The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Friday, January 20, 2023


The editors of Issues & Insights write about a man who has risen far beyond his level of incompetence. Although his IQ is just a bit higher than room temperature, his stentorian voice demands respect, until you listen to the stupidity of his words and reflect on his many, many failures. 

John Kerry, former senator, former secretary of state, and now chief climate alarmist for the Biden administration, said in so many words Tuesday during his World Economic Forum rant that it’s too late to save the planet from global warming. Yet he claimed climate programs still need more “money, money, money, money, money, money, money.” The only reason he’s not the worst person in the world is because he has so much competition at Davos.

For once, Kerry spoke the truth. At its core, climate change is about "“money, money, money, money, money, money, money.” Yes, Kerry did repeat the word seven times.

But it not the kind of "money" that will improve the lives of those who live on the planet from an apocalyptic catastrophe that resides in the fevered imaginations of those who are willing to believe inaccurate and often doctored computer models, cherry-picked data, and catastrophist nonsense masquerading as science. Rather, it's the trillions of dollars that will be transferred from productive people to corrupt autocrats in emerging countries, corporate billionaires who will add still more zeros to their net worth, politicians who will become richer as they "invest" in garbage start-ups and NGOs that are politically connected to the fire hose of funding that comes from the "money."

The elites who attend Davos are despicable in their hypocrisy. They fly in on private jets to pontificate on how they and they alone can set policies to "save the planet." They suggest levels of sacrifice (e.g., no more natural meat meals, smaller houses, only public transportation, shrinking wealth) that they will NEVER abide by themselves. 

The I&I editors continue:

But [Kerry's] luxurious lifestyle and those of the other wealthy men and women fighting global warming must be OK, because he assured members of his fawning audience that they are all special, “a select group of human beings” who “are able to sit in a room and come together and, uh, actually talk about saving the planet.”

No less nauseating was the performance of another failed presidential candidate, Al Gore, the mother of the global warming cult. He came off like the crazy uncle that the family tries to keep away from the outside world. Author and columnist Michael Walsh said that Gore is a man who appears to need help. During his tirade, Gore gesticulated “wildly, his face reddening, his voice rising,” said Walsh. “The former vice president of the United States became a man in the deadly grip of a panicked, violent, superstitious reaction to … the weather.”

The video of Gore confirms that Walsh was not exaggerating. Gore is a man whose pot is cracked. Once just a hypocrite, he’s now an all-out headbanger.

There's only one rule to follow with the Davos buffoons who think they're oh-so-special. Flat out reject their policies. They do not have your best interests at heart. Never did, never will.