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Saturday, October 21, 2023

Israel at War—"Humanitarian Aid"

Propaganda media outlets are following the lead of leftist, pro-palestinian/Hamas social justice warriors and hyperventilating because palestinian leaders (that would be ... uhhh ... the terror group Hamas) cannot supply their own civilian population with drinking water. NBC News claims that the poor, poor palestinians (including mind you, the tens of thousand of Hamas terrorists) might have to boil their water before drinking it. Oh, the humanity!!

The NYT gets the vapors because Israel will now allow food trucks to enter Gaza—excusing the palestinian leaders (that would be ... uhhh ... the terror group Hamas) who failed to provide a store of food within Gaza to feed its civilians for a few weeks.

And of course, there are the leftist anti-Semites within the State Department who are clutching their pearls because a "humanitarian crisis" has occurred in Gaza. Oddly, they seem to have already forgotten why the crisis occurred.

And then, of course, there's the entirety of the propaganda media, leftist SJWs, and Islamic activists who now feel comfortable with their open anti-Semitism. They are joined by political garbage-people like Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, who demand a ceasefire (a.k.a., no retribution for Hamas's atrocities).

Caroline Glick posts this on X:

It seems that the hostages have already been memory-holed by the propaganda media, except when the Hamas nazis release 1% of them. That cynical gesture is enough for the Biden administration to tell Israel to delay its ground war against Gaza—exactly what Hamas hoped when it released two American hostages.

And then, of course, we have the propaganda media reports that 3,000 or 7,000 (!) palestinian civilians are now dead in Gaza, including 500 or 1,000 (!) children. What's the source of these numbers? That would be ... Hamas—you know that same careful terrorist statisticians who stated that Israel bombed a hospital and that 500 were dead. Only problem? An Islamist missile hit the parking lot of the hospital, not the hospital itself which is still standing and very much in operation. Hamas lied. Those killed by the Islamists are estimated in the dozens, not 500. Hamas lied. So .. of course the NYT and Reuters, along the AP, the alphabet broadcast networks, and many other leftist sources have no reason not to except the Hamas statistics. Right? Incredible, but not the least bit surprising.

And finally, there's the palestinian "civilians." 

First off, recall that Hamas soldiers wear civilian clothes, so if 10 men aged between 15 and 45 are killed in a targeted airstrike against a Hamas arms cache, they are likely NOT civilians, yet anti-Israel organizations like the UN or the Red Crescent will count them as such.

Second, recall that polling indicates that over half of all Gazans (civilians included) support Hamas and a larger percentage are perfectly fine with eradicating Jews en mass. Given that nasty reality, they can legitimately be considered hostiles.

Third, Hamas worked hard to block civilians from leaving the north of Gaza after Israel told them it would be a wise thing to do. They used a combination of propaganda, threats, and physical road blocks to keep civilians in place. After all, the Hamas cowards need their civilian human shields, don't they? 

As I've mentioned in other "Israel at War" posts—every civilian death in Gaza is on Hamas. Every. Single. One.

The useful idiots on the Left, along with Islamist activists and their propaganda media, are doing what they always do. They use demonization, name-calling and fantasy beliefs to support allegations against Israel that are counter-historical, counter factual, and clearly anti-Semitic. They drape themselves in virtue signalling that is nauseating to watch. 

In the midst of this display of amoral behavior, one thing has happened—we now know what many on the Left really want and really feel. Its ugliness cannot shrouded by the palestinian flags they hold or the "from the river to the sea" placards they carry.


In an excellent piece that goes to the last paragraph of today's post, Shany Mor examines the underlying psychology that explains the Left's reaction to Hamas' atrocities and Israel 's reaction to them. He writes:

In one respect, [the Left's] response is transparent projection. Hamas’s charter explicitly calls for the destruction of Jews and Israel. By kidnapping, raping and slaughtering innocent civilians, the terrorist group gives every indication that it believes what it says. Yet its sympathizers in the West aren’t merely projecting. Their behavior is an example of cognitive-dissonance reduction, the process by which people reconcile new information that contradicts their firmly held priors. The result is an ostensibly coherent system of thought.

Western activists for Palestinians are dedicated to two nearly theological precepts: that Israel is evil, and that no Palestinian action is ever connected to any Palestinian outcome. Each precept is grounded in longstanding—and borderline racist—conceptions of Jews and Arabs.

This cognitive trap expresses itself in how Israel’s opponents in the West speak about the conflict with the Palestinians. Concern that “time is running out” for reaching a two-state solution never leads to calls for the Palestinians to hurry up and accept a negotiated compromise. They ignore that the Palestinians rejected statehood and peace in 2000, 2001, 2008 and 2014. They ignore that Hamas’s belligerence is the cause of Israel’s blockade of Gaza, a defensive measure by a nation under assault.

Hamas’s gruesome attack poses a threat to this worldview, and the only way to resolve it is by heightening Israel’s imagined malevolence. The terrorist atrocities don’t trigger a recoiling from the cause in whose name they were carried out; they lead to an even greater revulsion at the victim.

This was the playbook 20 years ago when Palestinian terror groups sent young men and women to blow themselves up in Israeli buses, restaurants and cafes—immediately after they rejected offers of an independent Palestinian state, including the Gaza Strip and more than 90% of the West Bank, with East Jerusalem as its capital. The only way to make sense of the violence was to imagine an Israel even worse than what was already believed.

The Oct. 7 pogrom raised the rhetorical stakes. If the only thing that can explain a Palestinian action is Israeli evil, then Israel’s opponents have to imagine a level of Jewish evil commensurate with what Hamas did—shooting children in front of their parents, setting houses on fire with residents inside, raping women, beheading innocent people, mutilating bodies.

Everything that the palestinians' useful idiots on the Left do results in cognitive dissonance. They dishonest, their ignorance of history, and their vicious attempts are condemnation of Israel result in a level of muddled thinking (not even close to a "ostensibly coherent system of thought") that is astonishing and sad. But one thing is certain, anyone who thinks clear won't try to reduce this cognitive dissonance, they'll embrace it as a sure indication of the moral and intellectual vacuity of the Left's arguments.