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Wednesday, August 12, 2020


To the surprise of absolutely no one, Joe Biden's team picked Kamala Harris as the Democrat's VP candidate. The editor's of the Wall Street Journal comment:

In choosing Kamala Harris as his running mate on Tuesday, Joe Biden checked the essential boxes his party had demanded—a woman, a minority, and a progressive who has moved left as the Democratic Party has ... 

Mr. Biden’s choice is especially important because he would be the oldest President on Inauguration Day at age 78. The actuarial tables and his declining mental acuity suggest he wouldn’t run for re-election, assuming he lasts a full term. Americans who have watched Mr. Biden on the campaign trail—and the way his advisers protect him from media questioning—are smart enough to know that in voting for Mr. Biden they’re also voting for his running mate as a likely President.

Ms. Harris is most appealing as an example of American upward mobility, especially for immigrants. Her father is a Jamaican-born Stanford economist. Her Indian-born mother was a breast cancer researcher at the University of California, Berkeley.

Even when the country was less racially tolerant than it is now, both parents had successful careers and were able to provide opportunities for their daughter even as they divorced. She made the most of them. Like Barack Obama, Ms. Harris’s success is a living refutation of the left’s critique of America as an oppressive, racist land.

For the past four years, the Democrat's have returned over and over to their go-to trope, derived from Critical Social Justice Theory—America is a "systemically racist" country that "oppresses" people of color. How then, do they explain Kamal Harris and her rise, despite what the Dems claim to be a society in which "white privilege" is a roadblock to people of color.  They might argue that it's only through the moral superiority of progressives that Harris rose and is now able to run as a VP candidate. But how then would they explain someone like Condolezza Rice, who arguably rose to a position that had far more influence and importance than VP. Oh well ... never mind.

Inevitably, Harris will be used as a political attack dog, given that Biden is struggling mentally and must be kept away from the media. That 's perfectly okay. Politics is hardball.

The problem is that when she is questioned on her positions or attacked on her policies, the Dems will use another go-to strategy that provides her with a protective force field. Anyone who dares question the VP candidate in anything but the most gentle terms will be characterized as a "racist" and/or a "misogynist." 

The Dems may not realize it, but in taking that defensive posture, they suggest that a competent and accomplished woman like Harris can't stand on her own but needs the protection of woke dictates that make her look vulnerable and weak. Makes you wonder who the real "racists" and "misogynists" are.


Less than 24 hours since the announcement, and it looks like the force field has already been switched on. Stephen Kruiser comments:

WaPo kicked it off last week with an Op-Ed titled, “Biden’s VP should be prepared for an onslaught of online misogyny unlike anything seen before.”

They followed that up this week with another Op-Ed that’s basically a primer on narrative crafting.

Expect an onslaught of this kind of stuff in the MSM now, especially with Harris on the ticket. As I said in my column, she is more than baggage-laden. She’s got a record that even the people on her side don’t like. The MSM is going to need a steady supply of distraction and deflection to keep people away from telling the truth about her.

We’ve seen this playbook in use a lot the last couple of years. Every time anyone takes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or a member of her Squad to task over anything, the MSM and their Dem overlords dismiss the criticism as an “attack on a woman of color.”

The interference the MSM runs for AOC is going to look calm and measured compared to how much they’re going to have to cut out of whole cloth to make Kamala Harris seem less awful to, well, almost everyone.

If Biden does manage to pull out a victory with Harris at his side it’s going to be because the MSM does most of the work. They’ll “interpret” his word salads for us, continue lie about Trump, and scream “MISOGYNY!” every time someone mentions that Kamala Harris is lacking in personality or that her record as a prosecutor is very different from what she’s portraying as.

Standard playbook.