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Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Israel at War—2000 Children!!

You'd think that the "hospital" blood libel—you know the one where the Hamas barbarians falsely claimed that Israel had bombed and destroyed a hospital and killed 500 (!) people, including men, women and children—would have been enough. Nope. Not a chance. Just because the "hospital" hoax was completely false—an Islamic Jihad rocket hit not the hospital but it's parking lot (the hospital still stands) and killed at most a few dozen people—you'd think that even the propaganda media would be a bit more careful. Again, nope.

The propaganda media is no longer simply biased, it has evolved into a hard-Left press secretary for Hamas and its millions of palestinian supporters (think: KJP, but much, much more competent). That means the media wants to publish complete lies and propaganda (the source be damned) so that Israel is demonized in everything it does. But even that isn't enough for the propaganda media. It knowingly and maliciously publishes Hamas lies as actual fact, fomenting anti-Semitism around the world. 

Over the past few days, any number of Democratic talking heads, along with hard-left SJWs and pro-palestinian activists have been saying that "2,000 palestinian children (!!) have been killed by the Israeli bombing of Gaza."

A few key points:

You'd think that Hamas would be showing us photos and video of hundreds of dead palestinian children. They haven't. They haven't published any names, nor have they produced any locations for the deaths along with other details. They haven't addressed these legitimate question that the propaganda media forgets to ask:

  1. Why weren't these children evacuated? 
  2. Did Hamas stop them and their parents from  leaving? 
  3. Was there a contemporaneous Israeli air attack on their building, street, or neighborhood?
  4. Why weren't these children housed in a safe location, say, one of the 300 km of tunnels that the Hamas terrorists built with aid money that was supposed to go to the children and their families?
  5. Did any of the estimated 500-600 errant Hamas rockets (targeting Israeli children, among others) fall on the Gazan children's building, street, or neighborhood, and did those rockets kill any of the children? 

None of those questions have been answered, but the 2,000 number (!!) is reported without any skepticism. 

  • And if you argue that it would be ghoulish to show dead kids (you'd be right), or provide details of their death, that's one of the many atrocities that Hamas happily committed against Jews. They should have no compunction about providing the details for their own children's deaths—except, maybe far, far fewer deaths occurred. 
  • And if you then argue that every child's life matters regardless of the number, ask yourself again, why weren't these children, whose parents were given repeated warnings by the IDF that an attack was imminent, evaculated?

So ... when confronted with the fact that this is just another Hamas lie, the propaganda media, along with Left wing (including Democrat talking heads), rise up in faux-outrage and tell the world that independent NGOs like Doctors without Borders are the "source" of the "2000 children" report. 

Actually, a little investigation would discover that  Doctors without Borders and other NGOs get their info from reports by the propaganda media or from the Palestinian Health Ministry that is fully controlled by Hamas. But it gets worse. In the case of the 2000 children hoax, the media source was CNN who quoted one or more other NGOs (who in turn got the number from Hamas). Sooo ... yeah, that's called 'washing a lie' until it seems plausible (to gullible morons).

In essence, publishing anything that comes out of Gaza and has not been verifying by a truly independent source (meaning a source that is not blatantly Left or pro-Palestinian) is like publishing Bernie Madoff's investment returns as actual fact after he was indicted.

WARNING: At this point, anything that you read or see concerning Gaza coming from the likes of [1] NYT, WaPo, LAT, PBS, BBC, Reuters, AP, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, and even, at times, FoxNews or WSJ) along with NGOs like SPLC, Human Right Watch, and worldwide organizations like the blatantly corrupt and biased U.N. and all of their affiliates must be considered suspect. Those media outlets and organizations are NOT simply making mistakes or being sloppy. They're maliciously trying to shape a narrative in which Hamas' Nazi-like atrocities are equivalent to Israel's response to those atrocities

It's not simply wrong, it's despicable. Even worse, the leftist anti-Semites within the media, NGOs and other orgs don't give a damn.


[1]  Every one of the media sources listed reported the hospital hoax as actual fact. A few noted that the source was Hamas, but that was buried at the end of a headline or news article. The typical headline read something like this: "Israel bombs Gaza hospital leaving 500 palestinians dead, according to Hamas." Some didn't bother with the phrase after the comma.  Note the order of the words, the comma separating the "fact" from the "source," and the lack of any qualifying adjectives of phrases like "estimated" or "unverified."


Don Surber offers his take on the propaganda media:

The English-speaking press gladly accommodates Palestinian terrorism because the press now sees itself as an academic enterprise rather than a trade. Master’s degrees in journalism now dominate the hiring at newspapers. Newspapers prefer degrees from prestigious schools, which always made me smirk because if you have a degree from Harvard, why are you working for peanuts at the Charleston Gazette in West Virginia?

But that background explains why the press promotes Palestinian terrorism against Israel. American universities are citadels of anti-Semitism. Liberals have bestowed victimhood upon the terrorists. Foolishly, I believe, because they will turn on liberals before liberals have the chance to turn on them. Terrorism is by definition a cut-throat enterprise.

American journalists blissfully ignore this as they carry the water for Palestinians.

When Palestinians bombed the parking lot of Christian hospital in Gaza, every single major news outlet in America blamed Israel and said the missile destroyed a hospital.

Let me add that today's so-called "Journalists" are an embarrassment to their once respected trade. As an Obama administration advisor once said: "Journalists are inexperienced, lazy and stupid." 

Some are too inexperienced to understand that their anti-Israel tropes aren't the new, hip take, but rather, tired and redundant rhetoric that makes them look like plagiarists. They're all too lazy to ask the pro-Palestinian crowd (themselves?) probing questions about Hamas and its palestinian supporters. The all too stupid to understand the actual history of the region. 

And yeah, lots of them come from Ivy league schools, but I repeat myself.