The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Tuesday, November 03, 2020


Unless this election is a blowout, it's unlikely that the final vote totals will be decided by the time most Americans go to bed tonight. The Democrats have already taken the position that no matter what the result, Biden shouldn't concede. Donald Trump has indicated that he won't accept the results if there's any sign of election fraud or abuse.

In blue cities across the United States, downtown areas are putting up plywood on storefronts and government buildings. They fully expect unrest and rioting. It's worth asking—By whom?

We all know the answer, even if some Democrats insist that their fantasy of a "white supremacist" uprising is just around the corner.

Rich Lowry comments:

Everyone tends to be coy about the reason why. The cops in Beverly Hills worry about “protest activity.” Tiffany refers to “potential election-related activity.” Saks Fifth Avenue says it’s taking precautions “in the event of civil unrest due to the current election.”

This is all very diplomatic, but there’s no doubt about what has American business on edge, and it isn’t the possibility that the local women’s Republican club is going to take to the streets if Joe Biden wins in a landslide.

No, the risk is that left-wing rioters are going, as is their wont, to rampage through America’s cities if Donald Trump wins a second term. There are certainly malefactors on the right, who should be called out and shunned, and it’s disgraceful that Trump has spent so much time preparing the ground to argue that he’s been cheated if he loses.

Yet the left has the numbers, the proven penchant for violence (up to $2 billion of property damage this year so far) and the intellectual enablers to put parts of America on crisis footing in anticipation of its possible shock and upset after Nov. 3.

Let's assume that all the smartest people are correct and Trump loses. Does that mean that BLM and antifa, along with the cadre of activist supporters and left wing politicians recede back into the political mist? 

What happens when the "transformation" to the socialist utopia they demand doesn't happen fast enough? What happens when the media trumpets a racial incident 5 months from now? What happens when Biden is replaced by Kamala Harris (the over/under is <12 months) and President Harris decides, as she always does, that political expediency requires that she abandon the notions of critical race theory or confiscatory taxation or any of the panoply of other extreme positions that Bernie Sanders and his cheerleaders in The Squad will demand on Day 1.

I suspect that the plywood, removed after the great Democratic victory of 2020, will go right back up again. After all, rioting worked to rid the country of Trump. That means it'll work again, and again, and again, particularly when there are no consequences for the rioters.

Maybe some people are okay with living in a country that is governed based on street violence and arson and destruction. There are an awful lot of people who feel differently, who look at the plywood going up and then head to the polls. Today, they have a say as well.