The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Tuesday, January 10, 2023


It's amusing to watch the major propaganda media (e.g., here and here) get the vapors over the new GOP House's passage of a bill to cut funding for the IRS and its projected army of 87,000 new employees. Realistically, the House bill will not become law because the Democrats desperately need more and more revenue (generated by audits that will primarily target middle income people and small business owners). The Dems control the Senate and the White House. But as symbolism, the House can put a "W" in its win column.

Propaganda media outlets and Democrat talking heads were quick to tell us that the original funding was expected to generate $180 billion in new revenue (removed from the earnings of all taxpayers who, of course, never seem to pay the "fair share") and that the GOP House "irresponsibly" voted in a manner that the Congressional Budget office predicts would increase the deficit by $114 billion over the next 10 years.

All of a sudden, it appears that the Democrats are concerned about the deficit. They weren't when they (and some Republicans) voted for a $1.2 trillion dollar omnibus spending spree with all of its attendant waste.  No worries about "increasing the deficit" there. 

But even suggesting that the IRS should be reigned in (particularly after it has been proven to act in a partisan manner again some Americans (think: Lois Lerner, remember her?)). Nah that's "irresponsible."

Of course, there is a way to eliminate a $114 billion budget short fall, and that's to reduce spending. Hundreds of billions of dollars were lost to fraud and abuse during the Covid era. Not a peep from the Democrats (and many GOP members). But suggesting that maybe instead of shaking down America citizens for additional revenue, it might be useful to reduce expenditures. That's a non-starter. Or how about a significant simplification of the tax code (e.g., a flat tax) that would allow for far fewer IRS employees? That's another non-starter. Or how about a balanced-budget amendment? Nope, never happening.

It'll be interesting to see the Senate Dems go on the record and vote in favor of more audits for the shrinking group of Americans who still pay income taxes. Be "responsible"—shake 'em down so we can continue to spend, spend spend.