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Friday, August 26, 2022


One of the world's four grand slam tennis events begins on Monday in New York City, and the world's most successful grand slam champion, Novac Djokovic, has been barred from entry. In an epic example of covidiocy, Djokovic's lack of COVID vaccination is the stated cause of his banishment, despite the fact that he has had COVID and therefore has immunity that is at least as significant as any vaccine would provide.

A wag on Twitter suggested that Djokovic travel to Mexico and cross our open southern border illegally, given that illegal immigrants are not required to have been vaccinated nor are they required to get vaccinated. Still more epic covidiocy.

Of course, many catastrophists are perfectly okay with normalizing insanity. They argue that Djokovic made his choice and must live by "the rules." Sorta like the rules that continue to ban children from some classrooms without a mask, even though actual science indicates that masking has virtually no impact on Covid transmission or acquisition. Yeah ... those rules.

Park MacDougald comments:

About the only rationale that Djokovic’s critics can come up with is that it’s his choice not to follow the rules like everyone else, which is true. But demanding that people follow arbitrary rules, just because they are the rules, breeds contempt for the rules and those who make and enforce them. “Because I said so” might be a good enough explanation for a recalcitrant toddler, but it is no way to govern a nominally free country. 

Unfortunately, the majority of people who remain catastrophists think no more clearly than a "recalcitrant toddler." 

There is something deeply disturbing about the authoritarian bent of some blue check politicians at city, state, and federal levels. It's almost as if they get off on their "emergency powers." The need to make an example of anyone who questions their "rules" in the hope that by persecuting a few, many will fall in line. 

Novac Djokovic implicitly questioned their rules, so he must be punished. Disgusting. 

UPDATE (08-28-2022):

The catastrophists that currently control government policy have done much to normalize insanity, or as Philip Howard wrote many years ago, they have fostered as era that celebrates "The Death of Common Sense." Vinay Prasad writes about the Djokovic ban this way:

Then, there are the absurd contradictions in our current rules. Unvaccinated American citizens can move freely in and out of the country without testing. Unvaccinated people can pack the stadium to watch this year’s U.S. Open, where face masks are optional. There is no vaccine or testing requirement to attend. Worst of all, Novak Djokovic competed in last year’s U.S. Open, where he made the finals before the travel rule barring his entry was in place.  

Joe Biden, who made the rule that blocks Djokovic, has received four Covid-19 vaccine doses. He has had Covid-19 twice, and taken at least 2 courses of Paxlovid. His wife, first lady Jill Biden, has also had four vaccine doses, also had Covid-19 twice. Yet, for some reason, their concern is the Novak Djokovics of the world.

Some view Djokovic’s struggle as self imposed—that he’s an arrogant athlete who thinks he’s exempt from the herd. In all honesty, If I were him, I would have gotten the vaccine in early 2021 (as I did), prior to having had Covid-19. But Djokovic is entitled to make his choices about his body, and public health cannot infringe upon those choices unless the intrusion is justified by a clear and overwhelming benefit to others. That standard is simply not met.
The irony in all of this is that many who celebrate or at least justify Djokovic's ban are that same people who vociferously (and correctly, in my view) argue for 'the right to choose.' But then again, consistency and logical thinking were never the strong suit of the catastrophists who allowed COVID-19 to destroy lives and livelihoods.