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Sunday, March 20, 2022

How, When, and Why?

In an interesting article, Roger Kimball posits that political forces that were once rabidly pro-Biden may now be moving to remove him from the presidency. After all, it's clear that Biden suffers from age-related dimentia and is tanking in virtually every poll.  The anonymous "committee" that runs the country and uses Biden as their puppet has made a continuing series of catastrophic errors in domestic and foreign policy in the 14 months they've been in power. Their problem is to somehow remain in power while removing Biden and more problematically, Kamala Harris. Most observers understand the political 'whys,' but the 'whys' offered as part of a Democrat narrative are yet to be defined. And the how and when are still hazy.

Kimball discusses the "conundrum" faced by GOP elites in the 1974 when faced with removing Richard Nixon from the Presidency but having to face to loose cannon of VP Spiro Agnew, and then writes:

Kamala Harris is more of a problem. She is at least as appallingly incompetent as her boss, and no less challenged rhetorically, as her alarming performance in Poland and Romania a week or two back demonstrated. But Harris will not be as easy to shift as was Agnew ...

But Biden’s—and Harris’—polls continue to crater, with 60 percent of respondents disapproving of the job Biden is doing, and 50 percent “strongly” disapproving. It’s the worst showing yet, and many commentators are rubbing salt into the wound by stressing the adverb: We’ve been traveling down this road for months, they say, and so far every “worst yet” turns out to be tomorrow’s “hold my beer” moment.

The last several days have been full of wonder at the New York Time’s admission that, guess what, Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” was not—as Joe Biden claimed—“Russian disinformation.” Nope, everything that Donald Trump said to Leslie Stahl [of CBS's 60 Minutes] about it was true. Everything the New York Post said about it was true. Twitter and the rest of the regime media pronounced a damnatio memoriae on the Post and anyone who dared publicize the scurrilous story. The poor computer repair chap who found and publicized the dirt, political as well as sexual, on Hunter’s laptop was hounded and driven into bankruptcy...

The truth was there, staring everyone in the face. Remember Tony Bobulinski? He is the former Navy officer and businessman who was set to start a financial company with Hunter and Jim Biden, Joe’s brother. As I noted at the time, just before the 2020 election Bobulinski demonstrated, with copious contemporary documentation, 

"that various Chinese entities, all of whom—like all things Chinese—are ultimately answerable to the party, have invested heavily in the Bidens via various business enterprises of Joe’s son Hunter. We are talking about tens of millions of dollars.
Now, why would the Chinese do this? Out of some misplaced humanitarian instinct? No, they did it in order “to capitalize on the Biden name.” At the time, remember, Joe was vice-president of the United States. That was all that Hunter had to offer. But it was, the Chinese wagered, quite a lot. Many thought that Joe Biden might be president, and it turns out they were right.

I agree that it's likely that Joe is gonna go. The smell of corruption hangs in the air around him and his other negatives are ... well, staggeringly obvious. But the questions remain: How, When, and Why?