The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Summer of Love

The blue model of governance at the local, state, and federal levels keeps evolving. Throughout the Obama years, the model demanded bigger and bigger government at all levels. It emphasized the government takeover and regulation of important things that affect our lives (e.g. healthcare) but deemphasized other government functions (like protecting our borders or improving infrastructure). It was notably anti-business, suggesting that "you didn't build that." It dissed those who work to maintain public order (e.g., the police) and elevated those who have worked to undermine that order (e.g., criminal and/or extreme radical elements). It emphasized grievance politics, encouraging groups to balkanize while at the same time demanding larger and larger amounts of government assistance and programs. It pandered to public sector unions, even as it recognized it didn't have the funds to support their escalating economic demands or their pensions. 

And those were the good ol' days.

Today, the blue model, already socialism-lite, has been further co-opted by far-left radicals. The supposed blue "leaders" who guide the public in urban centers and blue states and their trained hamsters in the media have remained silent as the radicals become more dominant. Over the last few weeks, legitimate racial grievances have been allowed to morph into riots in which looting, destruction and even violence have been normalized. How many times have you heard the phrase "predominantly peaceful protesters," as if that excuses the lawless and violent excesses of the first half of June.

Before our eyes, we see the blue model transforming itself (and NOT in a good way), becoming more and more radical and doctrinaire with each passing week. We have the Seattle central city take-over, CHAZ or CHOP or whatever they want to call it, supported by the Democrat mayor.

Of course, prominent Dems would tell us that Seattle is not the new blue model, but if that's the case, why have the actions of radicals in Seattle been silently accepted by national Democrat leaders. Has Joe Biden been asked what he thinks of CHAZ/CHOP. For that matter, is he even aware of it? What about Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer or 'rule of law' guys like Adam Schiff or Jerry Nadler or, well, any prominent Dem at all (Maxine Waters, anyone?)  Media supported silence all around.

Given all of this, it worth asking whether adults should intervene.

My answer—absolutely not!

It's apparent that at least few Democrats have adopted this evolving blue model as their new mode of governance while the remainder remain silent. The American people should be allowed to watch it evolve over the next few months—sort of a "Summer of Love," as the far-left Mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkan, poetically put it. 

Let's allow this social experiment to play out. Let' see how barricaded streets, a lack of police and fire protection, AK-47 armed squads of untrained and uncontrolled leftists, demands for protection money from the few businesses now under their control, and other demands for food, and water from dangerous children who are both incapable and unwilling to support themselves. The Dems' trained media hamsters will try to avoid the bad stuff, spinning it into an innocuous street festival, but the rest of us will know what's happening.

So yeah, let it play out. Let's see if the general public, you know, the folks outside deep blue urban centers like what they see. Let's see whether more Seattles pop up—after all, it's just a "Summer of Love," isn't it? It's something else as well. It's the new, improved blue model, folks.

Pushback is coming.

The editors of Commentary Magazine are harsh when they discuss a corollary to the new blue model. They begin by noting the social unrest discussed in the body of my post, but then they address a set of corollary issues that are part and parcel of the social justice aims of the new blue model. They refer t all of this as "the unraveling."
The unraveling goes further still. Social-justice mobs have taken aim at freedom of expression, inventing new heresies daily and ruining the lives of those who unwittingly give voice to them. Forced confessions and language proscriptions are the order of the day. Poetry, fiction, movies, and television shows—including children’s cartoons—are canceled and excised from history. Indeed, all art and opinion are now subject to the chopping block lest they prove insufficiently propagandistic.

To rewrite the present, the mob has rewritten the past. They have forced upon us a distorted and grotesque version of American history. With the support of corporations and education boards, school textbooks and curricula tell of an unredeemable America founded not on the promise of human liberty but human bondage. What’s more, this history discounts the transformative progress on racial equality for which Americans—black and white—have given their lives.

Through the violent politicization of all aspects of American life, the mob aims to destroy the country as we know it and replace it with a new one—an anti-America that trades speech for violence, police for thought police, a free press for an indoctrination network, and the respect due the citizen for the obeisance owed the mob.

There is one way to stop the unraveling: Refuse the mob.
Although many Democrats think that moderation will prevail if a cognitively challenged Joe Biden is elected, they're living in a fantasy. If moderation were the goal, party leaders would aggressively reject the actions and the craziness espoused by the SJW wing of the party. They have not and will not. 

The "unraveling" bargain during Obama's reign, continued in the background even under Trump, and has now re-emerged, more virulent that ever.

Pushback is coming.