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Saturday, November 07, 2020

Biden Wins

Joe Biden has claimed victory days after an election whose results were far different than they were on the night polls closed. In the "comeback" of the century, big Democratically controlled cities in pivotal states seemed to find the necessary number of Biden votes to provide our cognitively-challenged new president with a tiny margin of victory in highly-contested states (court challenges remain, although it's unlikely the courts will act to reverse an election). It took days to accomplish this, but the big cities knew what number they needed, and they achieved that number with traunches of votes that were overwhelmingly for Biden after "turnouts" in those cities that most observers felt were near-impossible.

The Winners

Let's examine exactly who has won.

The New Democratic Party.  There is no doubt that this is a victory for the new, hard-left Democratic Party. Leftist doctrine, already a torrent within universities, in the media, throughout entertainment, in the arts and increasingly, within many of the tech companies that control digital communication will now become a hurricane, sweeping away opposing ideas not by debating them, but by removing them from public discourse. 

Biden, a man who is cognitively challenged, will be nothing more than a puppet, who is trundled onto the public stage offering pre-programmed platitudes to give the appearance of moderation. It will be interesting to see who his closest advisors are and whether they are forced to capitulate to the hard-left wing of the party.

The "New" Rules. The Biden victory has now established the political precedent for the losing party. Like the Dems in 2016, never accept an opponent's victory and in so doing, adopt these new rules:

  • Create fake, even preposterous, allegations designed to derail the elected president.
  • Weaponize partisans within government agencies to undermine the new administration at every turn.
  • Elevate name calling to a new level, comparing an elected president to some of history's worst mass murderers, dictators and thugs.
  • Initiate an endless stream of phony investigations, intended not to root out corruption but to cripple any ability of the newly-elected president to govern.
  • Label any important nominee of the elected president using the epithetic du jour—no matter that its untrue, find a "witness" to deliver it.
  • Label everyone who opposes your policies as an extremist.
  • Immediately consider impeachment even if there has been no wrong-doing. 
  • Adopt the politics of personal destruction that is not only okay, but is necessary to destroy any opposing view. 
  • Accept the notion that civility is dead, that vicious, dishonest, and destructive politics works.
The Democrats did all of that and more after the election of Donald Trump in 2016. I'm hopeful that the GOP will resist the temptation to reciprocate, but a some level, I almost hope they do follow the new rules that the Dems established.

The Mainstream Media. The election of Joe Biden is also a great victory for the mainstream media, who gleefully adopted the new set of rules established by their Dem masters. Although they have thoroughly discredited themselves over the past four years, the media will view Biden's election as their return to power. Their bias and profound dishonesty have been rewarded. And as a result they will continue along the same path, jettisoning ethics and professionalism along the way. Even in victory, they truly are despicable propagandists.

The Washington Swamp. Finally, the Biden-Harris win is a massive victory for the Washington swamp. Insiders among Democrats, the GOP elite, bureaucrats, contractors, lobbyists, the media, and their allies will again be able to operate with absolute impunity, raping a shrinking pool of taxpayers while enriching themselves and their cronies.

The Losers

With every victory comes defeat, and there will be many losers that arise in the aftermath of the victory of the new Democratic party. 

Substance.  It appears that political accomplishments no longer matter, that an outstanding economy, significant economic gains for minorities and the middle class, a pro-business environment, an organized and rational approach to a pandemic even as you opponents sowed hysteria for political gain, and significant (possibly historic) foreign policy accomplishments don't matter. It's all about style, and apparently, will be going forward.

Minorities.  Tragically, yet predictably, those who were rising on the economic ladder will lose the most. Low income Blacks and Latinos will no longer thrive in a Democrat economy that demands high taxes, discourages the formation of businesses, overly regulates every aspect of commerce, and requires an arbitrary "living wage" that will result in significant job losses for entry level positions. 

Reductions in Income Inequality.  Income inequality, reduced for the first time in 50 years under Donald Trump, will return and become virulent. Poor people will lose because the victors will encourage them to remain dependent, to give up their freedom in return for government payments. The middle class will lose as taxes increase (spare me the perpetual Democrat lie that only "the rich" will be taxed). The middle class will have less money in their pockets, less economic opportunity, and invariably, less freedom.

Foreign Policy.  Our foreign policy will regress to the fecklessness exhibited during the Obama years. Traditional allies will be abandoned. Capitulation to the demands of adversaries like China or Iran will occur. We will become signatories to "treaties" and trade agreements that are nothing more than meaningless gestures, accomplishing nothing, but putting the United States at significant economic disadvantage.

Freedom of Speech.  Wokeness demands compliance. Any view that opposes the current woke catechism is considered an aggression and must be eliminated. With the help of their trained hamsters in the mainstream media and more important, their allies in social media, the hard-Left will stifle free speech by using a combination of fake news, willful omission of stories and facts that conflict with their narrative, an cancellation of any individual who doesn't toe the line. That in turn will lead to self-censorship as the full force of social condemnation will be leveled on any opposing voice.

The Aftermath

Those of us who oppose both the new Democratic party, their cognitively-challenged president-elect, and the leftist ideology that they both espouse are certainly unhappy with the outcome of this election. But here are some things we won't do:

  • we won't plan and then conduct a 'soft coup' using the FBI as our lackeys,
  • we won't weaponize our intelligence agencies against Joe Biden or Kamala Harris,
  • we won't riot in the streets, burning building and assaulting innocents,
  • we won't plan to impeach the newly elected president,
  • we won't blame a foriegn power for "disinformation" that caused Trump's loss,
  • we won't scream or cry in anguish when the election is finally decided in the courts,
  • we won't threaten to leave the country,
  • we won't "protest" or sit in drum circles to express our dissatisfaction,
  • we won't label everyone in the Harris/Biden administration a "Nazi,"
  • we won't label everyone who voted for Joe Biden "stupid" or a "bad person" or "deplorable,"
  • we won't 'unfriend' people who voted Democratic,
  • we won't blame the elected-president for a continuing pandemic or for any new outbreak that does occur.
Some of those things are near-seditious, and others are just infantile. All of them actually happened when the Dems decided not to accept Donald Trump as their president in 2016 and the years that followed.  Overall, those of us who oppose the new Democratic party won't throw a collective tantrum, suggest adding additional conservative states to the union, demand that the electoral college rules be changed, eliminate the Senate filibuster, or pack the SCOTUS. The Dems have threatened to do all of those things. As long as the Senate remains in GOP hands, they won't be able to do so.

We will criticize whenever appropriate and point out stupidity, hypocrisy, and corruption whenever it occurs. The new Democratic party will try to create its socialist utopia but they will be blocked by a GOP Senate (if the election of GA Senators is not stolen as well). They will, regardless of their inability to pass legislation, institute an environment in which freedoms are lost, speech is stifled, "wokeness" reigns, the economy is threatened or crippled, "reparations" are proposed for people who never were slaves by redistributing money from people who never owned slaves, and the lives and livelihoods of average middle class Americans become worse, not better. Opposition to any or all of this will lead to "cancellation"—professionally and/or personally. 

As the new Democratic party tries to "fundamentally transform" our country, it's likely that (to paraphrase Biden) "dark times" will ensue—economic and social instability, suffocating political correctness, media propaganda that protects the victors regardless of their failures or scandals, and an attempted  blackout of opposing views. 

This will abate in 2022 when voters realize their mistake and decide that a "fundamental transformation" does far more harm than good. The House will flip to the GOP.

I'm confident that the country will survive as the new "transformation" descends on us all. Hopefully, the crazy times and hysteria exemplified by this COVID year and the consequent election of Joe Biden as president will pass.

Those of us who are disappointed with this election result will face the coming years not with bitterness, but with a smile.  Life goes on. 


It's important to note that this remains a contested election. The mainstream media has declared Biden the winner, but until Donald Trump concedes, it's not 100% over. Trump has good reason to ask for investigations in multiple states:
  • multiple anomalous data points, e.g., ahistorical levels of voter turnout only in cities that are located in battleground states—why did so many people turn out--close to 90 percent turnout in some city locations
  • "glitches" in counting software used in 47 MI couties. Oh yeah, the "glitch" in just one county resulted in the incorrect change of 6,000 Trump votes to Biden votes—why is it that these "mistakes" always seem to benefit the Democrats?  BTW, the same software is used heavily in other battleground states
  • a clear attempt to prevent GOP poll watchers from observing the count in Philly, Detroit, and Atlanta where the vote was overwhelmingly late and overwhelmingly for Biden
  • the post dating of election returns that came in after the deadline, allowing them to be counted
  • the use of street money to harvest and then submit mail-in ballots—all for Biden
  • the hard fact that thousands of dead people voted for Biden, implying that voter fraud occurred at polling places or mail in ballots were stolen and submitted illegally
  • and much more ...
It should come as no surprise that the democrats trained hamsters in the media dismiss all of this and refuse to investigate any of it. 

It is true that all of this may not change the end result and that the courts are loath to change an election result, but the claims are real, not imaginary, and they should be looked into.

In what can only be described as a laughable claim, the current narrative is that Biden election victory gives him a "mandate." On that, let's conclude with an appropriate tweet: