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Monday, October 26, 2020

Biden's Foreign Policy Team

One of many concerning aspects of a potential Biden presidency is the clear reality that Biden will re-institute the equivalent of the Obama administration‘s foreign policy Team of 2s (with some of the same people), augmented with a new generation of hard-left ideologues. During the Obama-Biden era, that administration's foreign policy team brought the world a shocking level of incompetence, arrogance, and horrendously bad decisions (think: the Iran deal).

The grand poobah of the Obama Team of 2s was John Kerry, a man who reminds me of the TV character Ted Baxter (of the comedy classic, The Mary Tyler Moore Show), a man with a sonorous voice who was dumb as a rock. Like all members of the Team of 2s, Kerry exhibited a combination of incompetence and stupidity, leading to a feckless foreign policy that accomplished virtually nothing over the years he was Secretary of State.

Kerry (watch the video) once stated:

"There will be no separate peace between Israel and the Arab world. I want to make that very clear to all of you. ... There will be no advanced and separate peace without the palestinian process and palestinian peace."

Oh really? The recent foreign policy achievements of the Trump administration indicate just how wrong Kerry was. One of the most striking things about the video is Kerry's absolute certainty on the Israeli-Arab peace process. As a member of the Democrat elite, positions like Kerry's are accepted without question by the media, even though he's a clear and obvious "2." They'll do that once again should Biden win the presidency.

Even though the mainstream media has instituted an effective blackout on any Trump accomplishments, the past month's peace agreements in the Middle East are stellar achievements. Not only has Trump achieved peace deals between Israel, Bahrain, the UAE, and now Sudan, but there are strong indications that other Arab nations, including Saudi Arabia, will be joining in the peace process in the near future. Note that all of this has been accomplished without the intransigent palestinians —the darlings of left-wing Democrats who never met a perpetual victim they didn't like. Should Biden win, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the hard-left ideologues in Biden's administration (and there will be anti-Israel hard-left ideologues in that administration) will work to submarine the agreements because—palestinians. The media won't utter a word of protest or concern.

John Kerry may not have a place in the Biden administration, but his voice will be replicated by others. Biden's Team of 2s will take up where Obama's team left off—capitulation to adversaries (China and Iran come to mind) and demonization of allies (Israel will once again be persona non grata).