everywhere, thereby causing dissatisfaction with current national leadership (i.e., defeat Trump by any means necessary), and (2) to provoke an over-reaction in which "innocent protesters" are injured by federal or state authorities who intercede when local Dems refuse to act.

The SJW protestors have learned something from Team Apocalypse—authors of COVID-19 inspired fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD). By rioting here, tearing down statues there, and demanding a kneel-down by corporations and local governments to woke ideology everywhere, their intent is to make it seem that things are falling apart—to create FUD. Recognize that it's all leftist manipulation and nothing more. Look out your window. Is anyone rioting in the street? Have any statues in your local parks been removed? Do you really care whether a brand of pancake syrup has been renamed?

Once we understand their M.O., the actions of the SJW cohort are as pathetic as they are obvious. Like spoiled little children throwing a tantrum, they're trying to manipulate the public and goad state and/or federal authorities to react. If that happened, a dishonest and complicit media would characterize the SJWs as 'peaceful protestors' who became "victims" of police violence.

That's their meta-game, and it's never a good idea to play your opponents' meta-game.

Let them riot in blue cities, let them take over neighborhoods, let them tear down statues, let them ban books locally, let them block police from investigating violent crime, let them make swathes of blue cities into physical and intellectual wastelands. And don't, under any circumstances, do the dirty work of maintaining law and order for Democrat mayors and governors who refuse to do so. Don't take the bait.

Yeah, that's terribly unfair to the decent citizens and small businesses of those cities (an estimated 30,000 of whom live inside CHAZ), but, hey, it's those citizens who voted for Dem mayors (like Seattle's Jenny Durkan) who now capitulate to protestors' every demand. 

Next time around, those citizens have a choice at the polling place ... and so do we.