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Friday, January 13, 2023


Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) was alive and well when the Biden Justice Department and federal courts authorized a full-on FBI raid on Trump's home in Mar-a-lago to recover top secret documents. The propaganda media went predictably nuts, suggesting (incorrectly, of course) that nuclear secrets and launch codes were in peril. Others suggested that Trump was prepared to sell these "national security secrets" to the Russians—perpetuating the hoax that has been ongoing for the past 6 years. Every Democrat and their talking heads throughout the media howled for indictment and imprisonment because—TOP SECRET!!!!

Funny how TDS tends to boomerang on the Dems. Now that our current cognitively-disabled president has been found to have stored top secret docs in his unused office at a think tank and then in his garage next to his Corvette Stringray, prominent Democrats and their trained hamsters in the propaganda media are scrambling to tell us that the Trump and Biden cases are different, very, very different. Really?

There's a Yiddish word, pilpul, that describes the act of obsessive analysis that results in hairspitting to a near comical level. The propaganda media went into pilpul mode as soon as the first Biden collection of docs was disclosed (two months after they were found), arguing that it was "apples and oranges," that Trump was a monster who needed to go to jail but Biden was "honest" and therefore all of this was just a simple oversight. But then came the garage and the Corvette.  The pilpul dial was turned up to 11.

In reality, neither case warrants the media hysteria that surrounds it.*  Kim Strassel notes that past AGs have used discretion when dealing with an investigation that got anywhere near the White House or the President, but TDS, along with a level of political viciousness that is unique in my lifetime, drove the Dems and their deep state allies (think: executives within the FBI and IC) to try to destroy Trump. Strassel writes:

Mr. Garland might have followed that example rather than authorize the FBI’s unnecessary and unprecedented August 2022 raid on a Mr. Trump’s home. Over documents. And documents that the Presidential Records Act outlines only minor penalties for mishandling. The department could have continued negotiating with the Trump team or gone to court for an order requiring the proper handling of the material. That would have allowed it to handle the Biden situation in a manner that was similarly low-key but also yielded accountability. 

I'll bet that the Dems, their many media allies, and even the AG wish that they had taken a low-key approach on the Trump docs then, allowing them to take a very low key approach to Biden's docs now. 

To use an existing street acronym that seems appropriate in describing the Dems then and now actions relative to the past and current president: FAFO.


* Margot Cleveland addresses the relatively minor importance (but sheer comedy) of the Biden documents 'scandal' when she writes:

The Biden classified documents scandal is not a serious scandal. The botched withdrawal from Afghanistan is a serious scandal. Biden’s refusal to faithfully execute his duties as president of the United States by securing the southern border is a serious scandal. The Biden family pay-to-play escapades are a serious scandal. And the weaponization of the FBI and the intelligence community to interfere in the 2020 election and hand Biden the presidency is a serious scandal. This is not.

Laughable. Delicious. Outrageous. It is all those things and becomes more so by the day, with news that more classified documents are reposed in a residential garage, in addition to the closet at a D.C. think tank. And the story just becomes funnier the more the corrupt press tries to distinguish Biden’s possession of classified documents from Trump’s because Biden himself on video declared the possession of classified documents in Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home to be “just totally irresponsible.”

But a garage, Joe? Seriously? And is not knowing there were classified documents there, as Biden claims, any better? 

Another acronym comes to mind: ROTFLMAO.