The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Friday, October 23, 2020


It was almost as if the moderator of the final presidential debate tried to make up for four years of media bias and dishonesty in one night. To her credit, NBC's Kristin Welker asked tough but fair questions, yet did not insert herself into the debate as, for example, Chris Wallace did. Kudos.

Over the four years in question, the Democrats and their trained hamsters in the media have done an outstanding job of demonizing Donald Trump. "He's a Russian puppet, he's a white supremacist, he doesn't pay any taxes, he hates veterans, he's a dictator, he's xenophobic,  he loves dictators"... and much, much more. I'll admit that Trump's bombastic style gives them plenty to work with, but claims that he's a "Russian puppet" (see Update-1) or a "white supremacist" (a proven hoax) are completely unhinged.

When hard facts arise that emphasize Joe Biden's sordid 47-year history in politics (think: the Hunter Biden influence peddling scandal)the titans of social media make sure that those stories don't spread across the net. And when people post things that question Joe Biden's policies or ethics, not to mention his cognitive impairment, well, there's always shadow banning on Facebook or Twitter—a strategy applied only to conservatives.

And just to be sure that Trump is annihilated, the Dems bring out the the glitterati and deep state illuminati—Hollywood celebrities become laughably unhinged when discussing Trump, and deep state denizens (past Generals, cabinet secretaries, etc.) are quick to sign petitions and open letters denouncing him.

Is it any wonder that virtually no Democrats, relatively few independents, and more than a few GOPers won't admit that they're leaning toward Trump. That's why polls indicate that he's behind in key battleground states. Jason Riley, in a WSJ article yesterday, stated" "Lightning will have to strike twice for Trump to win." He's referring to Trump's upset 2016 victory over HRC in which every important poll was wrong. Will it happen again. Very possibly, and here's why ...

  • The blatant bias that is exhibited by the media pisses off a lot of people. The likes of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, the NYT, the LAT, WaPo and countless other biased, dishonest outlets reinforce the notion that they're truly fake news. Their content is ignored.
  • The blatant bias of debate/townhall moderators (Welker excluded) has been so obvious and one sided, it causes people to ask why those same moderators feel the need to protect Joe Biden, to avoid asking him tough questions, and to attack Trump with long disproven canards. Why does Joe need their protection ... what's wrong with him?
  • The media's overt and near-hysterical suppression of a legitimate news story that indicates that "man-of-the-people" Joe Biden was an active participant in an influence peddling scandal involving his son Hunter causes at least some people to give credence to the scandal.
  • Attempts by the Dems and their trained hamsters to hang 200,000+ COVID-19 deaths on Trump are despicable, and many people realize that's the case. Sure, the Trump administration made mistakes (the lockdown is one, although understandable in the context of the moment). And when those people hear the Dems demanding mandatory masks and new lockdowns and then blaming Trump for a "recession," they realize it's all a political strategy. A guy sitting in his house waited for his job to return, angered by the faux virtue signaling of Team Apocalypse, and a small business owner whose lifelong work has been destroyed by a Dem governor who insists that lockdowns work (when they do NOT) are not about to believe that it's all being done in their best interests.
  • The suburban mom who watches leftist rioters in cities across the nation burn and destroy homes, businesses and public buildings and then hears that those rioters are threatening to transform her town will think twice about voting for a political party that refuses to arrest those rioters or even condemn them by name.
  • The history teacher who watches as rabid leftists tear down statues of Jefferson and Lincoln, Washington and Teddy Roosevelt and then hears that Biden campaign workers contributed to a fund that bailed those rioters out of jail, will ask whether the Dems are the same party she's supported for decades.
  • The parents of children who have been locked out of their school and are learning very little on-line begin to ask why Dem's insist that children are "at risk" when the data indicate that they are the least likely to exhibit symptom and have a 99.997% chance of survival if they do get the virus.
  • The gig worker who makes decent money as an Uber driver or as a freelance film editor or as a fill-in chef who reads that Biden supports making them an employee who must pay union dues, will think twice about their vote.
  • The cop who has been demonized by the Democrats will wonder why on earth he or she should vote for them.
  • The African American who hears his leaders tell him the orange man is a racist, but then considers the fact that for the first time, he had a great, high paying job with prospects will wonder whether Trump is as bad as they say.
  • The Latino who started a small business and wasn't overwhelmed with red tape will wonder why Trump is being criticized for making his life easier.
  • Democrats who support Israel and then hear people like Bernie or AOC or Ilhan demonize the small country, and then realize that Joe Biden has capitulated to the hard-left, will think about that as they vote.
  • A veteran who has returned from Iraq and seen the damage and death from militias sponsored by Iran will wonder how Joe Biden and the Dems can suggest making nicey-nice with the mullahs.
  • The everyday informed voter who looks at the promises Trump made in 2016 and then comes to realize he has kept the majority of them.
And every one of those people who have witnessed friends, co-workers, acquaintances, and of course, the glitterati heap opprobrium on Trump and his supporters, when asked who they're voting for will say, "Joe Biden. I would never vote for Donald Trump. Never!"

But in the quiet of their kitchen as they fill out their mail-in ballot, or in the sanctity of the voting booth where they complete their ballot in person, they'll think about all of this and vote ... for stability, for a good economy, for good jobs, for an administration that actually accomplishes the things it has promised, for a rational foreign policy, and then ... they'll cast their ballot.

And when asked about it afterwards, they'll say, "I voted for Joe Biden. I would never vote for Donald Trump. Never!"

But in the corner of their mouth there's the hint of a smile ... just a hint.

Pushback is coming.


The same people who would NEVER vote for Donald Trump are being told over and over and over again that any hint of an influence peddling scandal (and it's a lot more than a hint) involving Joe Biden and Hunter Biden is a "disinformation" campaign by the Russians (!!!). And when congenital liar Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) begins that trope, they're probably thinking along the same lines as left-leaning journalist Glen Greenwald:

If the media polls tell us Biden is up by 10 points, and Dems are confident of winning because orange-man-bad, why are they acting like the leaders of a two-bit totalitarian country who must blame everything on some outside boogieman?


I voted on Wednesday—in person—at a library on U.S. 441 in South Florida. There was a weather system crossing the peninsula, and it was pouring. A man stood on the grass next to 441—a six-lane road with lots of morning traffic—twirling a large "Trump-2020" sign. As I stopping to turn into the library, oncoming traffic was heavy, so I waited. Probably 50 - 60 of cars passed the man with the sign. The cacophony of positive beeps as drivers passed by was deafening. Through the rain-soaked windshield, I could see passing drivers smiling and giving the man a thumbs up. That 'poll' won't be reported by the media.

I realize this is anecdotal, but it is instructive, particularly when the media insists that Biden is up by 2 or 3 percentage points in FL.

BTW, Biden signs were stuck in the grass on the side of the road, some blown over by the wind, looking as forlorn as Biden usually does, but no one was there to hold them up. I wonder why.