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Monday, October 30, 2023

Israel at War—8,000(!!!)

There is absolutely nothing funny about the fact that a significant majority of all Palestinians are Jew-haters, nor is there anything remotely humorous about the fact that those same palestinians elected an Islamist death cult to run their government for the past 17 years. There is nothing amusing about the reality that Hamas terrorists have allowed palestinians in Gaza to live in squalor for the 17 years in which they have controlled the region. Only useful idiots on the Left would believe that Israel is "occupying Gaza." It has not.

But one thing that is grotesquely funny is the palestinians complete and utter incompetence in faking civilian deaths. Certainly, people who refused to heed Israeli warnings and evacuate Gaza City (or were blocked from doing so by Hamas) will suffer casualities and death as Hamas uses them as human shields and fodder for their propaganda. Every legitimate instance of injury and death is on Hamas, not Israel. 

Hamas propaganda is preposterous. Instances of small palestinian children, acting unconscious and made up in grayish body paint to look dead are later seen alive and well. Video of a young palestinian man in a hospital theatrically moaning as he is attached to medical equipment and tended by his "concerned" friends, who shows up in good health the next day, yelling pro-Hamas slogans. The now-infamous "Hospital Hoax" that blamed the Israelis for the bombing of a hospital with 500 (!) dead when the hospital parking lot was struck by a misfired rocket from Islamic Jihad, resulting in a few dozen dead.

So, when Rashida Tlaib (D–MI), a U.S. congresswoman for Hamas, writes a post on X that claims 8,000 palestinians—mostly women and children—are now dead due to Israeli retaliation on Gaza, it’s worth a look. Without much effort, we find that her assertion is based on an AP report (shame on AP) that attributes the 8,000 number to the (wait for it ...) Gaza Health Ministry, which is under the direct control of guess who? Hamas! That would be the same Health Ministry that perpetrated the completely discredited Gaza Hospital Hoax.

You'd think the Associated Press would view such Hamas reports with just a bit of skepticism given that the Gaza health ministry has blatantly lied about civilian casualties on a daily basis. But of course, if you’re a member of the propaganda media, you simply take Hamas' word for it. That’s what propaganda is all about.

But death-count lies are only one element of a bigger picture. As Israel's retaliation for Hamas's barbarism ramps up, Hamas and it many supporters on the Left sense that the usual "playbook" may not hold this time around. In the past, Hamas committed 'only' minor atrocities, targeted 'only' a few Israel citizens and then relied on the "international community" to express outrage when Israel responded and defended itself. After all, "poor, innocent" palestinians were being killed "indiscriminately," they wailed. So, the West leaned on Israel to back-off and made empty promises that Hamas attacks would never happen again. Israel foolishly complied, a cease-fire was instituted, and Hamas went back into the shadows. The Islamists dug more tunnels with billions in aid money that was supposed to go to the "poor, innocent" palestinians, they acquired more weapons and rockets from their terror masters in Iran, and then struck again.

But this time, it's different. The depth, depravity, and sheer barbarism of October 7th have become a tipping point. Hamas and their leftist supporters appear to be secretly worried that their playbook won't be followed, that Israel leaders will tell the international community to fuck themselves and make good on their threat to destroy Hamas—all of Hamas. And then, I hope, deal with the complete "restructuring" of Gaza.

If that's true, Hamas needs to increase pressure on the "international community" to rein-in Israel. Their strategy, is obvious:

  1. Create ever-more outrageous death toll propaganda that will be pushed by their allies in the propaganda media. 
  2. Use their propaganda to roil the Arab street, but more important, 
  3. Use their propaganda to ignite violent leftist protests and possibly, even anti-Semitic violence in the West. [1] 
  4. The elitist cowards who lead western nations can't have that (they'd be forced to take a side) and will quietly blame Israel for that dilemma. 
  5. The U.N. will issue condemnations based on lies, Western leaders will quietly threaten Israeli leaders, and the playbook will be re-initiated.

But maybe, just maybe, even that strategy won't work.

Hamas and its leftist supporters are trying desperately to make the general public forget their barbarism on October 7th and instead, focus on Israel's response to that barbarism. Hamas needs to create a new "villain" and the Left is helping them find one. It will only get worse—a lot worse.

If Israel can withstand the tsunami of faux-outrage that will crash onto it in the coming weeks, if it can stay focused on its primary goal (to utterly destroy Hamas and its terrorist infrastructure), it will have achieved a true victory against Islamist evil. We'll see if that happens.

But even that victory (satisfying as it might be) would be partial. Gaza and its population cannot be allowed to remain in place. I've already suggested an outline of how I'd like to see Israel proceed (see Terms #3,4 and 5). I'll have more to say on that subject in subsequent posts.


[1]  The following X post presents message board entries by despicable leftist or Muslim Cornell University students who are cowards and refuse to use their names. They advocate violence against Jews. They should be doxxed and then expelled. They won't be because leftist administrators won't let that happen.