The further to the left or the right you move, the more your lens on life distorts.

Saturday, November 04, 2023

Israel at War—"Genocide"

The repugnant response of the Left vis a vis the Hamas atrocities has done much to solidify my long-held opinion that in spite of its continual indulgence in the moral preening, the Left ruins just about everything that it touches. 

It has ruined higher education by taking over universities and inculcating students with a world view that fosters self-hatred and, as we have seen over the past month, hysteria that leads to bigotry and intimidation. It ruins economies by demanding that socialism (a failed ideology that has never succeeded in human history) replace capitalism (an ideology that has brought more people out of squalor and poverty than any other system in human history). It has ruined trust in a media that is now dishonest, biased and nothing but a mouthpiece for leftist narratives. It has ruined our admiration of science, perverting the scientific method, disallowing scientific debate and forcing scientists to tow the party line. It has ruined our commitment to free speech by demanding that anyone who speaks freely in opposition of favored leftist narratives be demonized or cancelled. It has ruined our understanding of language, inventing new definitions for well-understood words to weaponize them within leftist narratives. But I digress.

How does any of this apply to Israel at War?

Just about all of it does, but I'll use just one example—the bastardization of language that conveniently changes the meaning of words so that they fit the leftist narrative. Over the past 29 days, the Left has modified language in a vicious effort to demonize Israel. No single word is more explosive than to suggest that Israel has committed "genocide" in its treatment of palestinians and in its response to the murder, rape, mutilation, infanticide, and mass kidnapping conducted by the Hamas barbarians on October 7th.

As always, the Left thinks it's the smartest guy in the room, so its adherents use "genocide" in a pathetic and intellectually vacuous attempt to demonstrate that the Jews, who experienced an actual genocide, are now conducting one. It. Is. Bullshit. It is also despicable and vicious, but that's the stock in trade of an ideology that ruins things.

Consider the following X post that depicts population as a function of time for past genocides, and uses population data from historically-verified genocides suffered by Rwandans, Jews, and Cambodians as examples:

Note that there is a substantial population dip (noted in red) for each of the populations mentioned. The last graph (lower RH corner) indicates population vs. time for Gaza. Note that the population grows without any dip. There has not  been and will not be any palestinian "genocide." The accusation is a blatant lie, parroted by leftist propaganda media in an effort to decredit Israel.

Maybe it's just that leftists are innumerate and can't read graphs. Or maybe they're liars. Or maybe they're fantasy thinkers who will believe anything, as long as it fits their narrative. Or maybe they suffer from a normalization of insane ideas that has induced hysteria that blocks them from thinking clearly.

Or maybe they're all of those things. Yeah ... that sounds about right.


As hysterical and vicious as many on the left has become in the wake of October 7th, nothing has been more disturbing that the anti-Semitism (masked as anti-Israel or pro-palestinian rhetoric) coming from academia. When undergraduates regurgitate leftist claims of "genocide," "colonialism," and the like, they're demonstrating the abject ignorance of useful idiots. But when law students at elite schools do it in numbers, it's time to take notice.

Fortunately, pushback has begun. The Wall Street Journal comments:

The recent outbreak of open anti-Semitism on U.S. college campuses has been shocking, and it speaks to the anti-Western indoctrination that has been cultivated for decades at American universities. Also shocking has been the failure of these schools to protect their Jewish students; Cornell University canceled classes on Friday after a student made violent threats against Jews.

This demands a response at the schools and beyond, and some good news on that score arrived this week in a letter from leading law firms to the deans of U.S. law schools. The letter was first signed by 24 major firms, such as Sullivan & Cromwell and Davis Polk, and as of Thursday afternoon had 60 signatories and counting. ...

The letter was the idea of Joe Shenker, senior chairman of Sullivan & Cromwell, who was in Israel on Oct. 7. He tells us that after the American Lawyer wrote about his experience, law students began to contact him with stories about harassment on campus. This included verbal threats and anti-Jewish slurs, including “gas the Jews,” that have become common since Oct. 7. Mr. Shenker drafted the letter, worked his contacts in the legal community, and they sent the letter.

The anti-Jewish hate that has burst into the open in the last month is deeply troubling and must be resisted. If college administrators are too cowardly to act, and to discipline or expel the haters, then the larger society needs to apply pressure so they do. Good for Mr. Shenker and his legal associates.

Using the "New Rules" codified by the Left, every law student who exhibited anti-Semitic behavior should be doxxed and then cancelled—i.e., identified by name and then refused employment from any major law firm. After all, the Left created the New Rules, and now it must live by them.


This from Gad Saad:

The global Left seems to think that if they say something enough times, even if it's unequivocally false, that it becomes true. So let me help: genocide, genocide, genocide, genocide, genocide, genocide,,genocide, genocide, ...

Nah ... still complete and utter bullshit, but whatever.


As I emphasized in the body of this post, the pro-palestinian/Hamas crowd (a.k.a. useful idiots) on college campuses demonstrate their monumental ignorance on an hourly basis.  They scream anti-Israel epithets one minute, and anti-Semitic slurs the next. 

Because useful idiots are in fact, idiots, I suspect they don't like to read much (except for leftist propaganda) and therefore, TLDR applies. So ... someone posted the following infographic to help them understand the true nature of their idiocy, particularly when they try to draw moral equivalence between Hamas and Israel.