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Thursday, May 11, 2023

The Biden Family Business

I never thought there would be a presidential family that could outdo the Clintons. From the point of view of self-enrichment, The Clinton Foundation (TCF) was a stroke of genius—solicitation of major multi-million dollar "donations" with the implicit promise of access to the corridors of power. After all, when a charity actually gave 7 percent of its incoming donations to the targeted communities that need the help and 93 percent to internal expenses (think: Clinton daughter, Chelsea's $600,000 job at TCF), something is ... well ... fishy.

And when Hillary deleted 33,000 emails from an illegal, private server, you can bet your life that those emails weren't all about grand kids, weddings, and golf. Yet an incurious, biased, and corrupt propaganda media did virtually nothing to investigate and everything to suppress the story. And a partisan DoJ did nothing to explore potential wrong doing. Indictments? Nah, that's only for politicians and cabinet members with (R) after their names.

However, the Clintons were smart. They used charities, cutouts, and third parties to shield themselves from prosecution—providing the media and DoJ with weak but still arguable deniability—'nothing to see here, move along.'

The Bidens are dumb ... and greedy ... and caught red-handed in their corruption. The editors of the Wall Street Journal report:

House Republicans on Wednesday released their latest report on the Biden family’s business ties, and one conclusion is that it’s good to be related to Joseph Robinette Biden. Hunter Biden and his relatives traded profitably off the Biden name with transactions that suggest the main family business is influence peddling.

House Oversight Chair James Comer’s staff report shows in detail that Hunter had extensive dealings with unsavory foreign actors. This yielded millions of dollars for Biden family members via a web of shell companies that would be hard to untangle without subpoena power. Why so much complexity?

The 36-page report shows Biden family members and business associates created nearly 20 separate entities shortly before and during Joe Biden’s Vice Presidency. The entities with obscure names—Hudson West III, Hudson West V, Owascu, JBB SR INC—transferred cash from foreign entities. Bank records show that more than $10 million was delivered to Biden family members, associates and companies from these foreign entities, and in curious ways. 

Of course, the same people who tell us that every report coming out of Democrat controlled committees MUST be believed without question, will tell us that this report is partisan and therefore, not to be believed. Facts and hard irrefutable data? That doesn't matter. In the long tradition of the NYT, WaPo, LAT, the alphabet TV networks and hundreds of other outlets, this story will not be reported or will be denigrated. Hard evidence of shell companies, bank transfers, emails between the principles, payments without requisite services, foreign government involvement, board positions with generous pay for people who have no requisite experience, the clear implication that money flowed indirectly to Joe Biden (the "big guy"), and much, much more will go uninvestigated.

Of course, none the the Oversight Committee's findings should come as a shock. The Biden's dirty dealings were outlined in a book by Miranda Devine a year ago. Virtually every one of her thoroughly researched accusations has been verified. The WSJ continues:

The Bidens have a right to make a living, but one important question is what Hunter did to earn these payments. Hunter’s spokespersons aren’t saying, and his attorney scorned the Comer report as “repackaged misstatements of perfectly proper meetings and business by private citizens.” But a fair conclusion is that these foreigners were buying influence with a powerful family.

Emails and text messages made public in 2020 by former Hunter business partner Tony Bobulinski—related to a separate attempted deal with CEFC—quote Hunter demanding more because CEFC is “coming to be MY partner to be partners with the Bidens,” and noting that “I’m the only one putting an entire family legacy on the line.” In another email reported by the New York Post, Hunter boasted that Mr. Ye would pay him millions for “introductions alone.” 

It's likely that the DoJ will scapegoat Hunter with a few soft indictments—tax evasion, unregistered foreign agent, and the like. Fines and maybe probation or house arrest—nothing more. Everyone else will likely skate, and "the Big Guy"—Joe Biden—will stumble forward, untouched by the sewage of influence peddling and personal enrichment that swirls around his shuffling feet.


The New York Post was the major media source that broke the Biden scandal, now almost three years ago. For that, the Post was vilified by the propaganda media, and banned on Twitter (pre-Musk) and other social media. It's original story concerning Hunter Biden's laptop was attacked dishonestly by the deep state with the cynical encouragement of ex-intelligence officials.

In today's edition, Miranda Devine writes:

If the bombshells unleashed at Wednesday morning’s House Oversight Committee press conference had been about the corruption of a Republican president via millions of dollars in foreign bribes to his family, the clamor for impeachment would have been deafening.

But Joe Biden has the protection of the Deep State and unscrupulous Democratic lawyers, so accountability will be slower, though no less certain, if Oversight Chairman James Comer continues his dogged pursuit of the money.

Comer (R-Ky.) has delivered an astonishing forensic interim accounting of $10 million in payments from just two of the countries, Romania and China, which enriched the president’s family during his vice presidency and in the weeks afterward.

That’s not counting further millions from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Romania, Oman, or earlier China deals and “other foreign business deals the Committee is investigating.” 

Not surprisingly, other propaganda media sources are silent. After all, their job is protecting Democrats, not seeking the truth. Devine continues:

[House Oversight committee chairman James] Comer has bank transactions from four banks showing at least nine members of the president’s immediate family received hefty foreign payments, including his younger brother Jim Biden, his son Hunter, his widowed daughter-in-law Hallie Biden (Hunter’s former lover), Hunter’s ex-wife, Kathleen Biden, and current wife, Melissa Cohen, and “three children of the president’s son and the president’s brother.”

He has identified 15 shell companies associated with Hunter and a complicated web of transactions designed to hide the payments. 

But "there's nothing to see here," is there? 

An Aside:

I honestly believe that there are millions of thinking Democrats who recognize Biden's cognitive disability, leading to his inability to execute the duties of the presidency. There is, I believe, a smaller but still significant number who believe he is corrupt.

This is the Democrats' opportunity to force Biden out of a second run for the presidency in 2024. The threat (and that is what will be required) is simple: Announce you [Biden] are not running for a second term (any excuse will do) or we will move to impeachment. This will allow the Dems plenty of time to find a suitable candidate and will be also allow them to escape at least some blame for Biden's disastrous policies and results. The real question is: Are the Dems smart enough to take advantage of the gift the GOP has given them?