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Saturday, October 28, 2023

Israel at War—Cease Fire

All of my moral superiors ... you know, 

  • the vast sea of progressives who tell me that the situation in Gaza is "complex," implying that there is a moral equivalence between those who commit barbarism and those who must defend against it;
  • the propaganda media who tell me that the palestinian "suffering" is the real issue and that the poor, poor people in Gaza really really don't like Hamas ... even a little .... despite polls that show the majority supports the terrorists and an even larger majority really hates Jews;
  • the Hamas apologists who tell me that it was Israel's fault that those Islamists raped women, slaughtered children, and kidnapped grandmothers;
  • the pro-palestinian activists who scream that THOUSANDS (!!) of palestinian children are already dead due to unprovoked attacks by Israel (no proof there, but you have to believe all activists, particularly after how truthful they were about the infamous Gaza hospital bombing);
  • the Democrats who remain silent as members of their party (think: the Marxist Squad) tell the world that Zionists are "colonialists" and the Jews "stole" palestinian land, even though the Jews are indigenous to the region and there never was a country that defined "palestinian land"
  • the United Nations who demand that Israel provide food, water and electricity to the "suffering" palestinians because it's perfectly sensible to provide assistance to people who want to exterminate you.

And all of these morally superior people keep telling me that Israel must agree to a CEASE FIRE right now! After all, bombing buildings that house rockets targeted at Israeli cities and civilians is an abomination because ... well, just because. 

So ... all that virtue signalling, all of the faux outrage, all of the pro-Hamas histrionics have finally made an impact, we do need a CEASE FIRE and we need it RIGHT NOW. 

Of course, the terms of the cease fire are important, so here are my (and I hope, Israel's) terms—all absolutely non-negotiable.

Cease Fire Term #1 Hamas immediately returns all hostages who are still alive and the bodies of all who have been murdered.

Cease Fire Term #2 Hamas unconditionally surrenders. All leaders and "soldiers" then turn themselves in to the IDF. Hamas is selfless. They'll do this to protect the palestinian civilians who they care so much about, right?

Cease Fire Term #3The 21 Arab countries that are located in the Arab crescent (North Africa and the Middle East) agree to take in an average of just 100,000 palestinians each—to relieve their suffering, of course. That means that all 2.1 million palestinians in Gaza will move on to other Muslim countries in the region.

Addenda to Term #3:  

(a)  The United States took in 155,000 foreign nationals who entered our country illegally last month alone, so 100K legal immigrants shouldn't be a problem, since it's a one time deal. Easy-peasy.

(b)  Muslim lands (no Jews to speak of so the palestinians will be happy) occupy a land mass in North Africa and the Middle East that exceeds 5 million square miles, so there's plenty of room for the palestinians.

(c)  There are 456 million people in the 21 Arab counties who would take in the palestinians. They would represent a four 10ths of 1 percent increase in population—so small, it would be imperceptible.

Cease Fire Term #4As soon as all groups of 100,000 Gazans have been gently and humanely moved into one of 21 Arab countries, Israel will annex Gaza permanently. It will be demolished and rebuilt. Israeli citizens (Jews and Arabs) will be free to live there.

Cease Fire Term #5 To help in the resettlement of all groups of 100,000 Gazans (2.1 million people in total), each person will receive a one time stipend of $27,000. The total cost of the stipend is $57 billion. 

Addendum to Term #5: 

(a)  The average yearly income of a Gazan is $9,580, so this stipend provides a 3-year 'severance package,' allowing palestinians time to acquire gainful employment. This stipend includes kids who don't work, but the palestinian families deserve this bonanza because ... suffering, so ...

(b)  I know, I know ... that total amount sounds like a lot, but every country that voted in favor of the recent pro-palestinian UN resolution a few days ago would be required to donate an amount proportional to their GDP. Since 140 countries voted pro-Hamas, the average stipend contribution would be $400 million, small change for social justice, right? Countries that abstained would be required to donate an average of $200 million.

(c) In addition, every University whose administration expressed "understanding of the plight of the palestinians") would be required to donate just 3 percent of their endowment to the stipend. Using that math, Harvard University, for example, would donate $1.5 billion because its students, faculty and administration care so much about the palestinians.

Cease Fire Term #6If Israel is subsequently attacked by any party on the West Bank or from any Arab country or Iranian proxy, the U.N. will recognize that this cease-fire has been violated by the Muslim world and grants Israel the right to use all necessary force and violence to respond to the attack. Five percent of the U.N. annual budget will be allocated to help Israel in the aforementioned response.

That should do it. 

I'm sure every virtue signalling progressive, every SJW who has expressed pro-palestinian/Hamas sentiment, every propaganda media source, and every academic institution will embrace these Cease Fire terms. After all, the fighting MUST stop RIGHT NOW.


I suspect that many progressives will not like any of my Terms, but will REALLY not like Terms #3, #4 and #5. As they drape themselves in faux moral authority, they'll take the position noted in the tweet below:

In case you have trouble reading David Bernstein's response, this is what he wrote: "Well, we certainly don’t want “violence and extremism” to break out among Palestinians. That might lead to decades of terrorist violence, and the rejection of peace offers. Oh, wait."

Heh ... some people truly have absolutely no self-awareness and beclown themselves as they attempt to justify barbarism. Yashar Ali is one of those people.

Meanwhile, I'm sticking with ALL of my "Cease Fire" Terms.