The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

The Puppeteers

And so, with a slick, highly edited video hitting all of the typical emotional cues, Joe Biden announces his run for the presidency in 2024. 

Already, pundits are discussing the wisdom of a Biden rerun. Even the NYT and the alphabet networks (the pinnacle of the propaganda media) are questioning the wisdom of a second term.

I would submit that discussing "Biden's second term" is the wrong way to look at this. Because he is cognitively disabled, there is an anonymous, unelected 'committee' of leftist ideologues—"the puppeteers"— who are setting policy and loading Biden's teleprompter. Like all political people, the puppeteers are now in power and will do everything possible to remain in power.

If the puppeteers had been competent, honest, and even-handed in the policy positions, a Biden second term might be fathomable. Instead, they have failed in every possible way: (1) Rampant inflation driven by profligate and unnecessary federal spending; (2) Lockdowns, school closures and masking, driven by a desire for authoritarian control ruined lives and livelihood with effects that continue to this day and beyond, (3) the catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan that was the start of a disastrous foreign policy that exudes indecision and weakness; (4) an energy policy that is both unworkable and damaging to the country; (5) a domestic policy that amplifies divisions within the country ... and on and on.

So when we hear talk of a Biden candidacy—think instead a "puppeteer candidacy." When Biden asks for your vote, know that it's really the puppeteers who want your vote. And when Biden tells you that he's a uniter, a moderate, and that he really, really cares about each and every one of you, know that the words he reads are not his.

The puppeteers need your vote, and that's all they care about. And you don't even know their names.


It's worth noting that actuarial tables indicate that there is a non-trivial possibility that Joe Biden will not finish his second term. That would elevate his VP to the presidency. Kamala Harris as POTUS gives new meaning to the Peter Principle.