The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Sunday, January 03, 2021


When a large business comes to the end of a fiscal year, it shareholders have an absolute right to demand an audit of its financial records if there is any hint of impropriety, and often, even if there isn't. When the IRS encounters a tax return that has anomalies (i.e., deductions that are way out of the the statistically normal range, it has the right to audit the taxpayers return. When the participants in a contested high-income divorce negotiation cannot agree on the net worth of their partner, they have the right to demand a forensic audit to ensure that monies have not been hidden from view.

And ... when one political part encounters hints of impropriety, statistical anomalies, and a clear indication that things have been hidden from view as part of a presidential election, it has the absolute right to demand an audit to ensure that nothing untoward or illegal happened. The intent of the audit isn't to make things right—that won't happen. But it is to be absolutely sure that (1) voting impropriety, statistical anomalies and hidden activities don't happen on a large scale again, and (2) to demonstrate to the tens of millions of voters (who believe that voting impropriety, statistical anomalies, and hidden activities did happen) that their concerns have been addressed.

Let me be very clear—Joe Biden and the Democrats will ascend to the presidency on January 20th. Nothing will change that reality. The election is over, but at the same time, there are nagging questions about its propriety—particularly in blue cities in battle ground states. 

The Democrats are fighting hard to shut down any attempt to audit the results after-the-fact. Their trained hamsters in the media make sure to call any allegation of voting irregularities a "myth." They relegate any claim that dead people voted or ballots were doctored as "conspiracy theory."

And now that a small group of GOP Senators have decided not to vote for electors in certain battleground states, the Dems and their media hamsters have gone ballistic. Using the standard left-wing trope that attacks the individual rather than refuting the alleged wrong-doing, the Dems argue that any attempt not to certify the electors is "a threat to democracy" or an "insult to the constitution." It seems that the proven improprieties, statistical anomalies, and hidden activities that went on are never mentioned or debated, except to be tossed off as either irrelevant ("it wouldn't have mattered anyway") or untrue. Gaslighting coupled with half truths are used to refute claims that election observers were removed from the counting area (as clearly did happen in Philadephia), that significant counting errors attributed to software and always in favor of Biden did occur, that virtually every bell weather county across the country had Trump winning, or that PA did in fact extend the vote count beyond what its state law recommends and much, much more.

Over the past decade or more, the Democrats have done everything possible to set the stage for these election irregularities. They've fought against voter ID laws, invoking the soft racist narrative that minorities are incapable of getting a legitimate ID. They look the other way when large numbers of illegal aliens are registered and then cast votes. They fought tooth and nail for unsolicited mail-in ballots, disregarding clear evidence that they are rife with problems and untrustworthy. They fight every attempt to cleanse voter rolls of dead people, voters who have moved, and convicted felons, suggesting that it's all a form of "voter suppression." They knew they could do this and get away with it as long as they won.

The bottom line is this. With the Dems in control, there will be no audit. There will be no media investigation as there surely would have been if the parties were reversed. There will be no SCOTUS intervention that might roil the election results. Nothing will change.

But there will be nagging, long-term questions that will remain unresolved, and far worse, there will be a significant percentage of the population that no longer trusts the election count.