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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Reynold's Law

It appears that the loose collection of marxist thugs that is often referred to as "antifa" have decided that rioting in cities controlled by Democrat mayors and city counsels just isn't rewarding enough. After all, where's the fun when at least some of those Democrat mayors and counsel members have expressed support for your "mostly peaceful protests." Antifa wants outrage to accompany the heartfelt expressions of virtue signaling that accompany vandalizing property, the ruination of small businesses, theft, violent attacks on bystanders who have the temerity to question their actions, and repeated attempts to burn down public buildings (police stations come to mind) with people inside them.

As a collection of self-described social justice warriors, antifa believes it's on the side of the angels, expressing moral outrage as the Democrats trained hamsters in the media do everything possible to avoid videos that show the leftists attacking old women and rioting. After all—they're "mostly peaceful," don't you know?"

So this pathetic collection of leftists has decided to move at least some of its operations to the suburbs—"NO JUSTICE ... NO PEACE!" has to apply in quiet suburbia as well as chaotic downtown Portland. After all, if you can terrorize soccer moms, you've won the revolution.

Let me digress for a moment and then return to a representative event in suburbia.

Glen Reynolds makes an interesting comment about the "defund the police" crowd. He observed that the police aren't there only to protect average citizens from thugs and criminals. Actually, they're also there to protect thugs and criminals from average citizens. We'll call this "Reynolds's Law."

When those same average citizens (Kurt Schlichter calls then "Normals") are threatened with violence or see their property destroyed or their peaceful existence violated, they become angry.  If the police are present, anger is all there is. But if the police are "abolished" or "defunded" and therefore nowhere to be seen, Normals will protect themselves. They'll form protective groups, arm themselves with weapons that range from baseball bats to AR-15s, and take matters into their own hands to protect their families, their neighborhoods, and their property against a threatening leftist mob. That's beginning to happen right now.

In Fort Collins, CO, a group of antifa thugs decided to invade a suburban neighborhood. No police were present, so Reynold's Law applied.  By appearances, the residents were a collection of blue collar and white collar people, determined residents who were pissed off and who ... what's the best way to describe this ... were not of the woke, progressive variety. There's a video at this link.

Things did not turn out well for antifa.

The goal of the hard-left and their cat's paw, antifa, is a "revolution." In their infantile worldview, a leftist/socialist utopia will be the result. The first step in their revolt is to be sure that the police are eliminated, that chaos reigns. Then the "transformation" (as Joe Biden's puppet masters put it) will begin.

Antifa and the left better be very careful what they wish for, because ... Reynold's Law.



The following tweet provides just one instance of trained hamsters in the main stream media—the once respected Washington Post, no less—overtly celebrating antifa. For the media, these "mostly peaceful" thugs are the height of hipster chic. Pathetic.

Pushback is coming.