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Thursday, October 26, 2023

Israel at War—Obama Speaks

I never liked Barack Obama. As President, his policies—both domestic and international—were blunders and failures—respectively. As a man, he was too slick by half. Obama presented well—an excellent speaker who often had a smile that never seemed to reach his eyes. Following in the footsteps of many past presidents who actively tried to heal racial divisions (with some success), Obama said things and established policies that did the opposite. He hated and dissed Bibi Netanyahu, who recognized his leftist, anti-Israel bias and made a fool of him in front of the U.S. Congress. He was a narcissist (but what politician isn't) and more ominously, a silent Marxist. He also, BTW, was the guy who tried to make nicey-nice to the terror masters in Iran.

After weeks of silence, Barack Obama has spoken on the Hamas-Israel war. A fawning propaganda media treated him as if he was the Oracle of Delphi. 

After a pro-forma two paragraphs condemning the Hamas atrocities (after all, even the most ardent pro-palestinian progressives have to quickly check that box), Obama's leftist, anti-Israel self burst through. The next nine paragraphs are vintage pro-palestinian arguments with the exception that Obama graciously admitting that Israel has a right to exist and that the situation is "complex." Nice of him.

All of his warnings for restraint are directed at Israel. He fails to demand a release of the hostages. In fact, he fails to make any demands of Hamas or the palestinians at all.

Michael Goodwin comments:

With Barack Obama publicly warning Israel about the deaths of civilians in Gaza, the Biden White House leaking its doubts about Israel’s ability to carry out a ground invasion and the head of the United Nations suggesting Israel provoked the Hamas terror attack, the question arises: Whose side are they on? 

Less than three weeks after Israel suffered the deadliest day in its history, the Jewish state is being treated like the problem rather than the victim by some of its supposed friends. [Obama has demonstrated repeatedly he is no friend.]

Instead of getting support for its justified aim of eradicating Hamas, demands are mounting for Israel to temper its response lest it spark a wider war and mass casualties of Palestinian civilians. 

Those of us who have lived through other Israeli-palestinian conflicts predicted this on day 1. Nothing has changed. The pro-palestinian leftist elites, epitomized by their figurehead, the sainted Barack Obama, incorporate just enough pseudo-sympathy for Israel to avoid being accused of blatant anti-Semitism. But this time their mask has fallen, and if you parse their language, they're reveling in the "complexity" of the palestinian issue.

If you strip away their moral preening, it's not "complex," it's really pretty simple. An internationally funded hate group—the palestinians—makes claim to a land they never owned, that never existed in all of history. They rejected a U.N resolution in 1948 that granted them a state and went to war against Israel in an effort to eliminate the Jews from the region. They rejected many Israeli offers for compromise/peace and ownership of some of the land ... because ... they are Muslims who have adopted the Islamist view that all lands within the Arab Crescent should be judenrein—free of Jews. That is their stated goal. They are driven by hate of Jews, and that will not change—ever. Given that, "peace" between Israel and the palestinians of Gaza (and maybe the West Bank as well) is a chimera that only fools believe can happen. Further, the atrocities committed by Hamas, the elected representatives of the palestinians of Gaza cannot and will not be forgiven. 

So ... the palestinians who currently live in Gaza must be removed and resettled elsewhere in the Arab Crescent where they will thrive or fester. It's up to them. For those who think there's nowhere to go, here are some options (correction: palestine is NOT a country as listed in the graphic) within the Arab/Muslim crescent that do not require the crossing of oceans or have the presense of Jews:

Resettlement is hardly a unique event throughout the world—according to the UN, tens of millions have been resettled in the last decade alone. By virtue of their own hate-driven deeds, the Gazans must join that group. That, and that alone, is "complex," but it can and must be done.


Steven Kruiser comments:

Obama took a break from vapid celebrityhood to weigh in on the crisis in the Middle East and — predictably — his hot take was unoriginal and wrong. Those are his foreign policy hallmarks, by the way.

Rick has the latest from America’s dictator-in-constitutional-exile:

Former U.S. President Obama expressed his concern that Israel’s blockade of Gaza could “harden Palestinian attitudes for generations,” weaken international support for Israel, and undermine efforts to achieve peace and stability” in the region.

In the fever dream of American progressives, the psychotic Islamic terrorists who behead, blow up, and rape people are never seen as obstacles to peace and stability. It’s the unyielding Israelis who are being beheaded, blown up, and raped who are mucking up the bliss. The insanity is rooted in the insistence that Gaza is awash in saintly “Palestinians” who are suffering from the bad PR being brought upon them by a few bad eggs who kill a whole bunch of people. Never mind the fact that these sweet people keep electing the Hamas savages to be in charge.



Even though his undergraduate grades were mediocre at best, Barack Obama was admitted to and graduated from Harvard Law school.  He had the distinction of being the only editor of the Harvard Law Review who never wrote an legal article for that publication. But I digress.

Harvard has recently established a "Task Force" to assist those soon-to-be graduates who are struggling to find jobs because they signed or participated in anti-Israel, pro-Hamas demonstrations of campus. Many enthusiastically signed clearly anti-Semitic screeds. 

Possibly Obama, a celebrity Harvard graduate, could help. He could work with his many contacts in the Arab world to establish internships right in Gaza, where the poor, spurned Ivy Leaguers could fulfill their dream of stamping out Israeli "colonialism," or "occupation." They could experience first-hand how well the palestinians treat the LGBTQ+ community. How women are elevated to high positions among the Islamists who run the place. How billions in international aid go directly to help the people of Gaza and how no one in Gaza supports Hamas. They could spend time of the "Arab street" and see first-hand how palestinians might not like Israelis, but that doesn't mean they hate Jews.

Yeah ... that's a wonderful strategy for the "task force."