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Saturday, September 05, 2020

A Classic Smear Strategy

It's a classic smear strategy. 

  1. Concoct the outlines of a story that will make the hated Donald Trump look as bad as possible—he dissed veterans.
  2. Pass the story outline on to a "respected" "journalist" at a left-wing media outlet (The Atlantic). 
  3. Attribute the "facts" to anonymous sources. 
  4. Disregard the actual fact that everyone present (including people who do not like or support Donald Trump) said it never happened. 
  5. Publish the story anyway. 
  6. At a press conference, have the Biden campaign select a left-wing "reporter" (but I repeat myself) to ask Joe Biden what he thinks about the uncorroborated, evidence-free story as if it were irrefutable fact. 
  7. Work with a cognitively disabled Biden (this is an assumption, but a strong one) to be sure he can craft a few coherent sentences in response.
  8. Report Biden's response to a concocted political hit job as if the unproven event  was actual fact.
  9. Have a "reporter" ask Trump if he wants to apologize (for something that has never been proven and for which there is no attributable evidence.
  10. Design and construct campaign commercials and have them up and running within 12 hours of the Atlantic's "breaking" story, even though there is no proof it ever happened..
It's not the least bit surprising that the Democrats have created yet another hoax using anonymous sources without any prof whatsoever. They're in full panic mode because their implicit and in some cases explicit support of leftist rioters has blown up in their face.

After all, the party of the Russian hoax, the Kavanagh inquisition, the obstruction of justice lie, and the Impeachment debacle has demonstrated repeatedly that they want to destroy Trump by any means necessary. A pathetic and dishonest political hit job is small potatoes.

The blatant bias of the media is now simply a constraint for the Trump campaign. They're running against a feckless challenger in Joe Biden, a party that has demonstrated it will stop at nothing to see him defeated, and a mainstream media that has jettisoned all professional ethics and become campaign operatives for the Democrats.

Mark Hemingway notes the breathtaking hypocrisy of this when he tweets:

Just another day in the campaign.


Since the trained hamsters in the media are perfectly willing to create a hoax with no evidence and then ask the president to apologize for his actions, you'd think they might have interest in this story, given their full-throated support for the #MeToo movement:
The conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch has filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security to access records to confirm an alleged altercation between a Secret Service agent and then-Vice President Joe Biden.

The records in question relate to an alleged physical altercation during a 2009 photo-op in which the agent alleges Biden cupped one of his girlfriend's breasts.

In July, the Secret Service told Judicial Watch that the file in question had been destroyed and that "no additional information is available."

Judicial Watch then filed an administration appeal to challenge that claim. The FOIA  lawsuit was filed after the Secret Service failed to respond. 

“We had not been able to confirm whether the report about the alleged altercation might be true until the Secret Service itself suggested it destroyed records about the incident," Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said about the suit. 

Judicial Watch, in the suit, cites a 2017 report from the Gateway Pundit alleging that a Secret Service agent was suspended in 2009 for "shoving Biden after he cupped his girlfriend's breast while the couple was taking a photo with him."

According the site's report, "the situation got so heated ... that others had to step in to prevent the agent from hitting Biden, now the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee.
At the very least, shouldn't an intrepid "reporter" for The Atlantic ask Biden whether the report is true and whether he'd he'd like to apologize for copping a feel. 

I won't hold my breath. 

UPDATE (9-8-2020):

After all, the "journalists" who are peddling this latest smear have impeccable credentials: