The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Friday, September 02, 2022


Last night, I had a decision to make—watch Joe Biden's speech in Philadelphia or watch as excellent doubles match featuring tennis greats Venus and Serena Williams at the US Open. I decided that the tennis would be far more honest, considerably more coherent, and unquestionably more entertaining. I clicked on ESPN2.

After the match was over (the Williams sisters lost) I scanned the media (mainstream and social) for reaction to Biden's speech. It was predictable.

Knowing that Biden's handlers are obsessed with labeling those who are ideologically opposed to their agenda as "semi-facists," I honestly thought that the following image (encountered on social media) was photoshopped by some right winger to demonstrate the questionable tenor of Biden's speech:

The blood-red background, the military presence (for a campaign speech!), and the angry tone depicted in this image were NOT fake. Someone in the White House actually thought this staging was appropriate. 

During the tenure of the previous president, I heard many, many people state that Donald Trump was not presidential in his demeanor. That his image was combative and often inappropriate. I can't disagree. 

Now take another look at the image above. A president who is labeling tens of millions of American citizens as "semi-fascists" is—in both his combative language and imagery—dangerously close to exceeding the unpresidential behavior of his predecessor.

Biden is cognitively disabled, but his cadre of anonymous handlers are not. He promised (repeatedly) to be a "uniter," and I suspect that's why he ascended to the presidency. It's apparent that his handlers have decided his promise is null and void.