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Friday, November 10, 2023

Israel at War—The Necessity of Violence

I have great respect for Alex Berenson, a man who was vilified by the Left, their media allies, and the federal government as he fought against the now-proven lies they told (and the authoritarian mandates they enacted) concerning Covid-19. Berenson was dogged in his fight, and for that reason, when he talks, I listen, particularly with the tsunami of new lies and distortions coming from Muslim activists and the same leftist 'normalizers of insanity' who throw around words like "genocide" and "apartheid," "colonialism" and "occupation." It's as if screaming them loudly, with spittle flying from their mouths and anti-Israel signs in the hands, somehow makes their lies become true.

In a recent post on The Necessity of Violence, Berenson writes:

A few months ago, I read The Splendid and the Vile, Erik Larsen’s history of the Blitz - the year of German air attacks on London and the United Kingdom. Larsen captures the horror of the attacks, which came night after night and killed about 40,000 English civilians before sputtering out as Germany turned its attention to the Soviet campaign.

Here’s what he forgets to mention: in February 1945, Britain and the United States probably killed almost that many Germans in two nights in Dresden.

(25,000? Maybe. Or maybe more.) [some estimates go as high as 100,000]

And of course the Dresden attack paled in comparison to what the United States did to the civilians of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Yet all that killing did not make us evil - or the Nazis good. The Nazi regime needed to be eradicated at any cost, and the Germans needed to learn the cost of supporting a genocidal madman. [emphasis mine]

They did.

Europe had peace for 75 years, peace for so long that it seems to have forgotten that evil still lurks, that violent regimes led by violent men exist ...

What’s more surprising is that Israel seems to have forgotten over the last 20 years that evil lurks. Or maybe the Jews just ate too much of their own cooking, believed too much in their own cleverness, their ability to handle Hamas with artificial intelligence and robot-controlled machine guns and a fence with sensors. Maybe they forgot the most basic lesson of war: the enemy gets a vote.

Or, as Mike Tyson once said, everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.

On Oct. 7, Hamas did far more than punch Israel. It made its intentions clear. It will kill Jews, as many Jews it can find, at any cost.

Hamas has taught us that now is the time for extreme violence—focused directly at them. The fact that the Islamists purposely hide in hospitals and schools, using their own civilian population as human shields, changes NOTHING. Like the Nazis of the 1930s and 40s, they must be eradicated. Any civilian deaths that occur as the IDF does its work are on Hamas.

Yesterday, posts on X indicate that 700 Hamas fighters were engaged by an IDF force inside Gaza City. The Islamists were using a Gaza hospital as their base. The IDF killed all but 100 Hamas terrorists, who are using palestinian civilians inside the hospital as human shields. 

It's not surprising that the propaganda media hasn't investigated this incident and has done no reporting on it. After all, it really isn't news. Hamas uses its own civilian population as cannon fodder, and then wails about the loss of "women and children." It's their preferred war fighting strategy. But this time, it won't work. This time, they've unleased their own Dresden. 

To paraphrase Berenson, this time "the Hamas regime needs to be eradicated at any cost, and the palestinians (like the Germans before them) need to learn the cost of supporting a genocidal Islamist death cult."


Since we're talking about "violence" a little aside on the Democrats' favorite 'light-bringer' — Barack Obama. After remaining silent immediately after the Hamas atrocities, Obama reappeared to tell us that all of us are "culpable" for the Israel-Hamas war. Here's the ever-hilarious (and insightful) Nellie Bolles on Obama:

→ Barack Obama returns to the arena: Former president Obama jetted in from Martha’s Vineyard to say one quick thing, guys: the war’s kinda Israel’s fault! Or at least, we’re all guilty here, man. Hamas is the same as you and me. I’m reactive and need to learn how to take a deep breath before writing emails; Hamas tortured children and livestreamed it. Point is, we’ve all got issues. Here’s Obama: “If you want to solve the problem, then you have to take in the whole truth. And you then have to admit nobody’s hands are clean, that all of us are complicit to some degree.” It takes two to tango. Hamas killed infants point-blank; I never replace the toilet paper roll.
Since neo-Marxists like Obama keep telling us that "words are violence," I'm thinking that we need to disarm Obama. He honestly thinks he's the smartest guy in the room when in fact, he's morally vacuous and intellectually dishonest, but hey, that's the Left in a nutshell.