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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Doing Nothing

Throughout the race for the presidency, the Democrats (and their trained hamsters in the media) were effective in developing a political strategy that 'weaponized' COVID-19. It became a dominant campaign issue, with Joe Biden suggesting that he had "a plan" that was somehow superior to the one that had been executed by the then current administration. His claim worked, and Biden ascended to the presidency.

Now we see this rather interesting meme:

But no worries, Joe now promises that there will be 100 million vaccinations in 100 days.

That promise, achievable with good logistics and rapid production of vaccine, is, I suspect, about as good as Biden's empty promises of "a plan" during the campaign.

It's interesting that CA—the Democrats' poster child for blue governance and reference model for its neo-socialist utopia—ranks dead last in the percentage of available vaccine doses that have been administered. But maybe the draconian lockdowns in parts of CA along with school and business closures have reduced the number of COVID-19 deaths to negligible levels. Nope, the catastrophist strategy adopted in most blue states and exemplified by CA has done little to nothing to stop the spread.  

Then again, Joe Biden, after saying he has a plan to "get this virus under control" now admits that "There is nothing we can do ..." Given the Dems' rather pathetic vaccination record in most blue states, along with the economic wreckage they have caused by scientifically unsupported lockdowns, Joe's "doing nothing" might be the best thing for all of us.