The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020


A real world 'experiment' has been ongoing for the past 3 or 4 decades. It the story of ideologically driven leadership, irresponsible, politically driven decisions, and really, really bad outcomes that are fully documented for anyone willing to take a look.

Kim Monson writes:
We are fortunate indeed to have real world results that we can look at for how well or how poorly governing philosophies and agendas work. America’s major cities have been dominated by the Democratic Party for decades, and the results are in.

All but 3 of America’s largest cities are run by Democratic mayors. The 3 largest cities – New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, are losing population every year.

Several of the most violent cities in America, including Albuquerque, Memphis, Detroit, Chicago and Washington, DC are run by Democrats.

States that are bleeding population every year due to high taxation, over-regulation, decaying cities and failing public services including New York, Connecticut, California and others are all run by Democrats.

States that have low to no income taxes, are right-to-work and favor energy development do better economically than high tax, forced union and energy unfriendly states. According to the annual economic outlook rankings published by the American Legislative Exchange Council Center for State Fiscal Reform, in 2019 the bottom ten states were all run by Democrats and the top 10 states except two were run by Republicans.
In fairness, cities are difficult to govern, but the near uniformity of bad outcomes for decade after decade under Democratic leadership is noteworthy. In the rare situations when Democrat mayors have been replaced by more conservative leadership (e.g., the election of Republican Rudy Giuliani in NYC in the 1990s, followed by moderate Michael Bloomberg), a financially ruined city plagued by all of the problems outlined by Monson saw a significant turnaround. When New Yorkers inexplicably decided to elect hard-left Bill DeBlasio as Mayor, the same toxic problems returned, and now the city is again in dire condition.

Now, the Democrats tell us that they, and they alone, can take the country forward. In yesterday's post, I wrote about a major scandal associated with an attempt by the Dems and their supporters to destroy a newly-elected president:
The soft coup is yet another example of what this country will encounter should the Democrats achieve victory in November. During the Trump era, the Dems have demonstrated again and again that they will do anything—anything—to regain power. 
The hard data acquired from the decades long 'experiment' involving our largest cities and many of our most prominent states indicates that once they do attain power, the Dems make an absolute mess of things.  Monson writes:
The evidence couldn’t be more clear. Democrats are incapable of governing well, or in some cases, such as Seattle or Chicago, governing at all. Every single city that has problems with decaying infrastructure, gentrification, crime, violence, homelessness and other social pathologies [is] governed by Democrats. 
Maybe it's just bad luck, or difficult circumstances, or someone else's fault. Maybe. But it's far more likely that the Dems are unfit to govern.

There's a bit more to consider that just bad leadership. There appears to be a growing trend among prominent Democrat politicians to ignore the mob violence that is destroying the living conditions within some blue cities. By "ignore," I mean that they either: (1) refuse to admit that "peaceful protests" have now morphed into dangerous riots, or (2) have decided that the best course of action is to allow the left-wing extremists who commit vandalism, arson, thievery, and violence to go unchecked (think: the Mayors of Seattle and Portland).

The media have not explained why they have worked so hard to downplay or obscure the left-wing violence laying siege to cities across the country. However, it is the same approach being taken by Democrat leaders such as Rep. Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y. Asked about the left-wing violence in Portland, Nadler denied it was happening:

In [a] video, Nadler says the evidence of wanton violence in Portland is a “myth” being spread only in “Washington, D.C.” As he says that, another video of that widespread violence is played.

The media and other Democratic activists seem to believe that if the truth of the violent sieges of cities is told, it will benefit Republican candidates in November. While their gamble with the truth may pay off electorally, it is at great cost to the republic, the citizens of those cities, and the public benefits that were once provided to the journalism industry.

The Dems wanton disregard for public safety will not go unnoticed, even if their trained hamsters in the media refuse to report the riots (a.k.a. "largely peaceful protests") accurately. The Dems' position on the riots is a lot like a cheating wife caught naked in bed with their lover as her husband walks into the room. First, she vigorously denies the cheating and then asks, "Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?"

In the case of the left-wing riots in blue cities nationwide, the eyes have it.

Pushback is coming.