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Thursday, December 17, 2020


I have on a number of occasions noted that Joe Biden exhibits all of the signs of early stage cognitive impairment. I know ... because I observed early-, mid-, and late-stage Alzheimer's disease with my Dad. I feel terrible for Joe and his family, I really do, but that doesn't forgive the Democratic party for running a candidate who even last year, exhibited signs of early cognitive impairment, or his family who didn't discourage him from running. 

Arthur Chrenkoff has the courage to discuss what few in the mainstream media are willing to voice:

Joe Biden is not meant to govern. If he manages, and whatever he manages, that’s all well and good, and a bonus but that is not his purpose. His mission was to win the election. This he did, regardless of whether you think he did it fairly, cleanly and legally or not.

Biden was nominated because the Democrat establishment thought he was the only one of the original field of two dozen or so who had a chance of winning against Donald Trump. In that the DNC was correct. All the others vying to take on Orange Man Bad were either too inexperienced and unknown or too far to the left of the party .... Biden was not great but he was the best available; well past his “best by” date – though clearly not “use by” – but still able to project the avuncular image of the slightly embarrassing and yet somewhat endearing drunk Irish uncle. An experienced (47 years in Washington) centrist (by Democrat standards), he could appeal to the independents and the swinging voters tired of Trump’s theatrics as a honest, straight-talking, dignified, well-meaning and non-threatening alternative ...

The mission is now accomplished and Joe is not strictly speaking necessary any more, though it would be a tad unseemly to remove him too soon ...

It's interesting that at long last the significant and well-documented scandal surrounding the Biden family, purposely hidden by the mainstream media during the campaign, has now come to light. It's almost as if the Democrats' trained hamsters in the media are preparing the battle space for the ultimate dismissal of Biden for ... well, it could be due to the scandal (selling government influence for monetary reward is no small thing) or via some "illness" associated with, but not explicitly connected to, Joe's cognitive issues. There are calls for a special counsel, and unlike the Dems' rush to appoint one in 2016, there is plenty of hard evidence and justification for one now.

Chrenkoff comments further:

The battlespace preparation has already begun, with two independent lines of probing attack launched through the mainstream media: the question of age and infirmity, and the controversy over potential family corruption. On one level, these can be seen as completely innocent: Trump has been defeated – the media having faithfully played its part – so certain issues that were untouchable during the election campaign can now be safely aired. That, after all, is the media’s role in our political system, shining the light and holding those in power accountable. No one can accuse them of not doing their job – finally, now that it won’t help Trump. But on another level, the two lines of attack also serve to soften up public opinion, start constructing the necessary narrative, and prepare the country for the inevitable change of guard at the top, much sooner rather than later, as would normally be expected.

The first "line of attack" focuses on cognitive decline. The Dems trained hamsters in the media have decided that cognitive decline among senior (moderate) Democrats can now be discussed. Hence, a surprisingly blunt piece in the leftist New Yorker that outlines Senator Diane Feinstein's (D-CA) struggles with the affliction. It won't be long before whisper's about Joe's cognitive struggles appear in other left-wing media outlets.

The second line of attack may very well grow out of the pay-for-play Biden scandal. It's not that the trained hamsters will investigate Biden with vigor, and there will be no bombshells coming from them, but the slow grind of corruption implications may very well lead people to look for any excuse to remove the "distraction" causes by Hunter Biden's greed and stupidity (and Joe's obvious, albeit indirect, complicity in it all). Chrenkoff addresses these salient questions:

Any deep look into the affairs of the Biden family is going to bring out uncomfortable questions about the way money, political power and foreign influence intersect at the very top: was Joe Biden an active participant? And even if he wasn’t and hasn’t personally benefitted in any way from the wheelings and dealings of his son (and his brother), is it not something that he should have been aware of and put a stop to in order to protect his and his family’s good name and integrity?

That alone is enough to topple Joe, particularly if the media is onboard—and they're certainly  exhibiting the appropriate early signs. 

Enter Kamal Harris. The Dems are obsessed with racial and gender politics, so who better than a Kamala to take over for Biden. Even better, Harris is an opportunist, recognizing that the power shift in the new Democratic party is hard left, so she will govern in that direction. Her gender and racial background will act as a magical force field that will allow social justice warriors to claim that any criticism of her is "racist and misogynist," thereby causing at least some critics to tread lightly.

I am on-the-record among friends as saying that the 'over-under' for Biden's stay in the White House is one year, and I'm taking the 'under.'  Chrenkoff agrees, writing:

All in all, I will be surprised if Joe Biden lasts as president past the first anniversary of his inauguration. He doesn’t need to. Having saved the Republic from a fascist dictatorship and a continuing international embarrassment, he can retire in peace to spend his last few months or years surrounded by his loving family, the Trojan Horse put out to pasture. In the wings, a new generation of leaders stands ready to pick up the mantle of power and responsibility.

Unlike Chrenkoff, I would argue that Biden has "saved" us from a continuation of significant domestic and international achievements, and opened the door for a continuation of the feckless leadership that characterized the Obama era. But that remains to be seen. 

Regardless of how it all works out, I suspect that Joe won't be in the oval office to witness it much past January, 2022.