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Sunday, July 05, 2020

Still Some Hope Yet

Team Apocalypse—and particularly members of the Team who are the Democrats' trained hamsters in the media—hate, haTE, HATE, Alex Berenson (@alexberenson). He never gets interviewed, never appears of Sunday morning shows, is never given a chance to oppose the hamsters' COVID-19 fake news narrative, never given an opportunity to write an op-ed for one of the Team's favorite papers—he's invisible, except on Twitter, where his reporting is eviscerating the "pandemic porn" narrative that team Apocalypse promotes in order to keep the populace scared and the country shut down.

You'd think the hamsters would give Berenson, a fellow journalist (well, the hamsters aren't really journalists, but they think they are), a voice in all of this, given that Berenson was a reporter the the Left's house organ, The New York Times, for 20 years and is the author of 10 books. But he's banned because his reporting runs counter to the hamsters' dishonest narrative. Berenson is doing the job that about 95 percent of all the hamsters refuse to do—he looks for facts and reports them, regardless of whether they fit the prevailing narrative.

An aside: This weekend, I've received a number of concerned communications from family and friends in the Northeast who have heard that cases in Florida are at record highs, that hospitals are collapsing, that we're are in a health crisis in a Red state. Democrat mayors and country commissioners in South Florida have closed beaches, shuttered bars and otherwise worked as hard as possible to ruin the Independence Day weekend. All because—CASES ARE SOARING!!! 

Hmmm. It is true that cases are way up, but the average age has now dropped into the mid-30s where 40 - 45 percent of the cases are completely asymptomatic. If you look at things differently, the fact that cases are up among the young, who are statistically least likely to suffer any true ill-affects from COVID-19, a "soaring" case count is a good thing. It's another step toward herd immunity—the only way we'll "slow the spread" naturally and relatively quickly.


It's also a fact that the FL death toll* is way down (and trending downward) and hospitals are NOT being overwhelmed. Berenson comments here:

Yeah, it would be nice, but Team Apocalypse must continue to sell its pandemic porn—the facts be damned.

But, but, but ... what about Houston. We're being told it's already the next New York. But it isn't.

Gosh, 2 percent of something is NOT 100 % of something, unless you're in the twisted world of the propagandists who work for Team Apocalypse.

And finally, the deaths. OMG!! People have died due to a disease. And therefore, the general populace cannot smile or celebrate—anything ... ever ... again. That's why Team Apocalypse did everything in their power to shut down 4th of July celebrations. Again from Berenson (note the snarky tweet he's responding to):

On an encouraging note, there's a video that has gone viral taken from a helicopter over LA on the night on July 4th. Thousands of fireworks displays are seen across the city after CA Gov. Gavin Newsom and the city Mayor forbade their use because COVID. Maybe there's still some hope yet.

If there is an honest after-action report (and there may not be) when we're finally past the COVID-19 hysteria, the actions of Team Apocalypse will be judged harshly. Politicians, media types, public health professions, and government bureaucrats who 
  • sowed fear, uncertainty and doubt among the public, 
  • disregarded key facts to support a dishonest narrative, 
  • believed projections that at best were suspect and at worst were B.S, 
  • deprived children of their education, and 
  • otherwise shut down the country 
have behaved in a despicable manner. The monumental damage they have wrought is on them—and them alone.

Push-back is coming. The LA fireworks are just the beginning.

*  Just yesterday, the death toll attributed to COVID-19 was 254 people in the entire United States. That's down 92.4% from the April high. No wonder Team Apocalypse no longer emphasizes its 'death scoreboard.'

Since 60 -70 percent of yesterday's deaths are in the 80+ age group, and that group has significant co-morbidities, Team Apocalypse makes certain that the data for the ~165 80+ year olds whose deaths were attributed to COVID-19 yesterday are fuzzy. Did some or most die from cancer or heart failure or diabetes that was accelerated by the virus? Would they have died during the next 5 months or year in any event? Hard to get that data.

Of the remaining 89 people who died due to COVID-19 yesterday, it's worth putting things into perspective. Every day in the U.S. about 102 people die in auto accidents. Life has risks and ultimately, death comes to us all. Do we cower in fear, or live our lives, taking rational, rather than hysterical, precautions?

Sharyll Attkisson, like Alex Berenson (and unlike 95% of the mainstream media), is a professional journalist who is both trustworthy and accurate. She reports on a large scale (2,541 patients in six hospitals) scientifically valid study of Hydroxychloroquine (HQC) at the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit. To summarize the findings:
  • twice as many COVID-19 patients survived when given HQC
  • there were no heart-related side effects reported 
  • Early treatment appears to be key
So ... Team Apocalypse and their oracle, Anthony Fauci, M.D., were dead WRONG (which seems to be a consistent state for the Team) when they criticized Donald Trump for mentioning HQC early in the COVID-19 crisis. They were WRONG on the facts, WRONG in their tone, and most importantly ... WRONG to dissuade doctors and health systems from using HQC. 

In fact, I would guess there is (to use a phrase the Team loves) "blood on their hands." It is probable that COVID-19 patients died because impressionable physicians (or those suffering from TDS) decided against HQC for political, rather than scientific reasons. Sad that it's come to this, but politicizing a health crisis as Team Apocalypse has done invariably costs lives. Just another reason to believe they should NOT be trusted.