The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Thursday, February 09, 2023


In thinking about Joe Biden SOTU speech,  there were very few surprises. Biden followed the typical Democrat talking points, hammering on the fantasy that "billionaires" and other 1 percenters don't pay "their fair share" (actually, they pay about 49% of all income taxes collected at the federal level); advocating a wide array of spending that would continue to increase an already out-of-control national debt, and providing irrefutable evidence that "Mr. Moderate" is wholly in favor a ever-bigger, ever more intrusive government that will by it nature, become increasingly authoritarian and abusive of our basic freedoms. He spent almost no time discussing our southern border and even less presenting an honest assessment of the stark reality of rampant inflation on the middle class.

Daniel Henninger provides a summary description:

Mr. Biden described what he had done or would do for women, election reform, marriage, gas prices, 20,000 infrastructure projects, lead in pipes, cancer, insulin, price controls on drugs, Medicaid expansion, 500,000 electric-vehicle charging stations, tax credits to buy electric cars and on and on.

He paused for a moment to assert out of thin air, “I’m a capitalist.” But then it got weird, even for anyone wanting a lot of control over the means of production.

Suddenly, Mr. Biden was identifying microscopic economic discrepancies he vowed to erase. He said he would ban resort fees, impose a cap on concert-ticket fees and ban fees for people wanting to sit together on planes. Then he said something about getting involved with whether a person can quit a job as a cashier at a burger joint to take the same job across the street. Even Karl Marx wouldn’t have thought to propose so much flat-earth socialism. Far from done, Mr. Biden moved on to home care, housing, pre-K, teachers pay, student debt, mental health and addressing the crime crisis with counselors, social workers and psychologists. 

One can only wonder how "counselors, social workers and psychologists" will be received by MS-13 gang members in places like LA, Phoenix, and Houston. Oh well, at least Biden didn't come out and re-advocate a now-passé Democrat talking point—defunding the police.

One can only wonder how much of the SOTU speech our cognitively-disabled president actually understood. I wonder if he really believes that mentioning a cap on concert tickets or railing about how hamburger-flippers at McDonald's have to sign 'non-compete' clauses are the most important issues facing our country. Maybe he (or his handlers) honestly believe that's the case. And maybe that's part of the problem.