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Sunday, August 30, 2020


Although there are many flaws in their overarching ideology, the Left almost never changes course. In recent months, leftists have shown both explicit and implicit support for antifa and BLM rioters in cities across the country. After all, they argue, America is "systemically racist" (a bald-faced lie) and the looting, arson, destruction, and even murder is somehow justified by that lie. 

There are leftists who contend that looting is a form of "reparations" for people of color. That is so idiotic it crosses into parody, but it's also politically toxic. It's almost as if leftists who make such claims are uncover operatives for the Trump campaign.

As if to double down on stupid, Vicki Osterweil has written a book that is getting a fair amount of play on hi-brow leftist sites like NPR. In her book, "In Defense of Looting," she states:
"Looting... provides people with an imaginative sense of freedom and pleasure and helps them imagine a world that could be." 
"And I think that's a part of it that doesn't really get talked about—that riots and looting are experienced as sort of joyous and liberatory."
It's hard not to laugh, but she's serious (I think).

Ann Althouse comments:
I don't know if other people in "the movement" are happy to see that idea spoken aloud. I've been hearing that there are 2 groups of people — the peaceful protesters and these mysterious other people, who, I've noted, the journalists don't seem to care to identify and investigate. Osterweil is saying these are not 2 different groups. It's one movement, and it's been going on for a long time.

Osterweil says it's a Republican/right-wing myth "that the small business owner must be respected, that the small business owner creates jobs and is part of the community." She conceptualizes the small businesses as agents of oppression within the community. They're not innocent victims, unfairly targeted. So don't worry about them. In fact, as Osterweil tells it, the looting is a cogent argument — an attack on "the idea of property... the idea that in order for someone to have a roof over their head or have a meal ticket, they have to work for a boss, in order to buy things that people just like them somewhere else in the world had to make under the same conditions." In this view, it's "unjust" to have to work to make money to buy the things you need and want, because "the world is organized that way, obviously, is for the profit of the people who own the stores and the factories." Looters "get to the heart of that property relation, and demonstrate that without police and without state oppression, we can have things for free.... Looting strikes at the heart of property, of whiteness and of the police." 
That seems to present looting as street theater with a message. It makes an argument. A terrible argument. We've heard that argument in words many times over the years, and most Americans reject it. We want to work and build wealth and enjoy our lives and we want the great mutual benefits of hard work and wealth. Osterweil's looting is a switch from making the argument against property in words and to speak with actions — the destruction of property. But that doesn't make the argument more convincing! It's a nasty tantrum thrown because you can't convince people with your ideas. Ironically, fortunately, it makes the argument for the other side. 
History has proven that the Left isn't good at much, but it is good at throwing tantrums and then making specious arguments like Osterweil's to defend those tantrums.

In cities like Portland and Kinosha, along with NYC, Chicago, and D.C., Democrat leaders have demonstrated that small business owners and property in general are not to be respected and protected from the leftist mobs. Leaders of the Democratic party have largely remained silent about the actions of mayors and governors who have decided that dissing Donald Trump is far most important that protecting their citizens.

All of them do NOT deserve to lead.


Fools like Vicki Osterweil contend that "... riots and looting are experienced as sort of joyous and liberatory."

I wonder how she'd characterize this:

When there is retaliation—and there will be retaliation because Democrats leaders in Portland are doing NOTHING to stop the riots—the media will clutch their pearls and tell us all that "mostly peaceful protestors" have been killed by "right-wing vigilantes." (note that the phrase "left-wing rioters" is NEVER used by the media). That might have worked as propaganda on day 9, but it won't work on on day 99. We all know who the rioters are.