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Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Israel at War—The Biggest Lie

There are so many lies that have been created and then spread by palestinian propagandists and their allies on the Left, that picking the biggest lie is difficult—probably impossible, but I'm gonna try, nonetheless.  

Let's take a look at some of the most common lies:

There are blatant lies that rewrite history, suggesting that the "palestinians" are a people who lived for centuries in a palestinian state, rather than a name assigned in the 1960s to Arabs who lived in the M.E. and who never occupied a palestinian state because no such state existed—ever.  

There are lies that accuse Israel of "genocide" against the palestinians as it attempts to destroy the Islamist death cult that is Hamas, conveniently omitting the fact that the palestinian population has increased every year since they were given the name palestinian.

There are lies that call Israel an "occupier," despite the fact that Israel left Gaza to the Gazans and the West Bank to the Palestinian Authority for a decade or more.

There are lies that label Israel a "colonizer," conveniently omitting the fact that Jews are indigenous to the region and have been for millennia.

There are lies that couch palestinians as the victims, never mentioning that the "peaceful" palestinians (Hamas, PLO, etc.) have rained death and destruction on Jews for more than 5 decades. [2]

There are lies that suggest that the Israelis don't want peace, despite major peace initiatives like the Oslo Accords and Camp David, 2000 [1]

Then, of course, there are lies about Hamas and the palestinians.

There are lies that argue that Hamas' atrocities never happened, despite video that Hamas members took during their inhuman acts.

There are lies that state that Hamas doesn't use human shields, despite clear evidence that tunnels were built under schools, hospitals and community buildings.

There are lies that try to draw some kind of warped equivalence between Hamas' atrocities and Israel's retaliation, conveniently omitting the internationally accepted idea that a country has every right to respond to an attack and the moral obligation to protect its citizens from future attacks by the same party. 

There are lies that argue that Hamas was driven to its violence in response to the Israeli occupation despite the irrefutable fact that its charter clearly states that it wants to: " “raise the banner of #Allah over every inch of Palestine” (“from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea) [2]

There are lies (reported by the propaganda media) that "the Gaza Health Ministry reports <fill in the number> dead palestinian civilians, most of whom are women and children," despite clear evidence that the ministry has lied repeatedly about the numbers, provides no evidence of the deaths or their causes, and is run by Hamas, who stops civilians from leaving the war zone.

But the biggest lie might be this one:

The vast majority of palestinians do not support Hamas, do not hate Jews, and are basically peaceful members of the global community who, if allowed to live in peace, would represent no threat to Israel.

Phew ... where to begin?

Recent polling of palestinians in Gaza and on the West Bank indicates significant support for Hamas: 57% of Gazans support Hamas while on the West Bank, 35% support the Islamist death cult. Those are not small numbers and represent the troubling reality that 2.2 million palestinians are on Hamas' side.

Not only do millions of palestinians hate Jews (polling indicates that 93% have anti-Jewish sentiments), but they are teaching their children to hate Jews. Anti-Semitic indoctrination in palestinian K-12 curricula is significant, including schools sponsored and run by the U.N. Palestinian children express frighteningly violent anti-Semitic sentiment when polled for their opinions on Israelis and Jews. 

If palestinians are peaceful, why is it that they elected Hamas twice as their leadership, knowing that Hamas' charter specifically demands a continuing war with the Jews? More broadly, why is it that Islam—the so-called religion of peace—spawns a continuing stream of death cults (e.g., al Qaeda, Hamas, Boco Haram, ISIS) and does little to eradicate or condemn them internally?

Given all of this, the biggest lie achieves its status because if it is believed, any decisions made based on it will create an existential threat to Israel. 


@CptAllenHistory provides a little history on the terror groups that have led Gaza (footnotes [1] and [2] are embedded in excerpt):

[1]  At Camp David in 2000, U.S. #President Bill Clinton hosted #Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak & Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat to finalize a peace agreement. 

Barak accepted the "Clinton Parameters" & agreed to recognize a Palestinian state on 100% of the Gaza Strip & up to 97% of the #WestBank (with land swaps to make up for the remaining ~3%) with East #Jerusalem as its capital in return for “the end of belligerency and any further claims.” 

Arafat rejected the offer. Arafat made no counter offer. Arafat, instead, ordered the Second #Intifada

Arafat released dozens of Hamas & Islamic #Jihad terrorists from #Palestinian jails & made a strategic return to #terrorism. The Second Intifada saw bloody, almost-daily terrorist attacks for ~five years, during which more than 1,000 Israeli civilians were murdered.

To help kill the 1993 & 1995 “Oslo Accords” in the cradle, Hamas carried out & celebrated multiple terror attacks, just a few of which include: 


[2]   Oct 19, 1994: suicide bomber murdered 22 Israeli civilians & wounded 56 on a public bus in Tel Aviv; 

Feb 25, 1996: suicide bomber murdered 26 Israeli civilians & wounded 80 on a public bus in Jerusalem; and 

Feb 25-March 4, 1996: three Hamas suicide bombings in seven days murdered 65 Israeli civilians & wounded 164 (two on public busses in Jerusalem & one in Tel Aviv’s largest shopping mall) ...

In 2008, after Hamas fired more than 10,000 rockets & mortars at Israeli civilians, Israel launched Operation Cast Lead in 2008; but international pressure forced Israel to end the operation with a “stalemate” #ceasefire instead of destroying Hamas. 

In 2012, after Hamas continued to rain thousands of rockets on Israeli civilians, Israel launched Operation Pillar of Defense; but international pressure forced Israel to end the operation with a ceasefire. 

In 2014, Hamas was still firing thousands of rockets on Israeli civilians, and Israel launched Operation Protective Edge; again, international pressure forced Israel to end its operation with a ceasefire. 

In 2021, Hamas fired six rockets on Jerusalem (an Israeli “red line”) and then fired hundreds of rockets aimed at Israeli civilian population centers, including #TelAviv. Israel launched Operation Guardian of the Walls; but, again, international pressure forced Israel to end its operation with a ceasefire.

And then, the 10/7 atrocities. 

And again, international pressure on Israel for a "humanitarian pause" ... but this time, maybe things will be different.