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Monday, June 08, 2020

Protect Joe

The Democrats' trained hamsters in the media remind us constantly that the "vast majority" of George Floyd-related protests have been peaceful. That's true, but it ignores the fact that some protests were co-opted by far-left extremist elements (e.g., antifa agitators) and were extremely violent, destructive, and criminal in their nature. To use the media's favorite phrase, the "vast majority" of those who have been arrested were involved not in the peaceful protests but in the looting, burning, and physical attacks (including murder) that occurred later.

The Democrats themselves have remained largely silent on the latter, preferring not to alienate their far-left base, some of whom view the riots as just another form of "protest." And then, there are members of Joe Biden's campaign staff, who have contributed money to a fund that is designed to bail out those rioters who have been arrested. Elad Hakim explains:
Members of Joe Biden’s campaign have contributed to a fund established to pay for the release of violent rioters. There is absolutely no compelling reason why members of the campaign would do this, nor is there any legitimate reason why Biden would not immediately condemn such conduct. The Minneapolis police officers involved in the terrible and sickening death of George Floyd were rightfully arrested. The decision to provide a “get out of jail free” card to these violent protestors, however, encourages additional violence and sends the message that it is laudable. 

Biden staffers have attempted to justify their contributions by purportedly linking them to the issue of inequality. As reported by Townhall, one Biden team member tweeted, “Matched. These wounds cut deep and it is up to everyone to fight injustice. Who’s next?” 

... If members of Biden’s team were so concerned with Floyd’s tragic death and the issue of injustice, they could have contributed to Floyd’s family, proposed ideas for legislation to help fight injustice and reduce police brutality, or engaged in peaceful protests themselves. Instead, they contributed money to a fund set up to release violent protestors, which has nothing to do with fixing injustice throughout the country.

By their logic, criminal justice reform entails compelling the release of those who are arrested for specific types of crimes they’d rather not see punished because those committing those crimes are useful to them. This is dangerous and nonsensical.
Imagine for just a moment the media reaction if members of Donald Trump's campaign contributed to a fund designed to post bail for violent right-wing extremists after a riot that destroyed property, looted stores ,and injured/killed people. 

But Biden, to the best of my knowledge, hasn't even been asked to comment. The trained hamsters in the media will protect Joe from now until November 3rd, and the best way to protect him is to avoid any possibility that he'll say something untoward, nonsensical, or incoherent. That can only happen if there are no hard questions—so, the hamsters oblige.

In reality, that's a whole lot more "dangerous to democracy" than incidents of police violence. Those incidents can be addressed with common sense actions and reform. Blatant media bias, the kind that purposely intends to shield the public from information it needs to cast a considered vote, will never be corrected or reformed.