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Monday, August 03, 2020

Mail It In

The Democrats and their trained hamsters in the media are pushing hard—very hard—for mail in balloting. Following the same dishonest and politically-motivated playbook they used for for COVID-19—a crippling economic shutdown, the closures of outdoor spaces like beaches and parks, the shutdown of elementary and high schools, they claim that mail-in balloting is for "safety." That it's somehow okay for thousands to participate in mass protests and rioting, for hundreds and hundreds to attend funerals of select individuals (Rep. John Lewis comes to  mind), but it's not okay for people to cast votes in polling places—a tradition that has a 200-plus year history of success.

So why the hard push for mail-in ballots? Silly question, actually. The Dems see advantages, big advantages. If tens of millions of unsolicited ballots are mailed out—as opposed to a tiny percentage of that number that are requested for absentee ballots), it's a win-win-win for the Dems. Mail-in ballots open opportunities for
  • voter fraud, 
  • protecting the vote for Joe Biden by pushing early voting,
  • negating the results of an election that doesn't go their way.
Voter fraud can be accomplished by ballot harvesting—the collection of ballots that are then cast by one party's operatives (guess which) rather than the people for whom the ballot was intended. Given that, it's likely in this era of mistrust every signature on every mail-in ballot is open to question and every ballot can be contested, and will be. That means delays, cnfusion and chaos.

Michael Goodwin writes about the recent mail-in ballot debacle in the blue state of New York:
Trump insists that the plans of some states, such as California and Colorado, to counter the pandemic by mailing a ballot to every registered voter is a formula for disaster. It will, the president says, guarantee mayhem and cast doubts on the November results.

Nonsense, shout the usual suspects. That’s unfounded, he’s making it up, there’s no evidence, blah blah blah.

Ah, but there is evidence. Lots of it, and right in front of us, thanks to the continuing saga of two New York congressional races. Five weeks after the Democratic primaries, no winners have been declared. Results for two others were delayed for three weeks.

The major problem was the volume of mailed-in ballots — more than 400,000 across the city, against the 23,000 received and validated four years ago, The Washington Post reports. The Board of Elections, creaky, sloppy and unreliable on the best of days, is swamped.

In the race involving Democratic incumbent Carolyn Maloney and challenger Suraj Patel, in-person voting gave Maloney an edge of under 700 votes. But some 65,000 voters returned the absentee ballots they requested, and mailed ballots trigger additional safeguards and requirements.

Among those are proof the ballots were mailed by Election Day and received within seven days of the election. In the Maloney-Patel race, at least 12,000 mailed ballots have been invalidated, many because they were received too late and others because they had no postmark to prove when they were mailed.

State officials, who included pre-stamped return envelopes when they sent the ballots, apparently didn’t know that such envelopes often don’t get postmarked. Thus, there is no way to know if those ballots were marked and mailed by Election Day
But I mentioned win-win-win for the dems. 

Joe Biden's cognitive decline seems to be accelerating, and the Dems have decided to keep him sequestered and away from the public. He refused to meet with the press and therefore can steer clear of any extemporaneous responses to questions—avoiding "gaffes" that are actually signs of cognitive impairment. It is likely that any presidential debate held* will be disastrous for Biden, even if he is protected the his media hamsters. As a consequence, the Dems desperately need people to vote before any debates—so that Biden's incoherence does not cause them to question their support. Mail-in ballots will accomplish that nicely.

Finally, let's assume that mail-in ballots are used and even with fraud and delays, Trump is declared the winner. The Dems and their trained hamsters will quickly forget they were the ones who pushed mail-in ballots and will declare that Trump won by fraud. That narrative will be their rallying cry for the next four years.

Mail-in ballots will be a disaster, but then again, so has everything else that the Dems have recommended in 2020. Let the craziness continue.

There are increasing signs that the Dems will try to weasel out of any debate and that just might happen.