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Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Isreal at War—An Analogy

There are few Middle East experts who would deny that Iran wants to become a hegemon in the region, exporting Islamist ideology across an all-Muslim region. Few would argue that Iran is the financier and enabler of Islamist death cults across the region, with Hamas and Hezballah among their most aggressive (and barbaric) client groups. Even fewer would debate the clear reality that Iran wants to destroy Israel, and if that means killing the 6 million Jews who live there ... well ... by any means necessary. 

Having said all of that, there is an "Analogous Iran" that espouses an ideology that has made common cause with Islam (and subtly with the Islamic hate groups that Islam continually spawns). The "Analogous Iran" wants to be a hegemon, but not only in the Middle East. It longs for authoritarian control of the entire planet. Like the country Iran, it traffics in lies; it has a core of fanatic adherents who will listen to its thought leaders and do their bidding; it is vicious when it encounters opposition, and it is ruthless in spawning hate groups that drape themselves in a false morality. 

But unlike the country Iran, the "Analogous Iran" controls vast swathes of communication and learning across the Western world. It has penetrated dozens of Western governments [1] and some corporate employee groups [2], it has co-oped mass and social media, and it has virtually taken over higher education. And because it has done those things, it can and does amplify the message of any of its allies across the West and throughout the world.

By now, I suspect you know what and who this "Analogous Iran" is. 

As I have noted through the "Israel at War" series, the "Analogous Iran"—the Left—has evolved from one of a number of competing ideologies to a global hegemon. In the context of the Hamas atrocities of October 7th and the Israeli war of retaliation that ensued, the Left has made common cause with the Islamic death cult, Hamas, and its hundreds of thousands (millions?) of supporters, the palestinians. 

The reasons for the alliance between Islamists and the Left are not really complex. The Left hates Israel because it is a small, successful, capitalist democracy. Israel represents the power of an ideology that is antithetical to the one espoused by leftists. It is liberal (in the old-school sense of the term) but not authoritarian. It rewards merit, initiative, and education (without indoctrination) and has developed an economy and a military that are world-class. And it makes the authoritarian or dictatorial countries throughout the remainder of the region look bad by comparison.

So, in an effort to establish equity (a term the Left truly loves) between its Islamic allies and the hated Israel, this "Analogous Iran" provides its prodigious resources to enable an Islamic propaganda machine that is the only real weapon that has any chance of defeating Israel.

  • It encourages the corrupt and biased members of the legacy media and its many supporters in social media to memory hole the barbaric atrocities that Hamas committed less than 40 days ago. 
  • It activates its worldwide propaganda media to reinforce lies, distortions, and bogus historical claims that are all designed to demonize Israel.
  • It uses organizational networks to gin up demonstrations and protests in an effort to give the illusion that its message more power that it actually has.
  • It lobbies its many leftist politicians and government leaders to question the "morality" of Israel's defense against a barbaric enemy (think: Barack Obama's recent statements) and subtly or directly encourages not only anti-Israel sentiment, but overtly anti-Semitic words and actions.
  • It turns the hundreds of thousand of college students it has indoctrinated into pro-palestinian/pro-Hamas protestors and then pushes them just a little, so they embrace the hysteria that comes with a normalization of insanity to become proponents of anti-Semitism.

Like the country Iran that enables Islamist death cults to do their evil deeds, the Left enables the widest possible promulgation of a message that is intended not only to establish an equivalence between the atrocities of an Islamic death cult and the retaliation against them, but even more heinous, it promotes the idea that the retaliation and defense against further atrocities is unjustified and wrong.

To use yet another analogy, 

Joseph Goebbels was to the 20th century Nazis as the Left is to the 21st century's Nazis (Hamas and its palestinian supporters)

Like Iran, the Left is the enemy of all decent people, and like Iran, its depraved sense of morality and its evil intent must be called out at every opportunity.


[1]  For those who think not, just today, federal employees at 40 government agencies signed a letter condemning Biden's titular pro-Israel stance after 10/7.

[2]  e.g., here and here