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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Gaza, Poor Gaza

Hamas (and its supporters in Gaza) is like a weak and stupid school yard bully wannabe who has a strong and powerful big brother to protect it when it lashes out. At first blush, you'd think that the 'big brother' is Iran, as Islamist state that provides Hamas (and Hezballah in Lebabon) with the missiles they use to randomly target Israeli population centers. But you'd be wrong.

In actuality, the 'big brother' is the collection of leftists in the West who leap to the defense of the bully wannabe, and when necessary (i.e., when Israel has had enough and is about to destroy Hamas), step in to stop the Jews, allowing Hamas to terrorize another day. Hamas knows this and can therefore rest assured that Joe Biden (maybe its actually President Ron Klain) will provide ever more aid and rebuild the destruction that the Gazans brought upon themselves.

But 'big brother' does more than impede Israel's actions, they also propagandize against the only liberal democracy in the Middle East. "Poor Gaza," the leftist media (meaning almost all media) wail, "children are dying!!" They never seem to mention that Hamas launches rockets right next door to where Gazan children live, putting their own kids directly in harm's way, nor do they mention that the Israelis warn people living in targeted buildings (that are used to hide armaments) one hour before an attack, but ... nevermind. 

The following anonymous rant, currently circulating online and attributed to an Israeli citizen, provides just a little reality to the fantasy propaganda that streams out of the Western media whenever Hamas decides to throw a tantrum. It's worth a read (progressives will be triggered but frankly, who cares?):

Gaza, poor, poor Gaza, which claimed Israel kept the vaccine from their population, that Israel starved and killed children, that Israel is a colonizer, apartheid nation....said do not send in police to Jerusalem, do not try to maintain order, or we will bomb your cities. We will bomb the whole country. Bomb a country over a legal dispute about unpaid rent from property bought (by Jews) in 1875? What?? [The Hamas rocket attacks began as a consequence of a property dispute that is currently being adjudicated in Israeli courts.]

Also, we [Israelis] pay our bills to the Israel Electric corp every month. But in poor Gaza, they don't pay theirs. Israeli citizens subsidize their power. So they can make bombs, and tunnels, to terrorize Israeli citizens. Think about that for a second. We subsidize the terror they rain down upon us.

Poor Gaza. With no food, no fuel, no power, no vaccines.

Poor Gaza, except with enough money to buy and launch 700 missiles with thousands more stockpiled for tomorrow, or the next day. (Each one is $45,000 USD so today's war cost....$31,500,000USD)

But poor Gaza, with no schools, and no new hospitals, but with resources to build advanced tunnels terror attack tunnel systems stretching miles deep into Israel. (Estimated cost: 150 million USD)

Poor Gaza, kept from developing, from air travel, from running their own country as they wish.

Well poor Gaza today sent 700 missiles at Israeli civilians, burned thousands of acres of crops and food with terror balloons filled with explosives, and launched multiple cyber attacks around the world. Oh, and targeted a civilian airport, which is now closed. Israel has one airport. We are now all stuck here together. Poor Gaza fired at an AIRPORT filled with civilian flights. On purpose.

Poor Gaza, who won't feed their children with the trucks of aid paid for and delivered by the State of Israel and her citizens, that arrive every freaking day, while claiming to the world she is starving. Instead, HAMAS leaders are billionaires and Biden just promised billions more.

Poor Gaza, where children are forced to martyr themselves for Hamas leadership who couldn't give a rat's ass if those same kids live or die.

Poor Gaza. Someone please help the damn Gazan people..We have tried for 40+ years, but their corrupt leaders, non existent desire for peace and inability to gain control of their extremist elements leaves us here.
Poor Gaza. 

Perpetual victims. Historical liars. Rabid anti-Semites. The world's most beloved terror group.


Michael Goodwin reinforces the key points made in this post's extract, and then writes about the Hamas' big brother wing in the United States:

Naturally, Israel’s superiority drives the left crazy, with the anti-Semitic wing of the Democratic Party calling the response inhumane and even terrorism. Rep. ­Ilhan Omar ridiculously claimed the war is unfair because Palestinians don’t have an Iron Dome.

She should have reminded ­Hamas of that before it started the rocket barrage.

Then again, the warning would have fallen on deaf ears because Hamas paints a target on its own civilians by hiding explosives in residential neighborhoods and putting rocket launchers near schools. If it spent half as much on schools, medicine and civilian infrastructure as it spends trying to kill Jews, Gaza would be far better off.

If Hamas, and the palestinians cared about being "better off," peace would have been achieved decades ago.


Study the photo taken in Israel a few days ago, then read this from Not the Bee:

On the right are the rockets being fired indiscriminately by Hamas terrorists at Israeli neighborhoods.

On the left are the IDF's Iron Dome interceptor missiles twirling as their insanely advanced systems try to match the trajectory of the Hamas rockets to keep them from killing innocent people.

This photo represents the clash of technologies, ideologies, and civilizations themselves. It perfectly encapsulates the struggle that's happened in Israel, not only for the past few decades, but for millennia.

And which side has the international left chosen?