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Monday, October 23, 2023

Israel at War—Questions

Pro-palestinian/Hamas activists and their leftist Social Justice Warriors are perfectly willing to lie about Israel's history, about a broken Muslim culture that has spawned Islamist evil, about the "suffering" of people in Gaza who, if their leaders were willing to abandon their hatred and their commitment to exterminate the Jews (they cannot and will not do this), could live in an economically viable and peaceful land on the Mediterranean Sea. 

The activists and the useful idiots who support love, love, love marching in the streets of major cities and 'occupying' university campuses as they spout their anti-Israel and anti-Semitic venom. What they're unwilling to do is to answer questions, about Hamas, about a palestinian state, about the way in which billions in international "humanitarian" welfare have been squandered by a corrupt and anti-Semitic palestinian leadership.

Hillel Fuld posted a few questions on X, and I'll add a bunch more.  First Hillel's:

  • Who was the prime minister of the Arab Palestinian state before Israel was established in 1948?
  • What was the national anthem? 
  • Was there any Arab terror against Jews before this occupation you speak of? In fact, was there Arab terror against Jews before Israel was even established? 
  • How did Israel occupy Gaza since 2005? 
  • Do Jews live in Gaza or did Israel evacuate it completely [in 2007]? 
  • What do you want to free Palestine from? 
  • Any thoughts about Egypt or Jordan taking in Palestinians? Why not? 
  • How did Hamas become the ruling government in Gaza? Who voted for them? 
  • When the terrorist Yasser Arafat established the PLO, what was his declared objective? Have you read the charter? Why not?
  • Do the Palestinians want a state? If so, have they had a chance to have one? How did they respond? 
  • What does “From the river to the sea” mean? 

Most SJWs are so ignorant of history that they'd be unable to answer any of these questions. The Arabs simply refuse to answer because those answers don't support their lies or pseudo-history of the region.

But I have lots more questions. Let's try a few:

  • Why is it that the vast majority renowned Muslim clerics and leaders in Muslim countries have NOT publicly and forcefully condemned Hamas' barbarity? Is it that they condone the rape, torture and murder of young women or the kidnapping of small children? Or is it because they agree with the barbarous acts that killed children in front of their parents, burned families alive, and committed unspeakable atrocities on dead bodies? Or maybe it's because deep down they hate Jews and follow the dictates of Muslim religious tracts that prescribe the subjugation or death of infidels? And if they don't agree with those things, I ask the first question again, why won't they publicly and forcefully condemn Hamas' barbarity?
  • Where did the funding for the 300 km of tunnels under Gaza come from?
  • Given that billions in international welfare have been given to Gaza since Israel left 17 years ago, why is it that Gaza cannot supply its own drinking water or generate it own electricity? Where did the billions in "humanitarian assistance" go?
  • What was the population in Gaza when it was granted full control of the area in 2005? Why were the palestinians in Gaza encouraged to almost double the population over the next 18 years? Why wasn't the infrastructure expanded to keep up with Demographic demands, given that billions in Western aid were granted to Gaza? 
  • Why does the leader of Hamas live in Qatar? If you assert that he's afraid of assassination, from whom and for what? And if you further assert that the answer to that question is Israel, why might that be?
  • The late Yasser Arafat is a palestinian icon. At his death, estimates of his wealth were close to $1 billion. How did he acquire that enormous wealth?
  • Why does the charter of Hamas clearly state that Jews should be exterminated (i.e., that the land should be Jew-free)?
  • Does palestinian K-8 school curriculum include material and textbooks that would be judged as anti-Semitic by any objective observer?
  • What is the size of tiny Israel when compared to the Arab Muslim countries of the region?
  • How many Jews (as a percentage) are allowed to live in any of those Arab Muslim countries?
  • Do any Jews live in Gaza? If they did, would they be safe from harm?
  • Do any palestinians or Arabs from other places live in Israel? Are they murdered or harmed if they live peaceful lives?
  • You claim that Israel is an "apartheid state." Please explain. Arabs serve in the parliament, are employed in the professions, and are free to live anywhere? How is that "apartheid."
  • You claim that Israel has "colonized" "Palestine." Since Jews are indigenous to the region just as Native Americans are indigenous to North America, how can it be that they are "colonizers?"And if your claim is that Jews are not indigenous, are you suggesting that the entire history of the region is wrong and that ancient, carbon-dated Jewish artifacts were planted in the desert and in ancient ruins by nefarious "Zionists"?
  • You claim that Israel wants to commit genocide. Why is it then, that they ask civilians to move out of northern Gaza, likely to become a war zone. Wouldn't a "genocide" be more effective if they told the Gazans to stay?
  • Why is it that Hamas told civilians to stay in the war zone and physically blocked their exit? Wouldn't that be a genocidal act?
  • What possible reason did Hamas have for kidnapping small children? Is it fair to say the children are human shields, and if not, what exactly are they using the children for?
  • Why is it that Hamas places its military HQ under a mosque and stores munitions inside schools and hospitals? Don't they care about placing civilians in danger?
  • Why did Hamas lie and tell the world that a hospital was destroyed by Israel when it was not destroyed, but its parking lot was hit by an Islamic Jihad rocket? Given that, why should anyone trust anything that Hamas reports?
  • Why did Hamas lie and tell the world that 500 people died from what we now know was an Islamic Jihad rocket, when reliable estimates put the number at a few dozen? Given that, why should anyone trust anything that Hamas reports?
  • To SJWs: Why do you continue to repeat these lies, knowing that they are untrue and obvious blood libels against the Jews? Are you simply too stupid to distinguish truth from fantasy? If not, are you so anti-Semitic you, like Hamas, believe that Judenrein must be achieved "by any means necessary"?

I could go one for an additional 50 questions, but what's the point? 

Maybe it's this—Pro-palestinian/Hamas activists and their leftist SJWs will refuse to answer these questions. That would simply ruin their perverse narrative. But the world's media, were it honest (it is not), unbiased (it is not), and professional (it is not) should ask and get answers to each and every one. They will not!

Why? Because they, like their soulmates among pro-palestinian/Hamas activists and their leftist SJWs, are virulently anti-Israel. No question about that at all.


Among the many, many lies that are promulgated by Muslim apologists for Hamas and the useful idiots of the Left is: Hamas has very weak support among people in Gaza who don't approve of its actions.

That lie is used to reinforce the notion that Israel should not attack Gaza in retaliation for Hamas's atrocities because the Gazan civilians hate, hate, hate Hamas and are therefore entirely innocent.

So ... my question to activists:
  • Since you claim that Hamas has "very weak support" among the residents of Gaza, why is it that al Jazeera reported that it won their 2006 election by "a huge majority"? Why is it that in 2021 reported that 53% of Palestinians believe that Hamas is "most deserving of representing and leading the Palestinian people"? Why is it that a poll in 2023 found that "57% of Gazans expressed a positive opinion of Hamas"?