The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Thursday, January 07, 2021

A Fork

Narcissistic. Bombastic. Undignified. Braggart. Verbally unclear. Uncouth. Exaggerator who borders on liar. Many of us disregarded all of those nasty and obvious personality traits because Donald Trump threatened a Washington swamp that needed threatening. And despite an onslaught of hate and false accusations, he managed a Teams of 8s and 9s that actually accomplished many good things throughout his administration.

But Donald Trump jumped the shark yesterday. And as a consequence, all of his many achievements — things that actually improved the lives of many Americans, lead to more equitable trade, and established foreign policy wins that made the world a better place—are for naught. 

Trump will be remembered for the storming of the US Capitol by a mob, encouraged by his ill-chosen rhetoric and inappropriate combativeness. An exhausted nation—frightened by the virus, pummeled by unrelenting political combat over the last four years, disgusted by media double standards that are so obvious they’re breathtaking, and sick of gaslighting that insisted that wrong is right and lies are truth—wants it over, and Trump gone.

After the travesty on Capitol Hill yesterday, they’re not wrong.

Mob violence is reprehensible whether it comes from pro-Trump supporters or antifa and BLM protesters. They ALL deserve full-throated condemnation.

There's no point in making comparisons of mob violence or noting the rather different ways the summer riots and yesterday's capitol assault were covered and discussed. It's all beside the point.

Trump brought on yesterday's assault by inciting a mob. Stick a fork in him, he's done.


Steven Kruiser comments on the Capitol riots:

Let me be clear about this up front: I in no way condone what went on. Riots are riots. I’m not some mainstream media hack who prevaricates when writing about civil unrest in order to cover for people I might think are on the right side of things. Once you go full mob rule, I don’t care who you voted for [or what your ideology is], you’re an idiot and you’re on the wrong side.

In fact, I am sick to death of people and their stupid feelings. If you can’t express your displeasure without breaking a window you’re not fit to be out in public ... Grow up.

The first thing I noticed while scanning the news was that virtually every conservative commenting on the situation was condemning the violence. Immediately. That stood in stark contrast to high-ranking Democrats and their flying monkeys in the mainstream media spending all last summer telling us that things were peaceful while we were staring at burning buildings.

He's right, but the damage has been done—to Trump and to the people who supported him. The Capitol riots give the Left and their trained hamsters in the media a good excuse to justify all of their unrelenting and dishonest attacks on this president over the past four years. The riots give them a good excuse to justify their condescending hatred of the "deplorables." And the Capitol mob has no one to blame but itself.