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Thursday, November 02, 2023

Israel at War—Leftist Crybullies

I've already noted that there is nothing that is amusing about the events of October 7th and it's aftermath, but you'd have a heart of stone if you didn't find it amusing that the hard-left, along with far too many progressives and their trained hamsters in the propaganda media ,define the "victims" in this saga and the "oppression" those victims experience in a manner that fits their on-going anti-Israel, anti-Semitic narrative. 

Steven Green comments with justifiable anger along with a quick and honest paragraph that describes the history of the last 100 years in the region:

[Every group that has participated in pro-Hamas/pro-palestinian "demonstrations," every media source and talking head that demands an immediate "cease fire," and every "peace activist" who condemns Israel] is a member good standing of the Left. The specific targets don't matter much, really. Whether they're attacking prosperity, Monet's “The Artist’s Garden at Giverny,” or colonialist Jew oppressors in particular, the big target remains unchanged.

Western Civilization. 

Granted, the Israelis are a special case. First, there's the Koran instructing the faithful to kill Jews wherever they find them [an inconvenient truth, but never mind] — and now there are seven million of them RIGHT THERE in the Middle East. But perhaps even more important is a sense of cultural shame, even impotence [among Muslims].

Imagine you're a people like the South Syrian Arabs who (barely) populated the region between the Jordan and the sea a hundred years ago. Suddenly, pioneer Zionists start showing up and offering money for your crappy bits of desert. Next thing you know, the Jewish-run parts are turning green with forests and lush with crops, and modern cities spring up out of almost nowhere. Meanwhile, the Arab-run parts remain pretty much as arid and worthless as they ever were, only more crowded.

There's a whole host of reasons why that happened, but those "thieving" Jews  A) didn't steal anything and B) are only barely responsible for your woes.

A Western grownup would assess the situation and realize that it's time to change his ways. A loser crybully straps on a suicide vest and — well, you know the rest.

Leftists are at best fantasy thinkers (at worst, they are vicious anti-Semites driven by ignorance and a warped ideology). They have created a fantasy hisotry with a fantasy set of victims and oppressors. Their ignorance is exceeded only by their viciousness. They are loud and public until some of us begin to push back. Then the bullies become crybabies.

They cry when NYU's or Harvard's anti-Semites are doxxed and job offers are rescinded. After all, it's not fair that we apply the Left's "new rules" when those "cancellation" rules are flipped and now target leftists. They wail when donors pull back major donations to school whose administrations remain silent as anti-Semitic leftist bullies threaten Jewish students. They snivel as they tell us that their anti-Semitism is an angry reaction to "colonialism" and must therefore be understood in that context, when in fact, "from the river to the sea" has only one context, and it's about extermination, not colonization.

Green continues:

Hugo Gurdon nailed it in a Washington Examiner piece just days after Hamas's October 7 terror invasion. As "a nation built on what we loosely think of as a Western model," Israel enrages the Left because the country "is successful, lets its citizens thrive, prosper, and be happy, and protects them as best it can against mortal threats."

When Israel failed on that last item three weeks ago, Hardcore Lefties were practically salivating over the dead and missing. The less hardcore still indulged themselves in moral equivalence and whataboutism. The more childish abused some mice and temporarily shut down a fast food joint.

Treat all of them with all the disdain they deserve.

Disdain doesn't even begin to cover what I feel for the morally vacuous leftists who drape themselves in virtue signalling that attempts to justify the palestinians' (yes, Hamas represents the palestinians) monstrous barbarity in the jargon of social justice. They are garbage people.


And for those leftist crybullies who wail about a "humanitarian crisis" and demand a "cease fire" or in the 'new speak' of the Democrats and Joe Biden—a "humanitarian pause," there's this comment from the Editors of the Wall Street Journal:

Hamas has two messages for two different audiences. To the international community, it pleads for a cease-fire on humanitarian grounds. To the Arab world, it pledges to repeat its Oct. 7 attacks and sacrifice as many Palestinians as it takes to destroy Israel.

That was the message of Ghazi Hamad, a member of the Hamas Politburo, in an Oct. 24 interview on Lebanese television. “We must teach Israel a lesson,” he says, “and we will do this again and again. The Al Aqsa Flood”—the name Hamas gave its Oct. 7 operation to slaughter defenseless Israelis—“is just the first time, and there will be a second, a third, a fourth,” he says, as translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

That’s what a cease-fire means to Hamas: a chance to repeat Oct. 7 another day. The similar idea of a “humanitarian pause,” gaining steam on the Western left, is to Hamas merely an opportunity to reload. [emphasis mine] There is nothing humane about pressuring Israel to leave a genocidal enemy in power on its border.

Re-read the words of Hamas POS,  Ghazi Hamad, once again. 

When someone tells you he wants to kill you, believe him. When leftist crybullies demand that you allow your enemies to re-arm and then kill you, tell them to f*ck themselves."

Humanitarian pause? N.F.W.


The crybullies come in a variety of flavors. All offend the pallet.

  1. Muslim activists who hate Israel with a passion, because as Steven Green notes in the body of this post, it accentuates the hatred espoused by Islamist ideology along with Islam's inability to transition many Arab Muslims into the modern world. Worse, it demonstrates that palestinians are the world most vocal "victims," but that anyone who remains a "victim" for 80 years is something else entirely—the word parasite comes to mind. The activists are operatives for an evil ideology.
  2. Leftist "intellectuals" who view the world through a communist lens of oppressed and oppressors. Because they are fantasy thinkers, the invent their own hisotry and then use that fake history to justify their subtle support for barbarism. They are garbage people.
  3. College students on the left who have been indoctrinated in a woke ideology that normalized insane thinking. They are either to stupid or too ideological to understand the moral and logical inconsistencies in their thinking, and too hysterical to appreciate the profound hypocrisy in the past and currect actions. They are pathetic.

It's the last group that has startled some progressives and many Democrats, but only because they refused to listen to those of us who tried to warm them about the hard-left capture of academic thought. Charles Lipson comments:

It is too mild to say, “This is the gravest, most antisemitic environment Jewish students have faced in recent years.” It’s worse than that. This is the most hostile environment Jewish students have ever faced in America.

... As the Dean of Berkeley’s law school, Erwin Chemerinsky, a man of the left, put it, “Nothing has prepared me for the antisemitism I see on college campuses now.”

This open hatred puts the lie to three oft-told “justifications” for violence and intimidation on campus.

It is just aimed at Israel, not at Jews.
  • It is just aimed at creating a Palestinian state, not eliminating the Jewish one.
  • It is just aimed at Israel’s response to the Hamas attacks.

None of those are true.

First, although the anger is focused on Israeli students and faculty, the evidence is overwhelming that it is directed at all Jews. There are countless examples. More on them later.

The second lie is that these anti-Israel protests merely seek to establish a Palestinian state so they can live in harmony, or at least cold peace, with Israel.

There are two serious problems with that claim. One is that a Palestinian state with full sovereignty would almost certainly form alliances with Israel’s most lethal enemies, who would supply them with weapons, funds, intelligence, and training and perhaps establish military bases within a few miles of Israeli cities. That ominous prospect puts sharp limits on Israel’s willingness to cede full control to any Palestinian state.

As for a “two-state solution,” that aspiration is true for some, including President Biden, but it is not true for militants or their fellow travelers on campus and beyond. Their actual, stated goal is the slogan repeated at all demonstrations, “Palestine shall be free, from the river to the sea.”

... That’s hardly a new goal. Arab and Muslim rejectionists have demanded it since the Jewish state was founded in 1948. Hamas proclaims it in its charter. So do all Islamist organizations and many Muslim countries. They refuse to use Israel’s name, calling it “the Zionist entity.”

The third lie is that these protests are entirely concerned with Israel’s response to the Hamas attacks. Israel’s military response has certainly intensified the protests, which will grow as the fighting escalates. But the protests began before any Israeli response. They began while Hamas was still marauding through villages, killing innocents, raping women, and taking hostages.

... A credulous mainstream media perpetuated all three lies. Some journalists probably believed them. Others didn’t bother checking because the false “facts” confirmed their worldview and advanced their political goals.

Is Lipson surprised by any of this? I think not. As I've noted in earlier posts (e.g., here), these lies and the people who perpetuate them are evil. It's a different evil than the barbarism of Hamas, but it's evil nonetheless. Until mainstream Democrats, a significant majority of progressives, and enough leftist thinkers admit that they are fostering and promoting evil, this will not stop. 

And because those groups cannot admit this, or their entire ideology and worldview collapse, one has to wonder how we travel the road forward. 


Mainstream Democrats, progressives, and leftist thinkers might read Update-2 and respond,  

"But, but, but, what about all of the white supremacists and neo-Nazi's that Trump called "good people" (that's false, BTW, no matter how many times the propaganda media repeats the lie). Aren't they a bigger threat to Jews in America?" 

The propaganda media would have liked nothing better than video of large scale neo-Nazi demonstrations immediately after the Hamas atrocities of October 7th. It would have fit right into their false narrative that the extreme right is the ONLY anti-Semitic threat that Jews (and Democrats) face in the USA.  I suspect there were a few such gatherings, the neo-Nazis are also garbage people, but nothing on the scale and breath of left-wing anti-Semitic behavior exhibited on college campuses and in big cities across the country.

I despise neo-Nazis, but at least they're open about their bigotry, allowing all good people to condemn them. The Left, on the other hand, was covert about its anti-Semitism, masking it in anti-Zionism or anti-colonialism or anti-Israel rhetoric. 

For some reason (still to be fully uncovered), far too many leftists were gripped by anti-Semitic hysteria immediately after the Hamas atrocities. They let their mask slip and now we see them as the bigots and anti-Semites they always were. 

Hmmm. That means that "all good people should condemn them." Right? ... Democrats? progressives? left-wing intellectuals?  I can't hear you.


And finally, just another comment on the Biden administration's "brave" and "thoughtful" approach to the rabid anti-Semitism that the crybullies have exhibited over the past three weeks. Robert Spencer writes:

All over the country, people [mostly Muslims and crybullies on the Left] are tearing down posters of the Israeli children being held hostage by Hamas. Even Broadway big shots and Wall Street financiers have gotten into the act. Demonstrators have attacked and menaced Jews. A Cornell professor said Hamas’ massacre of Jews was “exhilarating.” Jewish students had to be locked in the library to protect them from a raging pro-Hamas mob. A professor at the University of California Davis, Jenna Decristo, threatened Jewish journalists. In Brooklyn last week, a knife-wielding Muslim screamed, “I will kill you, Jew,” “Heil Hitler,” and “Allahu akbar” at a nine-year-old Jewish boy. 

There has been so much more antisemitism that it would take not just a column, but a full book to list all the incidents. But never fear, the Biden regime is on the case: on Wednesday evening, it unveiled a national strategy to counter…Islamophobia. Yes, really.

Maybe it really is a joke, but if so, it’s one that the late, great Norm Macdonald made back in December 2016: “What terrifies me is if ISIS were to detonate a nuclear device and kill 50 million Americans. Imagine the backlash against peaceful Muslims?” [emphasis mine]

Yeah, anyone who even dares to criticize the Muslim who screamed, "I will kill you, Jew." at a 9 year old child is absolutely guilty of "Islamophobia." After all, the Democrats are all about reducing hate, even if they're focusing on the haters, not the hated.