The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Friday, July 10, 2020


Should Joe Biden take the presidency in November, the left's penchant for using racism as a bludgeon to achieve other political objectives (e.g., growing government even further, increasing the dependency of people of color on government, crippling major segments of the economy to achieve socialism-lite) will grow without bound. To achieve this, the Left has worked hard to redefine "racism." David Marcus comments:
By and large, conservatives have taken a nuanced approach to the progressive attempt to redefine racism. This new definition crafted over the past few decades, mainly in the academy, states that racism is not a question of animosity or feelings of superiority towards a racial group but rather a matter of privilege and systems. Under this rubric racism is not about individual actions, but rather support for “systems of oppression.”

But there is a key difference in the way that the left and the right have engaged in this dialogue. Progressives have no trouble at all saying that people who reject their newspeak version of racism are in fact racist. Up until now conservatives have largely resisted reaching the logical conclusion of their definition of racism, which is essentially discrimination based on skin color. That has to change now. The blatant racial bigotry of the left must be called out. It is no longer an esoteric academic debate; it is a crisis that threatens to tear the country apart.
Far too many on the Left now use "racism" as a lever to express virulent anti-American views. Take Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and her pals on "the Squad." They have resurfaced to suggest that many elements of our government and our culture must be "dismantled." She and they use "racism" as the reason for that change. Immediately after Omar made that statement, the Dem's trained hamsters in the media leaped to her defense (recognizing the potential for political damage), telling us that she didn't mean what she said, but rather something else. No. She said it, and she mean it. 

Omar is a socialist firebrand. The real danger is that Joe Biden, who is cognitively disabled and unable to chart his own course, will be manipulated by other covert socialists among his handlers who are sympathetic to Omar's toxic ideas.

People like Omar ignor criticism or opposition by anyone who is caucasian, dismissing their arguments as "white privilege." That in itself is blatantly racist.

After discussing a tweet in which the author dismisses an argument because the person making it is white, Marcus states:
... to ignore ideas from people based on their skin color is if one believes, as many progressives do, that racism against white people is impossible. This proposition is an absolute absurdity. Under this premise it is not racist to say, “I hate all white people and wish them harm.” If that statement isn’t racist then what it is exactly?

This pernicious excusing of blatant racism is no longer simply a controversial trend in academia. Our children, as young as grade school, are being taught to judge others and themselves based on skin color. That is nothing short of an abomination. Anybody who believes in equality and justice must completely reject this system that values or devalues individuals on the basis of race. Its frankly incredible and alarming that we even have to discuss that.

Someone who will look you in the eye and say “I am not a racist, I just value your opinion less because of your skin color,” is not only engaged in enormous self-deception. They are engaged in a project to exchange the very concept of “meaning” for power. The reason that George Orwell’s newspeak maxims like “war is peace” are paradoxes of ideas opposed to each other is that all words must be redefined so that it is only possible to say what the Party accepts.

I have spent several years attempting to engage the left in a conversation about racism and how we understand, tackle and defeat it. I have come to the conclusion that most of them have absolutely no interest in having this conversation and are much more comfortable just pointing fingers and screaming racism to gain power.
What Marcus fails to understand is that you can't reason someone out of a position they never reasoned themselves into in the first place. The Left's current penchant for 'critical race theory' is divisive, destructive, and damaging to our culture and society. But that's the whole point—deconstruct our country and replace it with a socialist utopia.

The Left uses the "white privilege" argument because they cannot win any rational debate that suggests that a white person is not allowed to have an opinion ... because race. That's about as racist as you can get.