The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Monday, May 03, 2021

Corrupt and Unjust

In a lengthy article, Glen Greenwald describes how progressives in NY and MA destroyed the political prospects of their own chosen primary candidates once unsubstantiated allegations of sexual harassment were leveled against them. No matter that there was no proof, that the timing of the allegations was highly suspect, that the accusers statements were misleading—leftist groups immediately repudiated the candidates because—'believe the woman.'

This vicious and irresponsible destruction of reputation has become common among the Left and has been used repeatedly as a political weapon. That might be a consequence of their repugnant attempt to destroy Supreme Court Justice Bret Kavanaugh—an attempt that almost succeeded and likely would have had Donald Trump not shown courage (that's the correct word) in not crumbling under the onslaught of provably false allegations leveled by the Democrats and their media hamsters. Subsequent book-length investigations (e.g., here and here) indicate that the primary accuser at that time, Chris Balsey-Ford, was a liar and a political opportunist with a malevolent agenda. 

It is ironic that recent 'me too' allegations have been Democrat on Democrat. And yet, there is hypocrisy there as well. Greenwald writes:

Needless to say, when the stakes are high enough, progressives kick this framework of presumed-guilt and Believe-Women to the curb. When Joe Biden was the presumptive nominee against Donald Trump, they quickly vilified his accuser Tara Reade as a mentally unwell liar — just as they did in the 1990s to the group of women who accused Bill Clinton of various levels of sexual impropriety, including rape. When something like the presidency is at stake, female accusers of key Democratic male leaders are to be mocked and destroyed, not believed.

That is because there is no discernible principle at play. It is only about power. Why was the highly educated Christine Blasey Ford to be believed with no evidence in her accusations against Brett Kavanaugh, and why is [progressive Mayoral candidate in NYC] Stringer’s accuser, political consultant Jean Kim, to be believed, but Reade was not, even though she had more evidence of contemporaneous complaints to support her allegations?

But the far more important point is that any culture that is willing to destroy reputations and lives based on totally unproven accusations is one that is inherently corrupt and unjust. [emphasis mine] The ability to destroy someone’s life with nothing more than an uncorroborated claim voiced more than eighteen years after the alleged incident is a power with which nobody should be trusted.

True that! 


Far too many people who make up "the woke" are nothing more than humorless leftist bullies who view their mission as one that roots out every person, publication or video—literally every form of communication—that they and they alone perceive as a violation of their self-defined societal norms. Their warped fixation on what they think is racism, misogyny, sexual abuse, LBGTQ-phobia, xenophobia, privilege, white supremacy, etc., etc would be amusing if it weren't so dangerous and destructive. It makes one wonder whether their fixations are actually a form of psychological  projection.

They see white supremacist "signs" in innocent hand gestures. They see sexual abuse in an innocent or inadvertent touch. They see "racism" in the words of an African American man or woman who disagrees with their ideology. They see xenophobia in rational decisions to limit illegal immigration. They see misogyny in any criticism of a woman politician's questionable leftist policies. And they work hard to cancel the person or publication that they fixate on.

Barton Swaim comments on the woke's failed attempts to cancel bestselling author Jordan Peterson. He writes:

The cancelers’ strange fixations mean that apologizing to them is folly. Mr. Peterson hasn’t apologized or disavowed any previous statement. Now there’s a rule for his next book: Don’t apologize when you haven’t done anything wrong. 

Those who have been attacked by leftist bullies should adopt that position. When you've done nothing wrong, don't apologize. Instead, call out the bullies that want to destroy you. They're easy to ridicule because their positions are often indefensible, dishonest, counter-factual, illogical, and puerile. Maybe that's why they so badly need to destroy those who oppose them. They simply can't win a honest debate—and they know it.