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Tuesday, August 15, 2023

The Line

Fulton County (GA) District Attorney, Fani Wallace, is the new "it girl" among Trump haters nationwide. Willis, who BTW is a Democratic partisan, has indicted Donald Trump using the RICO statute. Normally reserved for murderous MS-13 gang members or Mafia bosses, Wallace has decided that it's appropriate to indict a former POTUS because he's a loud mouth and a sore loser. Of course, if that criteria were applied in the past, Al Gore, Hillary Clinton and GA's own Stacy Abrams) would have starring roles in a remake of Orange is the New Black.

Wallace's indictment is the last of four criminal actions against Trump in less than six months. Funny how quickly the justice system can work its magic when the right political target appears. Each of these indictments would make Lavrentiy Beria, a ruthless police official serving in Joseph Stalin's Russia, smile knowingly. Beria once said, "Show me the man, and I'll give you the crime." As Americans, I was thought we were better than that. Apparently not.

During this travesty, Wallace's many dreamy-eyed supporters will sanctimoniously intone "no man is above the law" and/or "equal justice under the law" as they proceed to make a mockery of the law. They act like vicious, petulant children who have no understanding of the long term consequences that their strategy will precipitate and no care about the damage it will do to the country.

In a recent Tweet, Justin Amash, comments on this (talking about Indictment #3):

Like Amash, I'm no fan of Donald Trump, but the manner in which the DoJ and local DAs have brought politically motivated indictments crosses a line that should not be crossed.

As Amash states, over our history, presidents have: 

  • made consequential errors in judgement, 
  • established policies that did little good and real harm, 
  • knowingly and repeatedly lied, nominated people who were incompetent or corrupt,
  • countenanced unethical acts to retain their political power, 
  • embraced plausible deniability as criminal acts were conducted so that they would maintain their power and control, 
  • paid hush money or granted other favors to bury unacceptable behavior, 
  • even sold their influence to the highest bidder. 

Yet, until now and in all of these instances, we did NOT indict them—we voted them out of office, or in the extreme, as president we impeach them and convict via a vote in the Senate. Let history be their judge.

Now, the rules have changed. The vicious, petulant children argue that this change is situational, that Donald Trump is such a baaad man that it's okay to indict, convict, and imprison him in this instance. But a line has been crossed. What goes around will come around—even if the petulant children are too ignorant of human nature and history to recognize it.


In actuality, "the line" was crossed when a partisan NY DA (who ran for election on getting the ex-president) indicted Trump for a hush money payoff in April. Had adults within the Democratic party pumped the brakes and counseled party members to consider what they were doing, things may have gone back to some semblance of normal. But that didn't happen and the line has subsequently been crossed three more times, each indictment more vicious than its predecessor. The following tweet excerpt from @martyrmade may seem a bit melodramatic, but I think it may be sadly accurate:

... what we're seeing is the most naked use of power in the political process since the Civil War.

... There really is no coming back from this. Regimes don't resort to these tactics "just this once," because once you cross that line you can't risk handing over power to someone who might hold you responsible for it. We're in a transition phase to a totally different country right now, and what comes out the other end is hard to predict.
I believe that there are good people in the Democratic Party who are uncomfortable with all of this. But even those people have convinced themselves that it's "just this once" because Donald Trump is akin to Hitler in their fevered imagination. 

Re-read @martyrmade's second paragraph. It won't be "just this once" for the reason he asserts.

Nothing good will come out of this, no matter what happens to Donald Trump.


Reviews of Fani Wallace's legal work are coming in fast and furiously. Needless to say, some law professors, members of a leftist community that hate Donald Trump with a venom, think that the DA's indictment rivals the Magna Carta for legal brilliance and historical relevance. But we've seen legal experts and more than a few professor's face plant on a variety of legal and scientific issues over the past six years. 

It's far better to trust the opinion of a man who has the courage to swim against conventional (and often dead wrong) opinion and more importantly, has been correct in his critiques and opinions while the "experts" have not. That man is Alex Berenson. He writes:

The bizarre legal martyrdom of Donald Trump entered a new phase Monday night.

The new indictment of Trump - and 18 other defendants - in Fulton County, Georgia overreaches absurdly both on legal theory and the facts it offers to back the charges.

It tries to criminalize speech, including public statements. It pretends a random array of events, many of which did not even involve Georgia, make a criminal conspiracy. Among the “overt acts” it includes is a text message from Trump’s chief of staff asking for the phone numbers of two Pennsylvania legislators.

Yes, that’s the entire “act.” No, I’m not making this up. I wish I were.

The indictment is a stunning abuse of prosecutorial discretion, made worse because federal prosecutors brought an indictment covering similar ground two weeks ago.

Yet if the indictment is a joke, its stakes could not be higher. It risks throwing the 2024 election into chaos and inciting political and societal disorder even more than Trump’s other indictments.

I can't judge the legal quality of Wallace's work, but you don't have to be a law professor to recognize her "stunning abuse of prosecutorial discretion." Her blatant bias in bringing these RICO charges for a politician's words, no matter how objectionable, is breathtaking, particularly because the words did not result in any change to the election result.

For almost two years, Georgia native Stacy Abrams claimed that her loss (by 50K votes!) in a GA gubernatorial election was a fraud, that recount after recount should be conducted, and that the elected Governor of GA was illegitimate. Where was Fani Wallace then? Where was the RICO indictment? I suppose Fani exercised the prosecutorial discretion she somehow forgot about this time. Pathetic.

UPDATE-3 (08-16-2023):

In a long essay written by John Kass, there's an excerpt that captures the consequences of the lawfare that we're seeing wielded by the Democrats, their many partisan allies in the "justice" system, far too many apparatchiks within the deep state, and especially, their trained hamsters in the propaganda media. Kass writes:

And after the Democrats use the law as their weapon, and criminalize political speech and encouraged by their media cheerleaders, then what? Won’t Republicans demand the same? Of course they will. They’re itching for it now, aren’t they? Grabbing for the tomahawks and war clubs just like our nation’s forefathers did in the French and Indian War.

The way the Bolsheviks devoured the Mensheviks in Russia.

Trump is also pushing for angry confrontation–I’m not saying he wants violent confrontation, just angry–but Democrats and their prosecutors who ignore some violent crimes in big cities are herding the rest with sharp sticks and spears. Pushing Republicans around with sharp sticks might just work in the short term.

People who know me know I love dogs. I’d never hurt a dog. But most dogs will cower if you provide enough pain. Even tough dogs. Sooner or later you’ll run into one dog that obeys instantly and waits. And when you turn your head, that dog is ready for you and you won’t have time to scream.

There are millions of citizens who are being treated as if they are dogs by owners that hate them. Their "owners" tell them they're stupid, or bigoted, or unwilling to change and accept the many new narratives that they are not allowed to question.Their owners warn that they may be imprisoned if they protest too aggressively, or they may be fired from their jobs if they refuse to accept certain authoritarian government health mandates.

The "dogs" have allowed their owners to treat them badly for some time, metaphorically cowering until they've had enough. And then ... the owners just might experience the unexpected. The dogs will no longer cower, will no longer take it, and the end result? One thing is certain ... it won't be pretty. 

UPDATE-4 (08-17-2023):

The undeniable viciousness of each unprecedented and politically-motivated criminal indictment of a past president has become a new normal—celebrated by elites who despise him, elements of the deep state who were threatened by him, and the Democratic party and their trained hamsters in the propaganda media who demonize him. 

As the new normal sets in, as lines are crossed and then crossed again, most thinking people understand this is a tragedy that divides our country, damages trust in our institutions, and threatens any respect for the rule of law. 

But as in all things political, the tragedy ultimately devolves into farce. Enter the satirical conservative website, The Babylon Bee, that writes:

The Biden administration released a forceful statement declaring that their prosecution of political opponents was being performed in a very democratic fashion. "Yes, we jail political opponents just like in a banana republic - but the prosecutors are appointed by elected officials. It's all very democratic," explained the White House. "Our economic, political, military and moral decline has all been overseen by representatives chosen by a cabal of wealthy elites - but elites who also won elections that citizens could participate in. Those are the facts our critics do not want to admit."

President Biden has reportedly brushed off all mention of "banana republic" criticisms. "People keep saying we're a ‘banana republic,'" he said when questioned by the media. "I've never agreed with that. If we are a banana republic, where are the banana trees? Pure malarkey. A taco republic, or maybe a hamburger republic, you could talk me into."

At publishing time, the White House continued to deny allegations that the country has fallen to the level of a banana republic and threatened to jail anyone who claimed otherwise.

Laugh or cry—the events of the past six months are a farce of epic proportions.