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Friday, November 17, 2023

Israel at War—Osama

For those 18 to 25-year old useful idiots on the Left, who were far too young to remember the attacks that resulted in thousands of deaths of innocent civilians occurring on 9/11, let me offer a Cliff's Notes:

An Islamic terror group, al Qaeda, lead by the estranged, but devout Muslim son of a billionaire Arab businessman, Osama bin Laden, decided that a sneak attack on the United States was justified because we were apostates and also "occupiers" in the Middle East. The attack occurred in 2001 and killed almost 3000 Americans who were crushed or burned to death as planes flown by al Qaeda terrorists flew into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in NYC and the Pentagon in Washington, DC. 

There's a lot more, but young Leftists would probably think, TLDR, so suffice to say that it led to death and destruction, both here and in Muslim countries that directly or indirectly supported al Qaeda and other Islamic terror groups. 

The al Qaeda attack was, in many ways, analogous to the 10/7 attack in Israel, but at least the al Quada guys didn't rape, murder and mutilate young women or behead infants like Hamas did. And besides, you 18 to 25 year old useful idiots on the Left have already told us that either (1) the Hamas atrocities didn't happen or (2) they were justified because ... occupation, genocide, apartheid, colonialism, settlers, equivalence, victimization, suffering, open air prisons, islamophobia, or any of a dozen other outright lies.

So ... when we now learn that Osama's screed, a Letter to America is trending on Insta and TicToc, it comes as no surprise. After all, if you can believe points (1) and (2) in the preceding paragraph, it's not surprising you're a BIG fan of one of history's most notorious mass murders—only outdone in the last century by the likes of a Hamas' idol, Adolf Hitler, and other idols on the extreme communist Left, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, and Mao ze Tung (do you even know who those leftists were?)

But I digress. Back to the leftist youngsters' admiration of Osama and his message.

Nellie Bolles weighs in:

It’s never fun to explain a TikTok trend. Usually, it’s people identifying as bunnies or trees or convulsing from internet-induced mental illness (can someone check on those girls who claimed to have Tourette syndrome?). But this week is an especially interesting one: leftist American kids are discovering Osama bin Laden’s manifesto, “Letter to America.” And oh boy, do they love it! Oh, how misunderstood bin Laden was. Oh, how beautiful his message is. And why, they’re now asking, have they been so thoroughly lied to about the emir of al-Qaeda? You have to watch this compilation of these people, and then you have to pour yourself a stiff drink.

An example: “This morning I read ‘Letter to America,’ which is Osama bin Laden’s letter to America explaining why he attacked Americans. And I am ashamed to say that I not only have never read this letter, but I didn’t even know this letter existed. It’s wild and everyone should read it. However, be forewarned that this has left me very disillusioned. . . . I feel a little bit just confused, like I’ve entered into another timeline.” Next woman: “I just read ‘Letter to America,’ and I will never look at life the same.” 

To me this looks organized, like some twisted (but impressive!) nonprofit is seeding it, and obviously China is incentivized to keep this stuff flowing fast into our eyes. The Guardian had Osama bin Laden’s letter on its website (it was part of the historical record). But, seeing a rather alarming traffic spike from these new fans, even The Guardian took it down ...

A large group of American leftists think this place is truly the worst country in the world, think Israel isn’t even a country but a racist settlement fever dream, and think Osama bin Laden was right when he wrote things like: “It is saddening to tell you that you are the worst civilization witnessed by the history of mankind.” That’s pretty standard fare at Yale right now. There are folks this week trying to explain how every American war ever fought was bad, especially the Korean War. ...

For context, this is the most popular progressive influencer in the country (the one who said Jewish babies are settlers too) [thinks were a hegemon and Osama is correct].

Or here’s author Gretchen Felker-Martin: “Can pretty safely state that bin Laden and I did not, uh, agree on much, but blowing up the World Trade Center is probably the most principled and defensible thing he ever did.”

One thing for sure, the Left never disappoints. Their fantasy world view keeps getting more and more extreme, as if "I can top that ..." is their guiding philosophy for just how insane their world view has become.  Soon, they''ll be suggesting that we shut down the world economy, hide in our basements, close schools, force people to get multiple untested injections with serious side effects—all to stop a bad cold ... oh, wait! 

But I digress, yet again.

Let's get back to the earnest useful idiots on the Left who are now Osama and Hamas fans. Exactly where does this come from? Why do a non-trivial percentage of this age group (not to mention adults who should know better) side with mass murdering Islamist fanatics and an Islamist group that is literally the equivalent of 21st century Nazis, but without the German industrial base or discipline.

For the youngish useful idiots it's all about indoctrination among the age group's influencers and the resultant fashion statement that is derived from the indoctrination. 

Leftist woke indoctrination begins in grade school with little insanities (e.g., the notion that a change of climate is going to result in an apocalyptic catastrophe that demands draconian action, right now!). It continues through college with more social insanities.

Virtually all college programs in the humanities and soft sciences (social science, pyschology, economics, gender studies, and the like) have now populated their faculties with an overwhelming percentage of leftist professors who view almost all subjects though the lens of critical theory, looking at everything as an example of oppressed and oppressor, victims and racism, equity and privilege.

When young people (who are generally ignorant of history and have never been taught to apply critical thinking skills) are inundated with these insanities, they normalize them as an accurate world view. As a consequence, we have Hamas and Osama fans. They are fervent in their fandom, and that creates a fashion statement among others who may not have yet been indoctrinated. The venom spreads. 

Finally, social media serves up the opinions of the useful idiots at a far greater rate than it serves up a more rational worldview. Social media sometime de-amplifies strong counterpoint, and as a consequence, the venom spreads even further and is amplified and normalized.

Bottom line: we're in trouble and there is no easy fix. The left has co-oped many institutions. That's beginning to become obvious even to those who used to say that assertions like the ones I've made were the stuff of "conspiracy theories." If only that were true. 


Brad Polumbo comments of bin Laden's letter and the reasons useful idiots find it compelling:

It’s bizarre, if unsurprising, to see this stance from supposedly “woke” progressives because they must have breezed past the part of the letter where bin Laden names our country’s tolerance of homosexuality, separation of church and state and sexual liberation for women as motivating reasons for terrorists’ desire to destroy America. 

But the bulk of the letter cites US Middle East policy as justification for the 9/11 attacks that killed 3,000 civilians.

While many of the specific charges bin Laden levies at America are disputed or ahistorical, it is absolutely true the motivations behind anti-American terrorism are more complicated than “They hate us because we’re free,” and the concept of “blowback” from our actions overseas is real — it was first recognized by the CIA.

Yet what’s not true — and is, in fact, evil to its core — is bin Laden’s logical leap that if the US government has harmed Muslims overseas, they are therefore justified in targeting and killing innocent American civilians.

“The American people cannot be not innocent of all the crimes committed by the Americans and Jews against us,” bin Laden writes, because the “American people are the ones who choose their government” and “the American people are the ones who pay the taxes which fund the planes that bomb us.”

Bin Laden uses depraved mental gymnastics to justify murdering women, children and others with no connection to US foreign policy in cold blood on 9/11.

But despite these arguments’ obvious hollowness, millions of impressionable, clueless young people apparently find them so convincing as to reorient their worldview.

This has ramifications far beyond how the next generation reflects on 9/11.

We're seeing those ramification right now and will continue to see them as the useful idiots gorw older and take on position of influence in government, corporations, media, and other institutions. It's readily apparent that their woke brain virus will not leave many of them and have consequences for all of us.