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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Revenge of the Normies

The Democrats and their trained hamsters in the media would never voice it publicly, but the fact that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris got absolutely no polling bounce after their party's convention is cause for major concern. In fact, it's a not-so-subtle indicator that the Dems may not be able to convince the relatively small percentage of undecided voters to move in their direction.

Caught up in the fever swamps of Trump hatred and Blame America First rhetoric, the Dems keep telling the rest of us Normals that Donald Trump is a "threat to democracy" and that a "systemically racist" country must be fundamentally transformed. Throughout their convention they painted a picture of the country that would result if Trump were re-elected—sick with the virus, racist, fascist, ratcheted by riots, unhappy, poor ... damn ... it is a dark image. The problem for the Dems is that image just doesn't resonate with the majority of Americans of all colors, religions, and backgrounds who kinda think our country is a not-so-bad place to live their lives. 

Glen Reynolds of Instapundit picks up on exactly that when he writes:

Thinking about last night’s Republican Convention today at the gym, I realized that Trump isn’t just running for re-election: The story he’s telling at the RNC is also about saving America from the race war that the left is trying to foment. The left wants it to be black vs. white, immigrant vs. native, etc. Trump’s making clear that it’s about people who are constructive, productive, and generally happy, vs. people who are destructive, parasitic, and generally miserable, and that that difference transcends things like race. This is a huge, under-appreciated — and very traditionally American — message. By promoting it at this crucial time, Trump may very well be saving America.

The Left and their media hamsters failed miserably to destroy Trump's presidency through the promulgation of an outright hoax followed by an evidence-free impeachment. They're crazed because of those failures ... and as a consequence, they're making mistakes.* Even CNN (a once respected news network that has now become a propaganda channel) is voicing concern that the "mostly peaceful protests" and the resulting rioting, arson, and violence is inadvertently helping Trump, particularly because far too many prominent, leftist Dems refuse to distance themselves from it. That leaves Trump with a huge opening, and he's taking it during his convention.

Mathew Continetti comments further on the RNC:

Trump sent many reporters and commentators into a fury when he pardoned a former convict and presided over a naturalization ceremony in the middle of the convention. But the whole thing worked, both as political theater and as campaign strategy. Trump's interactions with normal Americans humanize him and allow him to display rarely seen compassion and to utilize his self-deprecating sense of humor. And the men and women highlighted in these two segments are living rebukes to the critical narratives surrounding Trump on race and immigration. Trump's exchanges with each of the new Americans were charming and amusing. After he finished reading aloud the resume of a new U.S. citizen from Lebanon who is a multilingual psychologist, Trump quipped, "In other words, she can figure me out." Everyone in the room laughed.

Trump welcomed the new citizens to "the great American family." They fit right into this vast, bumptious, diverse, energetic, incomprehensible place. So far, the RNC has served as a reminder that for all of the ravages of the coronavirus, the economic fallout, protests that turn into riots, political correctness, and rising crime, most Americans remain proud of their country. They are eager to work to better their condition. And they are uninterested in the social and cultural agendas of the progressive left.

At the RNC's midpoint, Democrats have reason to worry. The convention has gone more smoothly and winningly than conventional wisdom anticipated. President Trump has stayed on message. The race, already close in the battlegrounds, is sure to tighten. The revenge of the normies may be at hand.

Heh ... personally I prefer the phrase "pushback is coming" but "revenge of the normies" works just as well.


*  For example, Kyle Peterson notes that "... at the Democratic convention last week, they had John Legend, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Billie Eilish. Republicans don’t have that, but they do have a cop, a metalworker and a small-town mayor. Which sounds more likely to convince the Rust Belt?"