The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Thursday, June 04, 2020

Saying the Right Things

Is there any calamity that Donald Trump isn't responsible for? In the eyes of the Democrat's and their trained hamsters in media, every calamity is the sole fault of Donald Trump. Every. Single. One.

Let's consider two recent calamities—COVID-19 and the George Floyd protests that were transformed by leftist extremists into violent and destructive riots.

COVID-19.  According to the Dems and their media hamsters, Donald Trump didn't act fast enough. No matter that early on, every Democrat and hamster castigated Trump for shutting down travel from China—every one. No matter that every "health expert" consulted in early January stated that the virus was no big deal (including the media's infallible health oracle, Anthony Fauci, MD). The Dems and hamsters now claim (dishonestly, but what else is new), that they demanded early action and had a plan that would have reduced deaths—they didn't, not even close.

And when things began to look dire, the Dems and their media hamsters became hysterical and demanded that Anthony Fauci, MD run the country. Even the smallest disagreement with Fauci's projections and advice indicated that Trump was "anti-science." No matter that Fauci was wrong for promoting flawed models, wrong about morbidity rate, wrong about R-zero, wrong about his statement that COVID-19 was 10-times more serious than the flu, wrong about the economic shut-down policies he demanded, and wrong to about prolonging them. 

And now, the Dems and their media hamsters who condemned peaceful groups who had the temerity to congregate on beaches or go to places of worship are silent about the even larger groups who pack congregate in cities to protest. Are the protesters "uncaring people with blood on their hands" (that's what they said about beach goers) or do different rules apply?

And finally, we get to Joe Biden, who claims that he was ready for COVID-19 in January and along with his Democrat and media supporters, would have acted to stop the virus before it started. Nobody would have died. It's a fantasy, but whatever. Besides, Joe's people produced a "plan" on his website ... so there!

The George Floyd Protests and Subsequent Riots. According to the Dems and their media hamsters, all of this is Donald Trump's fault. No matter that the horrific police murder that precipitated these events occurred in a city that hadn't had a GOP Mayor in more than 40 years. Why weren't these rogue police officers culled out of the force earlier by a Democrat mayor who is woke and tells use he understands the "systemic racism" that pervades his and every other police force? 

In cities across the nation Dem mayors and governors, worried about offending their leftist base, did not act quickly to quell violence that grew out of the peaceful protests. No matter that the media worked overtime to obscure the deaths of African Americans (e.g., Captain David Dorn) perpetrated by mobs egged on by leftist agitators who provided gasoline, bricks and other 'weapons' to sow chaos. Certainly, Dorn's life (and others) matters as well.

And of course, the Dems and their media hamsters would have us believe that Joe Biden would have acted somehow more appropriately and that violent riots would never, ever have happened if he was president, and if they did, Joe would have reasoned with Antifa and BLM, and before very long, the myriad problems facing urban America would be solved—just like that. 

John Kass comments:
While Trump goes for the law-and-order-vote, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, is conflicted.

He wants African American votes, without which Democrats can't win in November. In his younger days, Biden understood that African Americans don't like seeing their neighborhoods and stores destroyed. They don't want their mothers having to take a bus to another neighborhood to get groceries.

But he also wants to keep Cuomo off his back and so, at a photo op at a black church in Delaware, Biden chattered on like some crazy blue jay, chirping out nonsense about teaching cops to shoot marauding criminals in the leg.

"When there's an unarmed person, coming at him [police] with a knife or something, shoot them in the leg instead of in the heart," Biden said. OK, Joe. Someone with a knife isn't exactly unarmed. They're armed, Joe. Have some more banana pudding.
Look ... Joe, like his nemesis Trump, is coherent when he's reading a teleprompter. The difference is the Joe only talks (sometimes it's more like jibberish, but whatever) while Trump acts. And yeah, I know, Trump says or tweets dumb and outrageous stuff ... but those are words. They may be hurtful to the psyche of some of the woke, but 'sticks and stones ...' 

Dems and their media hamsters are 'word-bound.' They honestly believe that what you say is more important that what you actually do. In their world, actions and results take a back seat to platitudes and passivity. That's one of the reasons they lionized Barack Obama—he was a master at platitudes—words—an absolute master! But when you look at what he actually did (in this case) to improve race relations or eliminate "systemic racism," his list of accomplishments is very short.

Prior to the COVID-19 shutdown, Donald Trump's administration through their actions provided the best employment numbers and wages for African Americans since records have been kept. They instituted prison reform for non-violent offenders, a step viewed as quite positive by minority communities. They got serious about enforcing immigration laws, opening up employment opportunities for many minority groups inside this country. They discouraged dependency by instituting policies that allowed African American to no longer need government assistance.

I suspect the African Americans who were freed from government dependency and employed in well-paying jobs were less than happy when mostly Democratic governors shut down "non-essential" businesses who employed them, and then prolonged the shutdown well-past the time it should have been lifted. But gosh, every one of those Govs says the right things, even as they let their cities (and many minority neighborhoods) burn.