The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

A Fourth Reich

If Robert Reich were an average Joe on the street who tweeted his feelings for all the world to see, a majority of readers would dismiss him as a leftist crazy. If he were a Hollywood celebrity (Rob Reiner or Barbra Steisand come to mind), most would dismiss his unhinged comments because Hollywood types are much better at acting than thinking. But Reich, is a member of the Democrat elite and a past government official. This past week, Reich tweeted this:

The "catastrophe" he's ranting about is an economy that  improved the lot of the middle class and minorities while reduced income inequality. It's a foreign policy that has done more for peace in the Middle East, for fair trade, and for control of our adversaries (think: Iran) than the past four presidents combined. That "catastrophe." 

I've mentioned on previous occasions (e.g., here) that the hard left has a pre-disposition for purges. Like the Khmer Rouge* and many other infamous communist regimes of the past, they will NOT accept opposing thought. Rather, they will eradicate it by whatever means are necessary. Worse, there have been many instances (e.g., here and here), in which the hard-left extremists in this country violently assault those with opposing views. 

It is S.O.P. for the hard left to call people who oppose their world view "racists, white supremacists, fascists, and nazis." It has become S.O.P. for their military arm—antifa—to riot when their sensibilities are offended. Arson, destruction, and violence have become their weapons, and vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris has threatened its continuance if the election doesn't go her way.  

In recent months, it has become S.O.P. for the left to use their allies among big social media to censor information and people that challenge their narrative. Their trained hamsters in the mainstream media simply refuse to report any news that reflects badly on their candidates. It's getting worse by the day.

But don't believe me ... consider the tweet of another celebrity who until recently was a darling of the left:

It's truly ironic that Reich's tweet could mistakenly be attributed to a vicious murderer like Pol Pot. And remember, Reich is a respected member of the Democrat elite.


*  The Khmer Rouge were communist fanatics who believed that they could solve Cambodia's problems through a combination of indoctrination and terror. They killed millions and were among history's worst actors.