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Monday, November 09, 2020

A Few Post-Election Thoughts

Not surprisingly, Dem leaders have chosen to anoint Joe Biden with a 'president-elect' label, much as they did with Al Gore in 2000. Their media hamsters have joined them and chosen to take the stance that there is no evidence whatsoever of voting irregularities. Like all good propagandists, the hamsters have decided to stonewall any attempt to investigate credible claims that do arise, gas-lighting as they go.

Let me be perfectly clear. I think it’s highly unlikely that the Biden “victory” will be overturned, no matter how compelling the evidence of vote count irregularities. The courts will not overturn an election result unless there is overwhelming evidence of fraud, and possibly, they'll demure even if there is.

In a democracy there is nothing — nothing — worse than a set of election results that cannot be trusted by all who have voted. The 2020 election is now under review not because the members of the GOP are "sore losers," but because with every passing day more and more anomalous voting data comes to light. For example, Judicial Watch indicates that in 29 states including MI there were more votes than US citizens who are registered to vote. Again in MI, PA, and GA, software with a "glitch" has now been shown to have counted Trump votes as Biden votes.

All of that and more may be a set of unfortunate coincidences, but it's certainly worthy of investigation.

Over the past four years, the Democrats have claimed that Donald Trump is "a threat to Democracy." I can only wonder whether they'd agree that election results that are not trusted by ~70 million people are also "a threat to Democracy." If they do agree, then it might be incumbent upon them to so state and encourage a complete and rapid investigation into any allegations of wrong doing. Gosh, they spent two years investigating a fraudulent claim that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians. A few weeks shouldn't faze them a bit. Since they and their media hamsters tell us there is "absolutely no voter fraud, and allegations to the contrary are without merit" what do they have to lose?

* * * * * * * * *

Scott Adams makes an interesting point: If, in fact, Democrats truly do believe that Donald Trump is “Hitler,“ it would be incumbent upon them to do whatever was necessary to be sure that he lost, up to and including voter fraud, and any other election manipulation necessary. After all, it’s reasonable to assert that all of us would do that if we had an opportunity to stop a “Hitler” before he did the things that a Hitler does. In fact, it would be a moral dereliction to stand by and allow for the uncertain outcome of an election.

This, of course, is not proof that any voter fraud occurred or that the Dems were perpetrators of it. But there have been and continue to be reports of anomalous behavior on the part of large groups of voters (e.g., more voters in some locales than U.S. citizens who were registered to vote) and significant circumstantial evidence of voting miscounts (e.g., admitted software "glitches" that just happened to favor Biden) and other “mistakes” (e.g., dead people voting) that all seem to fall in favor of Joe Biden.

* * * * * * * * *

We keep hearing that Joe Biden is a "uniter" not an evil "divider" like Donald Trump. At a personal level, the old, cognitively clear Joe Biden may have been someone who did try to reach bi-partisan compromise (at least on occasion), but the current Joe Biden is someone who will be guided through his decisions by a team that invariably will have significant hard-left influencers who will worship the god of identity politics.

Richard Fernandez had an interesting thought: "The one constant of identity politics is division." If that were not the case, why all the talk (derived from critical race theory) about "systemic racism" (by Biden himself) and "white privilege," implying that about half the country are outright racists who have been given an unfair advantage. Does that unite or divide?

* * * * * * * * *

The Democrats and their media hamsters are now suggesting that it's "time to heal." That's particularly rich, coming from a group of people who never tried to heal, even after four solid years. They made up their minds before the 2016 election that orange man bad, and refused to allow any evidence on orange man's actual accomplishments (that benefited Blacks, Latinos, the middle class they purport to care about) that might have threatened their narrative.
Megyn Kelly tweeted:
... you're out of touch if you think that 70 million Americans who have been unfairly demonized as the worst of humanity for 4 years are now going to hug those who viciously attacked them (and are now making lists of their names). I'm talking reality, which is my job, not pie-in-the-sky stuff.

The name calling is one thing, but the condescending tone is worse. The tone implies, falsely I believe, that those who did the demonizing and are now asking for unity are somehow smarter, more moral, and all around better people than those who were demonized.

It's actually quite remarkable that the "deplorables" have remained calm in their disappointment. There have been no riots or unrest other than a few completely peaceful protests; no one has threatened to leave the country, and few, if any, have called Biden a "dictator."

That current reality is making the 2016 Dems look pretty bad, actually.