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Tuesday, December 20, 2022

The Cathederal

Weekly releases of The Twitter Tiles provide hard written proof (much of it in their own words) that the FBI and intelligence community worked regularly with Twitter 1.0 to suppress information (tweets, links, articles, position papers, newspapers) that did not conform to the approved government and deep state narrative. Soon, I suspect that new editions of The Twitter Files will show that the same operators and others in the public health community (think: Anthony Fauci and/or his minions) worked to suppress expert views that opposed government COVID policies (and the lies that enabled them), but that remains to be seen.

And yet, the trained hamsters in the propaganda media (a.k.a. main stream media) don't find this the least bit interesting or newsworthy because it happened largely under the watch of a Democrat president and was initiated by embedded deep state partisans who supported the Democrats. Imagine, for just a moment, the media uproar had a right-wing cabal within the FBI leadership and intelligence community, under the auspices of the hated Donald Trump, done the exact same thing and suppressed progressive voices. But that didn't happen.

The Twitter Files are a 'nothingburger,' the propaganda media claim. After all, a federal law enforcement agency and a variety of secret intelligence agencies getting involved in partisan politics is nothing really—as long as they're protecting our side. Anyhow ...

During the past week, Elon Musk suspended eight left-leaning members of the propaganda media (a.k.a. main stream media) for various offenses that supposedly violated Twitter 2.0's terms of service (BTW, I'm against these suspensions in principle, but can't help a feeling of schedenfreude at their occurrence). 

All of a sudden the propaganda media have become strong proponents of free speech. Their concern was nowhere to be found when conservative voices along with America's second oldest newspaper were banned from Twitter 1.0. But now that left-wing voices are given a timeout, the elites can't control their angst. Now, Musk's actions are akin to "fascism" and as far from a "nothingburger" as you can get. BTW, the offending hamsters were reinstated in less than a week.

Nonetheless, leftist politicians in the U.S. and Europe are threatening government action, and the intelligencia along with all the 'smartest people' in the media are in an uproar. Rod Dreher characterizes this poetically as "the cathederal turns Torquemada on Elon Musk."

And it's true. Elon has done something that is unforgivable. His heresy is that he has demonstrated just how embedded the partisan deep state is in the media (there were about 80 ex-FBI agents working for Twitter 1.0).  So much for the apolitical, competent FBI we see on vacuous TV shows. So much for catching bad guys. Elon has ruined that image, and the Torquemadas within the deep state are going to try to make him pay. The most frightening thing is, they just might succeed.